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Weekend Soliloquy: Afrocity, Happy As A Little Black Girl July 31, 2009

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My driving my 1956 Desoto. She is my pride and joy.

Me driving my 1956 Desoto. She is my pride and joy.

Well gang, I am taking the weekend off.  My birthday is Sunday. It is a milestone year so I have much reflection to do as I pass from young adulthood to middle age.

I don’t share many things about my life but you may have guessed from my blog that I am a conservative which as a black woman leaves me in a socially and culturally compromised position.  Because of this, generally I am a loner.  I love antiques, history and art.  I am blessed with a career that allows me to work with relics of the past.

Collecting vintage clothing and furniture is my passion.  Speaking to the local vintage goods shopkeepers is usually where you can find me on an off day. Long hours of digging through racks of Victorian waistcoats and 50’s circle skirts is like heaven to me.

Me in my car 2

Yep 50's car, 50's clothing my perfect weekend without the racism of those days of course 😉

I have a 1956 Desoto that I love so much I never drive it. I leave it in another state with far less urban poison than where I live.  Overtime, my baby has outlasted the best of them because of my discipline.

Originally my mother wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer. I have tried each to a certain degree and could never fit in. I would be denounced for my practice of wearing vintage clothing to work.  Panty hose and navy blue suits makes for a very awkward Afrocity.

The differences between the period I live in and the items I collect was always a source of confusion for my family.  It was as if I was born too late, caught in a time warp.  Cars have airbags now. Women wear thongs and not bloomers. Most African Americans are no longer Republicans. Where did I go wrong?  This notion of technology makes for an  improved life has some truth to it. I love the Internet,  iPod Nano, and LCD TV set but when it comes to clothes, cars, and furniture one can tell that the relationship between the manufacturer and the product was strongly organic and spiritually intimate.  A well tailored knife pleated skirt and pin-tucked blouse in shiny cotton can stand up to the test of time. The classics never die. Try doing the same with a Banana Republic chino suit from 1996 and you’ll be lucky not to be laughed off the New York Subway.

My other mode of travel, my 1950's Schwinn Tornado

My other mode of travel, my 1950's Schwinn Tornado

My vintage items will endure the many cultural and style shifts that come with getting old but that is why I love them. We will be together forever until death do us part- then what? Hopefully they will get passed on to someone who appreciates and cares for them as much as I do.  Birthdays are happy occasions that remind us of our mortality.  If I am lucky to live to see my 100th birthday, I will be blind, possibly toothless but armoured with my experiences  and weathered by sorrow. Probing connections between the past and my present is like therapy to me. How else can one understand the absurdity of the Obama administration without looking to our founding fathers and their quest for freedom and liberty for all?

Me and my SchwinnI have not decided what to wear on Sunday, but it will be something old, maybe my skin, maybe that old Chanel gown hanging in my closet or the vintage Chloe suit I found at a thrift shop in Montreal. Of course I will remember momma and that picture of us at my very first birthday- the one where I ended up sitting in my cake.  One brief last detail, my father is standing me up. He already called to cancel the dinner I invited him to. He has more important things to attend, like his 40 year old girlfriend he met on

Whatever I wear or do I am thankful to  God for another year of life and happiness and I pray that I have many, many more.

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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Those Who Can’t Do, Teach July 30, 2009

From Hope N' Change Cartoons

From Hope N' Change Cartoons

This may sound somewhat negative and unsociable but f I were Sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department, I would not have taken President Obama up on his offer to have a beer at the White House.

I would not allow myself to be exploited by The One. Everything is a media photo op for Barry Boy and I would not have any part of it. If anything, I feel that Crowley could have made a strong statement by having Obama leave his comfort zone and coming to speak to the Cambridge Police Department.  That would have been a teachable moment. Instead Crowley will be wined and dined by the man who said he behaved “stupidly” and cowardly refused to offer a formal apology.

We all know that Obama made a gigantic mess of this situation. We all know that a certain party involved overreacted.  So why are they the ones who get to deliver a “teachable moment”? This is hypocrisy at it’s best.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lucia Whalen, the woman who actually made the 911 call about Professor Gates home being broken into,  is being harassed on the daily basis.

