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Massachusettes:Robbing from the Rich to Give to the …Rich July 7, 2009

Political Cartoon of Gov Deval Patrick (D-MA), Pres. Barack Obama  and Boston City Councilman Sam Yoon (a mayoral hopful)
Political Cartoon of Gov Deval Patrick (D-MA), Pres. Barack Obama and Boston City Councilman Sam Yoon (a mayoral hopful)

About ten years ago, I lived in Boston to complete my masters degree.  It was fun, historical and expensive. The natives told me that the state was called Taxachusettes. For a former Chicagoan, that was used to everything being taxed, I was just thankful that the state did not tax clothing. I learned little about the politics during my two years there because I mostly studied and explored the cool places like Salem, MA and Gloucester. The people were nice and I was impressed that nearly everyone owned a home, had bloodlines that traced all the way back to the Mayflower and commuted to work.  Growing up the way I did, this meant you were rich.  Gov. Swift, a female Republican was in office during that time and she was being hammered for the 9/11 incident and Boston’s Logan Airport role in it.  That was a long time ago and now the Governor is an African American, Deval Patrick who is a Democrat and close to Barack Obama.

They are so close that Obama allegedly “paraphrased” one of Gov. Patrick’s speeches during his primary campaign:

Obama, Clinton camps point to borrowed rhetoric

February 19, 2008

(CNN)Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama each accused the other of borrowing portions of their presidential campaign speeches Monday.

The Clinton campaign accused Obama of borrowing from a close supporter, and the Illinois senator responded by saying his own words have been used by Clinton.

On a conference call with reporters, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said it was clear Obama had “lifted rhetoric” from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Late Monday, Clinton followed up with a swipe of her own.

“If your whole candidacy is about words, then they should be your own words,” Clinton said in Madison, Wisconsin. “That’s what I think.”

Obama downplayed the significance of the accusation.

“I’ve written two books, wrote most of my speeches. So I think putting aside the question … in terms of whether my words are my own, I think that would be carrying it too far,” Obama said.

“Deval and I do trade ideas all the time, and you know he’s occasionally used lines of mine,” Obama said.

Obama said he also used some of Deval’s words at a Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Wisconsin.

“I would add I’ve noticed on occasion Sen. Clinton has used words of mine as well,” said Obama. “As I said before, I really don’t think this is too big of a deal.”

Obama campaign officials said Clinton had a pattern of borrowing from some of her rival’s signature phrases, including “Yes, We Can” and “Fired Up, Ready to Go.” They circulated a YouTube video and list of these alleged instances to reporters.

The Clinton campaign earlier pointed to similarities between the words of Obama and Patrick that have raised eyebrows and attracted traffic on YouTube.

A central passage in a speech Obama gave Saturday — aimed at convincing voters that his campaign is not just about lofty rhetoric — is adapted from one that Patrick used in his 2006 campaign, the Obama campaign said when asked about it.

The controversy is lost on the Massachusetts governor, who endorsed Obama.

Obama’s campaign had Patrick call the New York Times over the weekend and issue a statement.

“Senator Obama and I are long-time friends and allies. We often share ideas about politics, policy and language,” Patrick said in the statement. “The argument in question, on the value of words in the public square, is one about which he and I have spoken frequently before. Given the recent attacks from Senator Clinton, I applaud him responding in just the way he did.”

The Obama campaign also confirmed comments chief strategist David Axelrod — an adviser on Obama’s Senate campaign and Patrick’s gubernatorial run — made to the New York Times about the speeches.

“They often riff off one another. They share a world view,” Axelrod told the Times about Obama and Patrick. “Both of them are effective speakers whose words tend to get requoted and arguments tend to be embraced widely.”

barack_obama_deval_patrickOf course we all know that this was just the beginning of Obama “borrowing” things from other politicians (Hillary’s health care reform, McCain’s plans). But now it seems that America’s 2nd elected African American Gov, Deval is now following in Obama’s footsteps to give breaks to rich limousine celebrity friends:

Boston Herald

Patrick’s act panned

By Joe DeSantis
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It sickens me to think that our governor is giving a $20 million tax credit to Hollywood actors who work in our state – I’m sure Mel Gibson will starve if he has to pay taxes in Massachusetts – and at the same time he is cutting $147 million from seniors and children (“Patrick acts on stars’ behalf,” June 30).

But don’t fear! Maybe one of those actors will buy a kid a box of popcorn when he goes to a movie that he can’t afford. At least Massachusetts can be proud of one thing: If there’s ever a clueless governor award, hands down Deval Patrick will be the winner.

February 19, 2008

Obama, Clinton camps point to borrowed rhetoric

– Joe DeSantis, Malden

Shameful, just shameful.

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8 Responses to “Massachusettes:Robbing from the Rich to Give to the …Rich”

  1. sstorm0730 Says:

    Anymore, the United States has become the poster child for “Let the Inmates Run the Assylum”.

  2. boldandbald Says:

    His words. Her words. This guy’s words. That woman’s words. In Washington it all means nothing. Their words are just window dressing designed to look nice from the outside. The important thing is to look past the words, through the window, and see what sort of furniture they have and who is sitting on it. Looks like Patrick is hanging out with the leftist elite from California while Obama hangs with America hating preachers and terrorists. These are the people who are trying to run our lives. These are the people who are raising our taxes so they can buy more votes with pork spending that favors their special interest groups. And, most of all, these are the people who need to be voted out en masse. 2010 is sooner than you think. That is why the Democrats are trying to get so much passed so quickly. They know that their time is running out. They know that the people of this country are on to them. They will do whatever it takes to hold on to their power; that is, their power over us. It is time to use our words to let them know that we will not stand for this any longer. Write to your representatives and let them know where you stand. Then teach them that our words do have meaning by voting out the ones that won’t listen.

    • Marcy Says:

      I wish we could vote all of them out. I’ll be doing my part to send our Congressman and one of our Senators home.

      And speaking of pork, I think that’s one of the reasons the stimulus money is not being spent now. It’s going to be used as a gigantic re-election slush fund for Democrats when the 2010 election gets close. They said the entire country would implode if that turkey wasn’t passed in about five minutes, but they’ve only spent about ten percent of it to date. But just in time for the elections, a veritable tsunami of pork will roll over this country for the benefit of Democratic candidates. If we fall for it, we deserve what we get.

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  4. kywrite Says:

    Boston and Salem are some of the coolest places ever, as long as you don’t have to buy anything there. I used to drive up as much as I could when we lived in Connecticut. Shame they’re taxing the cool out of the place.

    • Marcy Says:

      I’m always amazed at how little sense our tax system makes. Why no tax on clothing?

      When we lived in Ohio, if you went inside a restaurant to eat, you paid tax; but if you ordered take-out, it was not taxed. I never figured out why, but I ate a lot of take-out.

      • afrocity Says:

        There should be no tax on food and clothes, that is why I like the east coast. Texas has no tax on food. Chicago taxes everything 10.25%

      • Marcy Says:

        I agree about groceries, but I could never think of any logical reason for the distinction between eat-in and take-out re restaurant food. And I agree about the price range of the clothes I buy, but I think Michelle should still have to pay tax on her expensive wardrobe (which she’s probably getting free, anyway, so never mind).

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