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What Makes A Black American Idol? July 8, 2009

blacksDear Readers,

Forgive me as it has been a hectic few days for me.  I have been out in the world listening to many conversations about Sarah Palin, Honduras, affirmative action and being black. I was very surprised to find that many blacks are really afraid of affirmative action being abolished because of the Supreme Court’s  Ricci v. DeStaffano decision. The people I came into contact with were all like me,  well educated African Americans. It seems that they are more afraid than the blacks who could “use a little help”, the incarcerated, teenage mothers, high school dropouts.

I missed Michael Jackson’s memorial service. I was working and could not get to a TV set. I did see some footage of Rev. Al Sharpton politicizing the event by claiming that the 40-somethings were able to cross over and vote for Obama a black man, because they listened to Thriller. WTF????

I will speak more on this at length in “stitch n’ bitch”  tomorrow but in the meantime take a look at this clip from the O’reilly Factor of Bill-O going at it with a commentator about what an African American icon is or is not

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