But of course she was not invited to the White House keg party. Geeze what does a woman have to do to get a drink around here? Grow a penis?

Autographed Letter Signed,



Curator’s Corner: Barack Obama and the History of Kool Aid July 29, 2009

ka23Which came first sweetened or unsweetened Kool Aid? I am not sure because my mother always bought the sweetened kind in the canister. Sugar, being the precious commodity that it was in my home, was far too expensive to use on a powdered drink mix. In fact, I think the Kool Aid in my household was actually Wylers drink mix or Tang.  Regardless, during those days nearly every household on my block was filling up tall plastic tumblers with the green, blue or purple liquid.  Sure we loved it, couldn’t get enough of it. Was it healthy for us? Hell no but who cared? It was sweet, refreshing, cheap, easy to make in an instant and filled our tummies…Just like our 6 month old President Barack Obama.

Did you know that the history behind the Kool Aid and its inventor shares many commonalities with Barack Obama’s ascension to power?

I can just hear my readers murmuring that Afrocity has gone tinfoil on everyone.  I assure you that this is not the case.   Yesterday, I received an email from an Obama supporter who happened to be a Republican for most of his life. I will call him Carl.

Carl is a devout Mormon, a cancer survivor and also a retired military officer. His son also served in the military.  What possessed Carl to vote for Obama is beyond me. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Carl lives in Los Angeles and he was upset with Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is a slight possibility that Carl’s recent cancer diagnoses made him fearful of not being able to afford health care- so he turned to the Democrats.  It is true that Carl despises Sen.  John McCain (R-AZ)  and supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 GOP presidential primary.  Okay, I can buy that.

images64koolaidLet’s say that Carl’s  reason for voting Democrat was that he hated John McCain. He felt that McCain was a RINO and did not represent the true conservative movement.  But why then vote for Mitt Romney in the GOP primary and vote for Barack Obama in the general election? BarackObama? It is like he was snorting the same stuff as Colin Powell.

To be fair to Carl, I can attest to the fact that crazier things have happened during the 2008 election season. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, only to support John McCain in the general election.   Yes, there is history that in terms of political candidates, voters have switched parties between the primaries and presidential election.

So Carl really is not that different from myself. However, my feelings toward my vote for John McCain today, when contrasted with Carl’s feelings for his Obama vote, are quite opposite.  I would not change my McCain vote if you gave me a million pairs of designer shoes.  In light of events of the past six months, I am proud to say “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.”   There is no smell of regret on my person. No purple tinged tongue or jackass hoof prints on my back. No muscle strain from my leg being pulled.  My nose is free of ACORN pollutants.   I made the right choice and I am confident that McCain would have been better for our country than Barack Obama.

This brings me back to Carl’s email. I wish I could post it here but I won’t. Instead, lets just say that Carl is wishing he had cleaned his glasses before he married his Kenyan American, Chicago way, eloquent talking bride.  Carl’s tongue has that purple tinge to it that no amount of brushing will get rid of.  His home smells like regret.

Poor Carl. What did he ever see in Barack Obama that indicated he would have made a great president? You cannot trust a man that makes so much Kool Aid.   Did you know these facts about Edwin Perkins the maker of Kool Aid?  I learned about him through this web page of the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Nebraska.

1. Kool Aid  was invented in 1927 by Nebraskan, Edwin Perkins  who was always fascinated by chemistry and enjoyed inventing things.  (Afrocity says: Barack Obama likes to invent things too. Such as phony stories about his mother and father meeting in Selma, Alabama)

2. In high school, Perkins “…sent away for a kit called “How to Become a Manufacturer.” During the following years, Perkins graduated from high school, published a weekly newspaper, did job printing, served as postmaster and set up a mail order business called “Perkins Products Co” to market the numerous products he had invented.” ( Afrocity says: Sounds like a community organizer to me.)

