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Ah, Those Media Driven Fourth of July Mammaries July 3, 2009


Get out the reinforcement girls. Now that Sarah Palin has announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska expect the media dicks and their chicks to come out in full force. When I say chicks I am referring to the likes of Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Campbell Brown and any female reporter that is basically a cheerleader for misogyny directly with their words or indirectly by remaining silent as their male colleagues pummeled the hell out of Sarah and Hillary Clinton.

Sarah’s timing on this announcement was a stroke of brilliance. Her news was as big as a surprise as her selection as McCain’s vice presidential candidate. She caught them off guard and has proved that she can still do so today.

No wonder Sarah wanted to get away

No wonder Sarah wanted to get away

The media has been in a news cycle frenzied tailspin recently due to three celebrity deaths, uprisings in Iran and Honduras, an impending although unlikely war with North Korea, the sex scandal surrounding Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) and of course the most important of all Barack Obama’s first 4th of July in the White House. The Chris Matthews of the news-world were somewhere at their second homes in the Hamptons, sitting on the toilet with an Obama magazine and an erection.  They were not prepared for today. This was evident from the slew of broken signal mobile phone interviews on FOX, MSNBC and other networks.

Barney Frank probably choked on a barbecued chicken bone when he heard Sarah’s news. Nancy Pelosi sat straight up and took the cucumbers off her eyes?

You’ve gotta admit for a party that is supposed to be dead and buried, the Grand ol’ Party is definitely not boring nor are they going away.

When I heard the news, I personally was elated. Sarah will have more time to concentrate on the things she wants to do. I do not see her as a quitter at all. I will speak on this issue at greater length in a future post but I would like my readers to see some encouraging words from the women at Smart Girl Politics, a group for the empowerment of conservative women.

“My choice is to take a stand and effect change and not just hit our head against the wall and watch valuable state time and money, millions of your dollars, go down the drain in this new political environment. Rather, we know we can effect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities, and so we will, for Alaskans and for Americans.”

It kills me that all the pundits act like Sarah Palin’s move today is the end of her effectiveness in politics. Maybe she won’t hold public office again, who knows? I’m not going to make the mistake of underestimating Sarah Palin. The assumption, though is that if you’re not in office, you can’t make a difference. You can’t help the country. I beg to differ. Imagine all that Sarah (or you, for that matter) can do outside publically held office. With her spunk, her confidence, her genuineness and her natural connection with everyday people, we have not heard the last of Sarah.

The DNC spokesperson said today, “Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry to pursue her long shot national political ambitions or she simply can’t handle the job now that her popularity has dimmed and oil revenues are down. Either way – her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.”

Obviously, the left isn’t going to miss this opportunity to slam Sarah Palin. All the late night jokesters are frantically scrambling, as I type this, to come up with ridiculous and most likely cruel jabs at her. They’ve continuously attacked her family, her beliefs, her politics and her ethics. Trumped up charges have cost her family an estimated half million dollars in legal fees. During the campaign, the media elite literally did some dumpster diving in attempts to dig up whatever they could to discredit Sarah. Her resignation must have champagne corks flying in offices all over Capitol Hill (maybe in the White House?) and certainly the mainstream media. This is the best 4th of July gift they’ve ever received, I’m sure.

I think their glee is premature. If Sarah meant what she said today then I think our country is in for a much-needed kick in the pants. Think of Sarah as a political pundit, a radio talk show host or coordinator for a grassroots movement like the tea parties or the 9/12 Project. She has the potential to be a very powerful force for conservatism. I think this Smart Girl has called the Left’s bluff. Instead of letting their continued attacks distract her (and her staff) from the business of Alaska, she’s removing herself from the equation. She said she won’t be working from the governor’s office anymore but I have my doubts that Sarah Palin won’t be working at all.  – Commenter SGP

palinHere is another:

In typical fashion, Sarah Palin upset the political apple cart today by resigning as governor of Alaska. I shut off cable news several hours ago, already having a fill of commentary and opinion. No one seems to think Sarah made a smart move. Political suicide, wrong way to enter the ’12 presidential race, etc. Everyone seems to know what was best for the Palin family. Liberals always believe we are unable to think for ourselves and make good decisions.

I worked hard on McCain’s campaign once Sarah agreed to join his ticket. I saw her in person several times, blogged at and followed the Team Sarah website before my state’s group fell by the wayside. I believe as a mother and a woman that puts her family at the top of her priority list, her actions today basically said, “I’m taking myself out of the limelight in order to try and stop the hideous, cruel twisted attacks you make against my children. You can say anything about me because I’ve put myself in a target position, but when you go after innocent little children with your vile and hatred, I will stand up for my family first and foremost.”

