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Chicago “Crook County” School Official House Raided July 2, 2009

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chicago again

You know, it gets to the point where there really is no reason for me to turn on Chicago news anymore.

Everyday a child is murdered. Every weekend at least 6 people are slain by gunfire and everyday some Democratic  politician is arrested.

Chicago please vote out the Democrats. This is the bottom feeding cesspool that our top Washington officials are from. How can you tell me that they are clean?

Investigators raid home, office of Cook County regional schools superintendent

State audit had found fiscal problems in office run by Supt. Charles Flowers

By Stephanie Banchero |Tribune reporter

July 2, 2009

Investigators raided the home and office of the Cook County regional schools superintendent Wednesday, carting out laptop computers, cell phones and boxes of files, sources said.

Officials with the Cook County state’s attorney’s office confirmed that they have launched a criminal investigation into Supt. Charles Flowers‘ office. The Westchester office handles teacher certification and safety inspections for suburban Cook County schools.

The investigation comes after a scathing state audit that found Flowers’ office was nearly $1 million in debt after, among other irregularities, he made personal charges on an office credit card and gave a $6,000 advance to a relative he hired to work for him.

The office was in such disarray that county commissioners lent it $190,000 last year to make ends meet. It has not been repaid.

Flowers, who was elected in 2006, could not be reached for comment.

Commissioners are expected to vote Thursday on a resolution that demands his resignation and asks state lawmakers to abolish the office and transfer its duties to the state board of education.

“The authorities are doing the right thing,” said Commissioner Elizabeth Gorman (R-Orland Park). “This office, under Flowers, has been of service to nobody but themselves. He ran that office like he won the lottery — and it was at taxpayers’ expense.”

A bill was introduced in Springfield last week by a Republican state lawmaker that would abolish the Cook County regional office.

Last month, the state auditor general released a 75-page report that detailed 12 findings of financial mismanagement.


3 Responses to “Chicago “Crook County” School Official House Raided”

  1. TheRealKim Says:

    So the only honest politician from Chicago now lives in D.C.?

    (a little snark there)

  2. ghostofsparta Says:

    But obviously vouchers would destroy the school monopo….i mean system.

    P.S. That quote from Sean Connery in your opening is one of my favorite movie lines ever.

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