3.  Perkins also developed a remedy to kick the tobacco habit called “Nix-O-Tine.”  (Afrocity says: Hmmm, so he most likley was a smoker…like Obama)

4.  Before Kool Aid was distributed in powdered packets in 1927, it was first sold as a liquid concentrate and called Fruit Smack.  When shipping of the glass bottles became a problem, Perkins developed a way to extract the liquid from Fruit Smack leaving only the powder. (Afrocity says: This is similar to Obama extracting the good stuff from the DNC and leaving the powdery garbage that liberals are smoking now.)

5. “By 1931, the demand for Kool-Aid® was so strong, other items were dropped so Perkins could concentrate solely on Kool-Aid®. He moved the entire production to Chicago for more efficient distribution, to be closer to supplies and to be able to expand even further if necessary.” (Afrocity says: Interesting how Kool Aid and Obama both moved to Chicago to be closer to resources in order to expand)

6. “During the Great Depression, Perkins cut the price in half to just 5¢ a packet, a “luxury” most families could afford. Young entrepreneurs sprung up across the country setting up Kool-Aid® stands. While most of the profits were consumed by the youngsters, it was something most children enjoyed.”  (Afrocity says: A-ha!!! Setting up stands…sounds like ACORN)

7.  “Perkins introduced off-shoots of Kool-Aid® including pie fillings and ice cream mixes. These products never really took off with the public. During World War II, fruit acid and dextrose rationing prevented any expansion”  (Afrocity says: Very similar to Obamacare and the stimulus package)

suckaGet my point? When we told Carl not to drink the Kool Aid, there was solid history behind it.  Now Carl looks and sounds like this female police officer in Cambridge, MA. After Obama’s foot in mouth disease over ” Gates Gate”, now she feels Obama has played her for a fool.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbat Monday: Louduous Racerium Baitidae (Race Baiters) July 27, 2009

racecardDuring the calmer days of my life, I return to my hobby of moonbat watching.  So far I have identified more than 150 new species that have cropped up since President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Often when you see a moonbat, it will just fly by without anyone noticing. The Obamabutticusphileas moonbat is one that comes to mind.  Locally abundant and prolific, they are literally everywhere.  But most moonbats are effective at letting everyone know of their presence, even if it means holding their breath until they start to turn blue…or should I say black?

There are many justifications in the list of debts this country owes to the African American community.  After all, the country especially the South was built on the sweat and free labor from slaves. There was a time when African Americans lived in fear of whites. Lynchings, segregation, and church bombings are all unfortunate memories that contribute to the phenomenon of collective trauma faced by African Americans today.

peanuts_afro-panelsfinalIn terms of generations,  the 1970’s usually serves as the demarcation line between blacks who experienced the tumultuous days of the civil rights movement and those like me who only experienced them through second hand passed down stories. Some stories are poignantly uttered from the lips of grandmother who was told to eat her meal in the alley behind a restaurant.  Other stories are diluted with whitewash in high school textbooks.


When my grandmother spoke of racism, the America we both knew and loved seemed like two quite different countries.  My life is a testament to this duality. I was never a housekeeper,  I was called a nigger only once compared to her numerous times, I sat anywhere I wanted to on the bus and ate my cheeseburgers at the Woolworths luncheonette counter.   I completed college and post graduate degrees. I enjoyed friendships with blacks, Hispanics, whites and Asians. I have dated interracially without any major incident.  Speaking for myself, I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be born during a time when real progress was being made in America concerning unity and equality for all ethnicities, genders.  I always knew that I would live to see an African American President of the United States of America. However in the summer of 2009, racism is too much with us.

This brings me to a particular type of individual that I have decided to elevate to moonbat status. Louduous RaceriumBaitidae (Order: liberalis, Family: Obamabutticus). In layman’s terms: Race Baiters.   Of the following which is a race baiter?