The likes of Keith Olberman, Janine Garafalo and David Letterman are probably setting off some fireworks a little early this evening. They must be patting themselves on the back in between accepting upcoming guest commentary offers. Media Matters folks are busy now preparing Keith’s attack for his next show. They believe they’ve struck down the woman that has been the centerpiece of their pathetic lives, the source of their anger and personal frustration and that never ending elitist attitude of believing they are superior to anyone and everyone. They can’t understand what her appeal is and why the country doesn’t follow their every word. Poor ratings don’t even send the message to them that the majority of the country thinks they are completely unworthy of our time and attention.

About this time last year, people opposing then Sen. Obama for the presidency cited some similar complaints about him that I heard today after Mrs. Palin’s resignation: not enough experience–he started running for president after only about 140 days in office as a senator. He’s never run anything or accomplished anything. His resume is so slim, he can’t possibly be a contender. He’s naive. He has no grasp of foreign policy and no experience in balancing a budget, let alone solving the current economic woes. No matter what his critics threw at him, it ran off his back. It didnt’ matter what his experience was, or what decisions he’d made previously that normally wouldn’t be conducive to wininng the White House. It simply did not matter. They weren’t voting for experience. They were voting for charm, the ability to bring the ‘wow factor’ to the political stage.

Yes, all that mattered was that he was charismatic. He had an adorable family and a loving marital relationship. He appeared down to earth and empathetic. He could touch the hearts and souls of people at his gatherings. They were blind to his inexperience and lack of credentials for the highest office in the land. But it didnt’ matter. To his following, he was as compelling as any politician they’d ever heard or seen. Sarah Palin has the same effect on people. The media knows it and they know that was the winning prescription for Obama, thus, the vicious attacks on Sarah for having the same ability to draw crowds and win hearts once people heard her speak.

Did Sarah blunder today in this abrupt resignation if she, indeed, does have higher aspirations? The pundits will chew on it for months to come, but the reality is this: with the election of Obama, all bets are off now in terms of winning whether you have the experience and sound political judgment to back it up or not. Sarah spoke from her heart today and she was clear. She’s tired of politics as usual and she isn’t sitting by any longer while the Left attacks her family. She’s a mom first and she loves her kids with the same intensity and protective instincts as any. Today was a big move. What comes next is probably not even known to Sarah right now. Job One today was to get the media jackals away from the door of her den. Tomorrow is another day and when she’s ready to reveal to her following what her intentions are, she’ll articulate that with the same down home, let’s get real rhetoric the country swoons over.

Let’s not judge her. Moms often have to do the hard things in a family. She has children and a grandson to protect. She has a marriage to nurture. She has extended family members that have ached for her in watching the bitter attacks. It is more than likely that Democrat operatives have infiltrated Alaska to try their best to ruin her. Whomever emerges as a contender against Obama will be under great personal attack. His following will not allow the political process to go forward in a fair and respectable manner.

There are not absolutes anymore in winning the White House. Afterall, ‘change’ has come to America. Let Sarah have some family time; let her decide in her time if and when she reveals more to us. She is deserving of respect whether you agree with her politically or not. The norms of the past are not relevant. It’s a new day and the rules have changed. She was ill-handled by the McCain team and even this week they came out swinging against her yet again. There is much going on here that we don’t know but be assured the Palin’s have circled their wagons and as a family are making decisions about whether or not she has further political aspirations. Those that say she ‘quit’ or allowed the media and Democrats to break her spirit are wrong.

To Keith, David, Janine and the rest of the snipers in the media and entertainment industries: back off, at least for awhile. When Sarah is ready, she’ll be ready for you guys again, this time as a private citizen.– Commenter SGP

Keep the support for Sarah Palin coming, she will need it in the following weeks.

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25 Responses to “Ah, Those Media Driven Fourth of July Mammaries”

  1. Madrigal Says:

    Off topic *already* but I was just on TC & is it true?!?!?!?

    You are going to run for office??

    if so……SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (funny thing is….just a week ago I was thinking…jeese..I wonder if Afrocity ever is approached to get into public office)

    I think the party DEFINITELY needs diversity & some new spirit!

    Woo Hoo if it is True!


    • Madrigal Says:

      I have been off the internet most of the day & no time to do reading of blogs much…& have not read your last couple of threads so if I’m asking an idiot question (cause you already mentioned this)….apologies!!!

      ok, I have to run …I’ll check in with ALS manana –

      • afrocity Says:

        I am serious about it, cannot decide if I should run for senate or Alderman of my ward. Chicago is so dirty that I wonder if I can be effective, on the other hand Chicago needs someone to stop the violence.

        If Sarah runs I would like to be in her administration.

