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Sunday Soliloquy:Afrocity in the Liberal Principal’s Office…Again July 5, 2009

Painting by Norman Rockwell

Painting by Norman Rockwell

Yesterday I began my Forth of July by turning on the news. Immediately I saw that the campaign of assassinating Sarah Palin’s character had spread across the country so I turned off the television. Even Geraldine Ferraro had nothing nice to say, which I think is more about partisan differences between herself and Sarah than anything. I did not care much for her when I was a child and she still does not move me now.  Her liberal commentary “mother knows best” on Fox News makes me want turn the channel to TV Land.

These liberals that were for Hillary who now defend Barack Obama should be eaten alive by fire ants. They voted for him and for that I will never forgive them.  There I said it. My fundamental problem with some Obama supporters is that I cannot vote for someone I do not respect and many of them did. If you don’t  like Sarah Palin or what she stands for, if she runs in 2012 or 2016 then don’t vote for her.  Don’t hold your nose in the voting booth, while fantasizing that she is a liberal and punching the dot next to her name.  Do you think I did that when I voted for McCain?  No. I voted for McCain and Sarah because I genuinely thought they would be better for America than Obama.  From the looks of what is happening since Obama was elected, I was correct.

At The Confluence, the news of Sarah’s resignation, brought out a few trolls. One in particular “Jill Hill” or whatever her name was, attempted to compare Hillary with Sarah which is just plain dumb. I will never say one woman is smarter than the other because they are two different women. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton are both smart women. End of story.  By introducing the comparison “Jill” was attempting to create dissent just as another poster who chastised the PUMA’s for speaking well of Sarah Palin. “OH MY GAWD YOU GUYS WON”T ACTUALLY VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN? ARE YOU PALINDRONES??”

Things like this are just meant to divide women.

Things like this are just meant to divide women.

Give me fucking break.

Anyway by 10 o’clock AM, I was about to give in and watch the news then I heard about the blogger on Huff Po and his “retarded” concerning Sarah Palin.  These are liberals right? At one time weren’t liberals supposed to be the good guys?  Isn’t the character of the Democratic party supposed to be one of equality for all whether black, white, woman, man. Remember during the 70’s and 80’s when the Democrats were the “uncrazy” party and the Republicans were the religious zealots. Zealots is the key word here.  I do not like fanatics of any kind and I mean ANY KIND.  During the last decade I have seen the Democrats slip slowly into that loathsome category of people that need to be slapped in the face with a dead fish a couple of times. My liberal PUMA pals will not like this but sorry it is the way I feel.  More brutally, I am finding that some don’t really care about the issues as much as they do about getting in your face to change your mind about what you are thinking.  What’s with that?  So I don’t agree with you, move on. Yes, I care about a woman’s choice but I am not going to let that control my life. I am not going to let the fact that I am black or a woman control who I vote for.

Yes Sarah Palin is pro-life and I am pro-choice but you know what? It is not the end of the Roe V. Wade world.Yes I am a Republican that is pro-choice. Watch this movie clip from the foreign film 4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days and you will see why I am pro-choice. It is about a young woman seeking an abortion. WARNING IT CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES.

There are lots and I mean lots of pro-choice Republicans, there are lots of us who are not religious zealots, who don’t own guns but the liberals don’t want you to know that. This stereotyping of  Republicans does have some truth.  The 1980’s Reagan Republicans were the ones I did not like (sorry Sean Hannity) but guess what? The Obamabot Democrats are beginning to look a lot like the Republicans of the 1980’s. Forget fiscal values, I am talking social values. This preoccupation with the lives of others and the sick need to personally attack anyone that does not share your values.  You claim to be for women’ s rights then things like this crop up:

American Thinker

July 05, 2009

Huffpo blogger who hit bottom with ‘retard’ post, keeps digging

Ethel C. Fenig
Erik Sean Nelson, credited  as a “fiction author comedy writer” in his Huff Po post uncomedically titled

Palin Will Run In ’12 On More Retardation Platform

is now desperately resorting to fiction.  No, let’s be accurate and call it lying.    Because few believed his first lying fiction explaining the removal of his post

“No one was seeing the absurdity of Palin hiding behind her children, so my piece was not accomplishing anything good.”

he removed that and went with an (in)sincerel apology.