  1. A black woman is called into her supervisor’s office. The supervisor explains to her that she is being placed on probation due to her frequent tardiness. She counters by citing racial discrimination due the differences in commuting times between herself, fellow minority colleagues and those who white who live closer to the workplace. The company is in a predominantly white neighborhood and all of the minority workers live far away.
  2. A single Latina mother receives her son’s report card. He has received a failing grade in English. The mother immediately confronts her son’s English teacher, who is African American  and calls him a racist who has no consideration for her son’s difficulty learning a new language.
  3. A group of white undergraduate students write a complaint to the university president.  They have found that the Asian students receive all A’s in all subjects. While the Asian students excel in science and mathematics courses, their skills in the humanities and social sciences is average. The group accuses the faculty of inflating the grades of the Asian students due to a false perception that Asians are smarter and better students than Americans.

niggaplease1The louduous racerium baitidae species of moonbat mainly inhabits the Democratic Party. They can be recognized by their ability to find racism and prejudice in every possible situation. This extends to not supporting political candidates that are of color. If you do not support the policies and administration of President  Barack Obama, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist. If you utter Barack Obama’s middle name “Hussein”, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  If you are not in favor of affirmative action, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  In the paranoid eyes of this moonbat, everyone who fails to fondle and pander to minorities, is a racist- even if you yourself are a minority.    During the 2008 Democratic primaries, PUMA’s were called racists by louduous racerium baitidae moonbats because they supported Hillary Rodham Clinton. Despite Barack Obama being named the official presidential nominee of the DNC, many PUMAs refused to support him in the presidential election.  Some PUMAs such as myself, voted for the GOP nominee Senator John McCain (R- Arizona), others voted for Green Party nominee, Cyhthia Mckinney, while many did not vote at all in protest of the treatment of women during the primaries.  Most PUMAs are women which qualifies us as minorities under the equal protection clause of the constitution. But guess what? According to louduous racerium baitidae we are all racists.

ASharptonThere is a false perception that most if not all members of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species are minorities . This is simply not true.  While Caucasian members of louduous racerium baitidae tend to be diminutive when compared to those who are minorities such as the Rev. Al Sharpton (liberalis sharp-tongues racium bacteria) , there are some who are the exception to the perception. Take for instance Janeane Garofolo who is Caucasian and of the liberalis vulgarus variety. In April of 2009, Ms. Garofolo accused anyone who attended organized anti –taxation, and anti-stimulus “tea parties” of being racist homophobes.  Journalists Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are also two Caucasians of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species which come to mind.

The shrieking of race baiters can normally be heard during signs of BarackObama’s dwindling approval ratings, as experienced with his recent public verbal run in with the Cambridge Police Department over an incident which did not directly involve our president.

The louduous racerium baitidae moonbat must be stopped because it feeds off residual memories from past racial trauma. This moonbat is moving all to buoyantly throughout society while failing to see the consequences of falsely accusing people of being racist.  Mostly running on nervous liberal energy and fear of losing an argument, trumped up charges of prejudice is the court of last resort for louduous racerium baitidae. Very sad indeed in light of the election of an African American president and our being blessed with a “post-racial” society.


Let’s work together to control this pesky moonbat. Speak out when you see someone being unjustly accused of racism. This “boy who cried racism” meme only turns back the clock and excerbates any credible racial tensions which reside in America today.

Autographed Letter Signed,




Sunday Soliloquy: One Step Foward, Two Steps Black July 26, 2009

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shitThis weekend, I have decided to give myself a much needed gift.

Rest and relaxation away from the city, and myself.

Tomorrow Monday, July 27th would have been my mother’s 71st birthday. The passing of two years since her death has not made it much easier for me to face July 27th without feeling a sense of loss and guilt.

I will call the week the trifecta. Mom’s birthday on the 27th, my dad’s on the 28th and mine on August 2nd.  If you want to throw more irony in the pot, my maternal grandmother’s 98th birthday would have been on August 6th.

As I packed my bags, I felt that leaving home would enable me to face the weekend with a more positive attitude. Birthdays commemorate life not death. She would have wanted me to be happy on July 27th but who can blame me for feeling lonely?

Normally the last week in July was like the twelve days of Christmas.  Mom and I would scrape together enough money to treat ourselves to ice cream, movies on State Street, a trip to Lincoln Park Beach.

