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Moonbat Monday: Starve a Moonbat, Don’t Feed Palin Derangement Fever July 6, 2009

David Letterman=Occulata palingenia haterus or more commonly “Sarah Palin Haters”

David Letterman=Occulata palingenia haterus or more commonly “Sarah Palin Haters”

Occulata palingenia haterus moonbats are at it again. This particularly loathsome moonbat experienced rapid growth during the second half of 2008 campaign and like flies spawning maggots they continue to flourish under the guise of “media outlets” and “entertainers”.

Up to now, I have written a few pieces on the Occulata palingenia haterus moonbat. I have proved that their lack of moral values, vulgarity (Sarah Palin is a CUNT tee-shirts) and slanderous attacks on Gov. Palin and her family are embedded in the phenomenon that is now known as Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). This is no longer just about the patriarchy because we are beginning to see that there are just as many women impregnated with this virus as there are men. This is about the erosion of liberalism as we once knew it.

How did I come to this conclusion? When we look at the obsession with Sarah Palin and her family, I believe that several factors are at work here. The first is she scares the hell out of men in both liberal and conservative camps alike. Face it,  men do not like the idea of a woman running the White House. The second is that women have stupidly jumped on the bandwagon of hatred towards the governor.

Though I was never a big fan of comedienne Tina Fey to begin with (SNL has sucked for over ten years now), when she stood up for Hillary Clinton, I applauded her. It was not because I was a Hillary supporter. It was because women, especially so called feminists did nothing to help Hillary against the dung flung of mysogyny that came from the Obamabots. However when Tina rolled out her now famous Sarah Palin parodies she quickly fell into the moonbat column for me. The notion that she did not have to support Sarah Palin just because she is a woman as was Hillary Clinton is duly noted and I agree. I would not vote for Nancy Pelosi if she paid me in Louis Vuitton bags.  In this case, I found Fey’s portrayals irksome because neither she or Saturday Night Live brought out the obvious cluelessness of Joe Biden during his Katie Couric interview and many, many others.  Did they ever perform a skit about Barack Obama and his “57 states” comment or his heavenly choir of Uh,uh,uh, uh uhh during his speeches????  John McCain was a guest on the show and was treated with more respect than Sarah Palin and he was teh TOP of the GOP ticket. You know, the one that Obama was supposed to beat. It was not Obama versus Palin.media_in_love_2

Tina Fey only added fuel to the fodder that female politicians are weak and dumb and it is okay to captilize on that to raise your ratings and popularity. To top things off she scoffs at Palin being a former beauty contestant for Miss Alaska then jumps her boney ass on the cover of Vanity Fair looking like Betsy Ross in drag.  It is here that we can see how women have actually contributed to PDS far more than men.  Isn’t the Huffington Post, a liberal rag of a blog, run by a woman but seems to be managed by dicks?

Did you know that Alec Baldwin is a blogger at Huffpo? Yes Alec Baldwin, the actor caught on tape yelling at his daughter. When Gov. Mark Sanford(R-SC) admitted to having an affair this is what Mr. Balwin wrote at Huff Po:

Don’t Take the Bait

Alec Baldwin, Actor

Huffington Post  June 24, 2009

So South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had an affair.

Big deal.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to show the country what Democrats/liberals/progressives/unaligned learned from the Clinton era. Whatever personal problems that public officials deal with privately, leave them alone. This could happen to anyone, in any state, regardless of party. Why make the voters of South Carolina suffer while Sanford is skewered? If he wants to resign, so be it. If not, let him deal with it in private.

The Clinton scandal was one of the most horrific political episodes I have ever witnessed. Henry Hyde and Richard Mellon Scaife and Kenneth Starr, the right-wing’s goyish Roy Cohn, chasing down Arkansas state troopers and bank records and real estate documents until they found what they were looking for in Monica Lewinsky’s closet. Literally. Of course you remember! The chorus of right-wing talk radio sociopaths dancing, prematurely, on Clinton’s grave. Perhaps John Kerry’s problems had, in one sense, an extra twist, because those filthy, lying cowards at the SwiftboatLucianne Goldberg?) Luftwaffe were doing their thing out of pure hate. There were no careers or money to be made, as with Clinton. (Whatever happened to those two witches, Linda Trippe and

The rest of the world is about to kick this country right where it counts when it decides to go off the dollar as the reserve currency, and you want to spend five minutes over the fact that Sanford was cheating on his wife?