I wrote a piece making fun of the fact that a Trig Palin joke was given as the reason that Sarah Palin left office. I wrote jokes that were offensive but my intent was for them to be ironic and therefore not offensive. I was wrong. Within ten minutes of my post I received some emails from the loved ones of the retarded and I saw that my piece was hurtful. Therefore, I removed the post right after receiving the first 2 emails.

I removed it immediately because I saw that it did not come across as I intended. I apologize to all of those who were offended.

And  those HuffPo fans and others who were not offended because they are just so, so-o-o clever to understand Nelson’s irony will continue joking about the retarded and the loved ones who care for them.

And this cartoon is supposed to mean what?

And this cartoon is supposed to mean what?

Election day 2008, I will admit that my eyes did automatically go to Barack Obama, well for one he was at the top of the ballot, but he was the guy with the big (D) after his name. It was the first time I did not vote for a Democrat and this one was black. For some stupid reason that triggered a snowballing effect of tears from my eyes in the voting booth because I always thought I would vote for the first African American presidential candidate.

Arguably, according to my family I should have given the brutha a chance. So goes the starting point for my alienation from friends and family. I turned down several social invitations this week. I have not answered my phone. One of the calls is from my father who is now Internet dating and one of his on line flames is in town. I know he wants me to meet her but I don’t care. July 1st was the 2nd anniversary of the day I got a call from the Harris County coroners office  by some woman telling me in a sweet Texas voice that my mother was found dead in her apartment…and she had been dead for nearly three weeks unbeknown to me.  So forgive me dad if I don’t exactly feel like playing “meet the family” with your date who is 20 years your junior.

The other call was from my “friend” in New York City who left two messages. I did not listen to either message but you betcha they are both about Sarah Palin and what is my reaction, have I gone back to being a liberal, blah, blah blah. Can someone tell me what is it with Obama supporters?  Is there some sort of inadequacy the Obamabots have? Perhaps an insecurity that they cannot fathom why one person in the world does not want to light candles at his multiple Time magazine covers every night?

Norman Rockwell's "Golden Rule"

Norman Rockwell's "Golden Rule"

Yes it was Independence Day and I did not want to be around Obamabots or watch the media rip Sarah Palin to shreds.  I had my DVD copy of My Bloody Valentine in 3-D and my 3-D glasses that I purchased for 17 cents from Blockbuster, and I had my ice cream and I was going to stay home. But I couldn’t. My period started and I was out of pads. Pissed off I went to Walgreens and stood there looking at my options. It seemed foreordained that on July 4th,  I would have to wade through the crowds of red, white and blue Obama shirts.  Then I looked at the price of maxi-pads $7.45 for a package of 28 pads. WOW. They had gone up $2.00 since I purchased them two months ago. What’s next a “sin tax” on tampons? The Kimberly-Clark tax?   I grabbed the cheapest pads I could find that were made with actual cotton and ran to the check out counter.

A black man was in front of me wearing an Obama shirt with “YES WE DID” on the back of it, with a horrible silkscreen print of Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.’s face on the front. True Obamabots always want something for nothing. He had thrown a $5 bill on the counter to purchase a pack of cigarettes when the cigarrettes were $7. The cashier tried to reason with him but he would not leave. In a stroke of impatientice, I just gave him the $2 that he needed. He turns to me,

“God bless you sister”

I looked at him and said, “God Bless America”.  Poor soul, he smelled like sewage and looked like he had not eaten in days but somehow he had to have those cigarettes and his Obama shirt.