Summer birthdays have their advantages when you are a child. They meant no school and onery Chicago weather couldn’t ruin a picnic if it tried.  I can remember our birthdays as having 98.9% perfect sundress, sandal and banana Popsicle weather. Nothing on earth could ever spoil our week.

My suitcase was packed. I sat on the bed starring at the reflection in the mirror. This was not the same girl who used to experiment with womanhood by sneaking into her mother’s underwear drawer to try on the 38 C bra she would never grow into.  In that moment it was difficult for me to easily reconcile my age with my misadventures and sorrows.  I have been homeless, hungry, beaten, left, and motherless all before reaching the  age of 40. The face in the mirror was a ghost of the girl I was was. While it showed few wrinkles, it was my heart that had aged and cracked with time.

54maidenformbraAway from the city, I woke up for the first time in two weeks without having a panic attack.  I have suffered from them for years. The place I am in now offers no chance for childhood analogies. A quiet college town with trees, hummingbirds and best of all no police sirens.

Too bad I brought along my cell phone, my father vibrated against my outer right thigh three times before I answered.

“Afrocity, where have you been?”

“I decided to leave town, my panic attacks became worse.  Perhaps it’s because of mom-.”

“Well you couldn’t tell your father?” he asked sarcastically.

I should have felt good about his concern. After 39 years, I finally know this man and he was attempting to be parental. So tell me, why did his concern annoy me?

“I needed a break,” I continued. “you know from the noise and news-“

“What news?”

“Uhhhh- Obama and the whole Gates situation, Iran, the economy.”  God please let this call be short. I am loving you dad but I need to be alone.

“Ain’t that a damn shame about that black professor being arrested? He had a PhD. I could not help thinking that it could have been you.”

Oh no not you dad. Not with this phony racial profiling crap.

“I recently saw an exhibit of lynching postcards,” I said in an irritated manner. “I could not help thinking that it could have been you. You were born in the 40’s right?”

“Yes, I knew someone who was lynched,” he answered.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t you Dad. We’ve come a long way from those days don’t you think?”

My father paused. He knew what I was trying to do. Despite our short five year relationship, he does somehow seem to “get” me.

As he went on about how bad things are in America for the black man, I looked up at a cardinal bird in an acorn tree.  My father and I were never slaves. Neither was Henry Louis Gates Jr. or President Barack Hussein Obama.  Just then I remembered a story that my mother had told me about my great great grandmother who was a slave. I wondered if she too was a Leo like us, and did she have birthday parties.

feministMy father said something that snapped me back into reality, “I will not be in town for my birthday in case you were thinking of doing something for me.”

Hmm, this was a rather great and gratuitous assumption.  Actually, I had forgotten all about his birthday being July 28th. How dumb of me, especially with it being the day after my mother’s.  Crazy like a fox, I covered up my selective memory.

“Oh, that is to bad. I was planning to make you dinner…(bites lip) I tell you what how about next Sunday you come over to my place and we celebrate our birthdays…together.”

My father was surprised.  So was I.  I could not believe that just came out of my mouth. I was planning on spending the day alone with a nice Xanax and strawberry cheesecake ice cream cocktail, wrapped up with my cats and a Firefly: The Complete Series DVD set.

I just broke a 40 year tradition of spending my birthday with my mother and only my mother. Even in death she was still there but now what have I done? I am allowing a man that gave  a bit of his sperm in order to give me life, then never saw me again for 35 years to spend our birthday together.

“Afrocity, I would love that!” he exclaimed. The old man was really happy.

“Yep between your being 63 and my being 40, we can burn the place down with our candles.”  I was committed to it at this point. Might as well make the best of it.

“It’s a date,” he said.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Diversity Fatigue Friday Night Edition: Lynching Parties DNC Style July 24, 2009

lynchlawNow, now. We all know the fate of those who criticize THE ONE.

Imagine that you are taking an evening stroll. You are gleefully minding your own business when BAM, you encounter President Barack Obama. He shakes your hand. You decide to ask him a simple question like, “How do you plan on paying for universal health care.”

Seems pretty innocent.  Well it depends.