      • Madrigal Says:


        ok, now i really have to go [off-line]…will check in later


    • donna darko Says:

      AFROCITY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • donna darko Says:

      You’re so prolific, it’s hard to keep up with your amazing posts. And pictures!

  2. afrocity Says:

    Wow they just said Sarah is the new feminist.

  3. Sibyl Says:

    The liberal spin on this is amazing. The Democrats are complete trash IMHO. Their party stands for nothing but hypocrisy and the disintegration of American values. I am not talking about gay/lesbian rights or abortion. There are seriously wrong things going on with Obama and his administration. Fuck abortion and gay rights what is happening in this country that Cap and Trade could pass? We are in debt to a communist nation but all liberals can talk about is social issues. Can’t get married or have abortions if we have a war killing most of our citizens.

  4. meeee2 Says:

    Sarah came on the National scene and the media immediately recognized she appealed to both Democratic and Republican women.

    Male politicians who find themselves at the center of controversy after controversy are pundit-directed to step down. Women become quitters when they decide the media is dominating their lives in a negative way. They are losing their target with Sarah, they can’t figure out what her next move will be, and they are furious.

    Anderson Cooper had Ed Rollins, David Gergen and Candy Crawley as his guest guessers tonight. Not one of them had a positive thing to say about her decision, and all of them denied ever having heard of anything involving Trig! Let’s see, maybe start with Sarah really being his grandmother and lying about it and end with the recent photoshopping of his face.

    Women get it. She has a solid marriage, five children who any mom would be proud of, runs an efficient home, is the leader of a state government, and is the model of impressive career accomplishments. No wonder the men are so intimidated.

    • afrocity Says:

      They hate her for making them have to work today. Candy Crably is an abysmal reporter.

      They have no credibility. They elected an empty suit and they have the nerve to say something about Sarah resigning.

    • kywrite Says:

      Considering the Trig Palin thing was all over Wonkette, they had to know what she was referencing. Shame that Palin all the way up in Wasilla is more informed about what’s happening online than the media.

      Here’s a link to a piece about some of the less-terrible pieces. Photoshopping by the Something Awful nastinesses, ridicule by Wonkette.

      • Madrigal Says:

        Thanks for the link, kywrite!

        Wonkette is a disgrace …and (gasp) I believe they consider themselves feminists…NOT!!

        They are more like femi-haters —

        The stuff people have written & photoshopped about Trig is disgusting!

        (grumbling to self)

  5. Marcy Says:

    I laughed out loud at the Chris Matthews line in your post. Then I called my sister, read it to her, and we both laughed out loud. You really have a way with words. It was a disgusting but hilarious vision.

    I hope you’re serious about running for office. More courageous women in office would be a great thing for Illinois and the country.

  6. bob Says:

    My best idea for a coming Republican ticket would be Thomas Sowell/Sarah Palin. Or, the reverse.

    I’ve been told by one of my Republican black friends that Sowell is too old. Well, maybe, but I’m not buying into that thought.

    Wouldn’t an older wise black fellow, and a young and upcoming white girl be a great ticket?

    I’d vote for that, for sure.

  7. bob Says:

    He’s got some grey hairs, Afrocity, but I’m not sure how old he is. He does have all his brains, and very good ones, so he is Presidential material in my mind.

    And , an odd thing is, I always agree with him. That either makes him smart, or I am, not sure which!

  8. meeee2 Says:

    I don’t think she’s a glutton for punishment, and the press, in harmony with some of the public, are never going to leave her children alone. I enthusiastically await what she’s planning next.

    I’d love to see the filthy mouthed, hateful jerks who are so vile in their attacks on her and her family put firmly in their place.

  9. Madrigal Says:

    “The Chris Matthews of the news-world were somewhere at their second homes in the Hamptons, sitting on the toilet with an Obama magazine and an erection. ”


    (covers eyes)

  10. I see Sarah’s resignation as a sign of personal power. She didn’t get forced out because of some stupid scandle.

    Perhaps now she will be able to do bigger and better things, who knows?

    Gads, Afrocity is going into Chi Town politics..?

    Should I write a gun control platform pro forma for you? LMAO!
    Oh, I already do that at CLO! 🙂

  11. rise_Hillary Says:

    MEchelle has been behind the constant attacks at Palin and she is operating behind the scenes to take down anyone who is a threat to her husband being in office until 2016 and she wants to run in 2016 and have a kidding.
    She is behind all of this including the Republicans who are targeted for extra-marital affairs. Connect the dots. She has lots of money and contacts to do her dirty work for pay including the pundits. So when you say “they” it’s really MEchelle and her minions.

  12. Maybe she realized she needs a couple of years of “community organizing” (in the good sense of the words)!

  13. africanAgainstO Says:

    If you run I will contribute money – if that is legal

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