Finally I laid my maxi-pads on the counter. My total was $7.33. My maxi-pads were more than the old man’s cigarettes.  Because I had given him my $2.00, I had to use my debit card to pay. As I was going through my wallet, the cashier asks: ” Would you like a candy bar with your purchase?”


“Would you like a candy bar with your purchase today for an extra 99 cents?”

I stood there and looked at the Snickers and Kit Kat bars. “No.” I said flatly.”My pads are all I will be needing today. Happy 4th of July.”

Autographed Letter Signed,



18 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy:Afrocity in the Liberal Principal’s Office…Again”

  1. WMCB Says:

    Zealots is the key word here. I do not like fanatics of any kind and I mean ANY KIND. During the last decade I have seen the Democrats slip slowly into that loathsome category of people that need to be slapped in the face with a dead fish a couple of times. My liberal PUMA pals will not like this but sorry it is the way I feel.

    Well, this particular liberal PUMA agrees with you wholeheartedly. The sneering, destructive zealotry is JUST as bad as any wild-eyed Fred Phelps “God cursed America becuz of the gays” is, or any Taliban mullah in the throes of “righteous anger” proclaiming hell and torment to all who do not agree with him.

    All that shit comes from the same place in the human psyche, and it is all bad, bad, demon spawned evil, no matter what political or religious label it wears. Yes, I said EVIL.

    • afrocity Says:

      …But I never thought I would see it from the left, WMCB.

      • WMCB Says:

        Me, either. I know some republicans will say the Left was always this way, but having been a part of that Left, I disagree.

        In years past, the Left could get ridiculously moonbatty, woefully self-righteous, and smarmily cutting and nasty over any failings of the right. But they were not, as a whole, vicious, cruel, gleefully politically bloodthirsty, and without any moral center at all. There was a lot of contempt at times, but there was not HATE like we are seeing now. I was there, and they weren’t that way.

        They are now.

      • WMCB Says:

        Oh, but if it makes you or other republicans feel any better, more democrats voted for Hillary than they did Obama. It’s the vocal Obama half of the party that is so full of pus, but they are the ones that have the blogs, the media, the machine. And they are making a damned concerted effort to push more moderate, respectful, and reasonable liberals OUT out “their” bold new frat-boy filthy party.

        They may get their wish. And if the republicans can capitalize on that, and draw those people in with reasonable, sensible ideas for GOVERNING, ( instead of focusing on trumped up hysteria over teh gays and teh abortionists), there could be a sea change in politics in this country.

      • afrocity Says:

        I agree with you WMCB, they were not that way. The right was that way and smug too. I remember when Reagan would not sign the MLK holiday legislation for no good reason.

        Then something changed and I noticed it while Gore was running in 2000. I supposed that election fueled a lot of moonbats and now they have just continued into 2009.

        I don’t know who these Democrats are.

      • Madrigal Says:

        I’m actually not surprised. bullies are universal in political parties. However, the *hypocrisy* of the Progressives vitriol this past year has really turned my stomach.

        Some lefties remain true, though, such as Nader & Chompsky. They got a lot of pressure from the Dem machine but did not drink the kool-aid. Those folks are partially on the Obama hit-list, actually…. because they have continued to criticize Obama’s corrupt Chicago & Walstreet boyz connections.

        They are not popular with a lot of liberals, because they aren’t mainstream enough (Nader is quirky & Chompsky has feminist leanings), but they are not turncoats to their liberal philosophy like other progressives & I admire them for that.

        I also like Ron Paul. Kind of quirky but he seems authentic.

      • Madrigal Says:

        WMCB – Yes to everything you said in the last couple of paragraphs! Those are good points about our new “frat boy” Dem party, that I did not think about.

  2. maddie Says:

    Yep, I think I will get a Hillary/Palin 2012 t-shirt made up, just to confuse people.