Don’t take the bait. Move on.

Well, sure Alec you make some good points there and that was pretty smooth the way you stuck it to the right wing while portraying Bill Clinton as a victim when he sexually harassed women throughout his career. Getting a blow job in the Oval Office and boldly lying about it before your constituents is a little different than the Sanford affair. I am not defending Mark Sandford, I am simply stating that Clinton’s transgressions were just as pathetic and he definitely was not a victim. If Clinton did not commit the infidelity act, there would not have been a right wing feeding frenzy to begin with.  What this really is about is Alec Baldwin wanting the press to leave him alone in his custody battle with Kim Bassingger and his voicemail telling Baldwin told his then-11-year-old daughter Ireland that she needed to have her “ass straightened out”.  This is the sort of blogger that Huffpo employs, the sort that curses out women and defends infidels. It is no wonder that they dedicate most of their reading space to a collective farm of anti-Palin moonbats who spew “Palin Retardation” headlines . What a grand display of American journalism by what was once the good guys. The liberals who are supposed to be take the social underdog highroad.

Palin liberalNow liberals attack women, 14 year old girls, children with disabilities.

American Thinker

July 04, 2009

Palin Derangement Syndrome – Photoshopping Trig

By Thomas Lifson

How low will the left go? When it comes to Sarah Palin, there is no bottom to the hateful hole being excavated by the left, our guardians of compassion. Dan Riehl discovered an appalling use of Photoshop to mock Trig Palin at Firedoglake, one of the bigger lefty websites. Courtesy of Doug Ross, here is the Leftist Altered Reality view of the Palins, as the spawn of Satan, Photoshopped from a family portrait, on a screen capture from Firedoglake,whose politics make as much sense as its name.

Sarah Palin’s ability to provoke the left into displaying its inner ugliness alone makes her a national treasure. Update: More on the insane left’s mockery of Trig, from William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection. Only for the strong of stomach. So far as I know, no complaints from Planned Parenthood on the use of their logo. Interesting.

TrigIs this the left we once knew? No. Is this the left that Afrocity left? Yes,

What can we do about this?

I challenge you readers and this may be difficult and hazardous to your workplace health and safety. Whenever you hear someone make a derogatory remark about Governor Palin please correct them, especially it is a woman. I did this once during the campaign. A woman, an Obamabot called Palin stupid and scary. I said never call another woman stupid. You can disagree with her ideology but you are not advancing women by putting the intelligence of other women down. Have I ever called Barack Obama dumb? No, I believe he is intelligent. I also believe that he is wrong for our country and he is an ineffective leader. I have never attacked his children and I never will. Michelle Obama has never been called a dummy by me. I believe that she is taking the office of First Lady in the wrong direction. I believe she hypocritically markets herself as a person of the people while dining on Omaha steaks in New York City and secretly wearing La Perla thongs and Lanvin tennis shoes while throwing on a J. Crew parka. The Obamas are the consummate ‘limousine liberals” which I hate. I despise the fact that Arne Duncan canceled private school vouchers while Obama’s daughters go to Sidwell Friends School rather than Washington DC public schools.When confronted with an Obamabot, try to get them to talk about the issues.

sarah_palin_wonder_woman They usually cannot and you will most likely find that many are not up on current events. They watch Keith Olberman and they know who is the “worst person” (Bill O’reilly) but that is as about far as it goes. When they say Palin is a dummy or a witch. Ask them why? If Palin is now dead and buried with no political future to speak of why do they give a damn? Tell them “good, now you can stop talking about her and her children. You were successful in making the evil woman go away. Watch their reaction closely. Sarah going off the political scene is not what they want because the left needs a GOP punching bag to amuse themselves while they ignore President Barack Obama’s abysmal performance. Denial and codependency, and Obama addiction is a bitch you know. They need a quick fix and Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal are just not as fun to play with as Sarah Palin. In short, these liberals, the sufferers of Palin Derangement Sydrome need to get a life. Help them out with that by educating them and debunking the rumors. Don’t feed the fever by silently standing by as they talk trash. If Hillary did run in 2012, these are the same morons who would attack her so why let these moonbats get any stronger now? David Letterman was called out by Palin and her supporters. She won and recieved an apology. We can be victorious again.

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