  3. glennmcgahee Says:

    Afrocity, my first post on your blog. I agree that Reagan did a number on the Republican brand. Funny though, we got Reagan Democrats from him too and I bet, after listening to Obama speak lovingly of Reagan, that he was one of them. As far as the religion in our politics. Its been Obama that has expanded Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives and has surrounded himself with an abundance of “religious advisors”. Father Phlegar come to mind as I heard him on NPR the other day opining about the violence the kids of Chicago are experiencing. Thats been going on a long time, it was peaking during the Primaries. Obama was there when it started happening as a state legislator. I never heard him or the media hardly mention it and definitely never heard of him using his Commnity Organizing skills to help

    • afrocity Says:

      Obama used Chicago and the Illinois Senate seat to get to where he is now. This is why I think it is ludicrous to say that Sarah Palin quit at anything when Obama did nothing as senator of IL except run for POTUS.

  4. Diane Says:

    Afrocity; I too am pro-choice, but national security, less government, & fiscal responsibility come first in my book. The abortion thing is not a deal breaker for me. I have several friends who feel the same way.

    • kywrite Says:

      I’m reservedly pro-life — but no personal rights mean a darn thing without national security, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. I’m with you, Diane.

  5. Madrigal Says:

    “I do not like fanatics of any kind and I mean ANY KIND.”

    Yep…same here!

    This sentiment reminds me of a talk I had with a guy friend of mine (a rabid Obama supporter) during the primaries and he was complaining about fundamentalist Christians & how he had a problem with them (the irony apparently lost on him that Obama has been pimping religion from day one).

    I told him, “Well, I have a problem with people that are ‘fundamentalist’ about *anything*. I have a problem with people that can not have a conversation & fair debate, without degenerating into slander or name-calling. I have a problem with people that *don’t* know WHY they believe what they do (other than someone else telling them what to believe on TEE VEE) yet are screaming at me to agree with them.”

    “If a Republican or Fundamentalist Christian can have a more fair & knowledgeable & respectful discussion with me than a Democratic Atheist… then I’m more than happy to talk to the former. I have always had friends from different political & religious backgrounds and appreciate their perspective. Differences force me to constantly assess my own reasoning & this is a cornerstone of critical thinking.”

    Anyway, the guy just sat there & stared at me for awhile and then changed the subject. (At least he didn’t start screaming at me like other wacked fauxliberals have done)

    Being that I am currently agnostic & a lefty … I suppose he thought he could assume my borg affiliation was official. Surprise! Surprise! I think for myself, dude! 😛

    Also (as Afrocity knows) once you have been in different political camps (me formerly being a Christian Republican) you learn the basic talking points on each side…and at some crux in the road… an individual needs to do more critical & complex analysis (beyond memorization of simplistic slogans)

    I can tell you that I’m definitely not popular among the Obama-lovers crowd, even though I’m liberal. 😕

    To be fair, though, I’ve also had aggressive & nonsensical conservatives & Christians screaming at me as well….so it all comes back to your main sentiment again, Afrocity:

    “I do not like fanatics of any kind”


    Heck! Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone thought alike anyway?

    It would be zzzzzzz’s for me at least.

  6. Madrigal Says:

    By the way, Afrocity……..thanks for the warning about graphic stuff on your youtube clip!!

  7. Peter Says:

    Governor Palin is pro life but, oddly, she does not demand that everyone else be pro life.

    The stangest thing about the Palin haterss is that they first assign positions to her that she does not hold. Then they attack her for those positions. They attack her for creationism. She is not a creationist. They attack her for being stupid. She graduated college with a 4.0 gpa. and on and on. They attack her for being anti gay, she vetoed the bill denying benefits to same sex domestic partners.

    I can understand fighting against someone for positions they hold. I can not understand lieing about those positions and then fighting the person because of those lies. The Nazis did that, lied about the Jews, lied about the Gypsies, lied about Russian draftees, and then murdered them by the ton. Stalin did that, then murdered millions. Mao did that, then murdered millions.

    Y’all please excuese me when I get nervous about those lies.

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