Let’s say that Obama trips up on his answer and looks pretty stupid.  The media gets a hold of the tape and Bill O’Reilly gets a chuckle out of Obama’s dumb response. Next the leftwing media idiots like Keith Olbermann name you worse person in the universe just for asking that question of THE ONE.

It was not your fault that he failed to give a plausible answer as to how he intended on paying for the health care of every American legal or illegal.  It is still your fault and the left will come to lynch you.

What happened to “Joe the Plumber” when his encounter with Barack Obama exposed the presidential candidates “spread the wealth”  philosophy?

Someone actually dug into Joe’s personal information illegally and he became demonized by liberals as a racist, and a conservative, not really a plumber.

Recently, Frank Ricci and 19 other New Haven firefighters emerged victorious in a 5-4 Supreme Court victory over the New Haven Fire Department. The case involved to a small degree Judge Sonja Sotomayor, who is a liberal and SCOTUS appointee of President Obama. The decision also traumatized many in favor of affirmative action.  What did the left do? They attempted to slander Ricci, siting his dyslexia as a means of exploitation.

Obama_Logo_MafiaAs we can see, it’s no longer about Obama anymore. You had better watch your step around anyone who is remotely in Obama’s circle of friends, neighbors, the pizza guy who delivered to him in Hyde Park.

Obama is the GODFATHER and you had had better watch it around his ‘family’ or you will get a busted kneecap.

Take a look at this Politico article which describes how the Cambridge Police Department was targeted by Obama and his goons as being McCain supporters:

President Obama walks back police criticism


…Obama’s conciliatory moves marked an abrupt shift from Friday morning, when White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed a suggestion that the backlash from police groups could be distressing to the White House, given that Obama has enjoyed a positive relationship with the law enforcement


“I think the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed McCain,” Gibbs fired back at reporters, referring to Obama’s Republican opponent in the 2008 election. “If I’m not mistaken.”

At a Cambridge press conference Friday morning featuring Crowley, union leaders said Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick had both gone after Cambridge officers’ performance without having full information about the incident involving Gates.

As this story gets increasingly messy, witnesses are emerging to give accounts of the situation that do not seem very favorable towards Gates. The Boston police may release the 911 tape which will perhaps provide some clarity.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Diversity Fatigue Friday:A Guide To Collecting Racial Antiques


Last night I went to bed and cried.

I thought the kitchen table conversations I overheard between my mother and grandmother about how cruel whites are towards blacks were over.  To my dismay they are not. It is unfortunate that I am beginning to wonder if my fellow African Americans want those conversations to be over. Isn’t that what post-racism is about?

In 2009, I can walk on a bus and sit anywhere I please. I am told by the liberals that I owe this to the Democratic Party.

In 2009, certainly I would have to search high and low in a Macy’s department store for that “colored” rest room. Hurry up, I need to find it. Afrocity’s gotta pee.

Didn’t we elect a black man as our president? Aren’t two little black girls swing setting in front of the White House while a Portuguese Water Dog is eating caviar and slurping Evian Water from George Washington’s spit bowl?

What’s going on? CNN is running it BLACKS IN AMERICA PART 432.  What is this nostalgia for the pre-civil rights days that is plaguing liberals?

The hyped up ideological importance that has been given to race and gender over the last two years is proof that we have issues in America. Of course we do. We are not alone in this. Take a look at the women protesters in Iran.  Where ever there is difference, there will be division and conflict.  That can be differences in skin color, class, gender, religious beliefs etc.   It is also human nature.

When confronted by Sarah Palin women, particularly those who identified themselves as feminists faced the uncomfortable questions of gender loyalty.  Again I ask, as women are we more unified by gender than we are divided by political ideologies, race, class, or religious beliefs?   Judging from the woman on woman criticism waged towards Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, I would answer that question with a qualified NO.

Yes we are all women but we are individuals.

While one woman was raised by devout Baptist minister in Texas, a man who spent his Saturdays standing on  I-35  with huge posters of bloodied aborted fetuses;  another woman may have been raised by an atheist single mom, who grew medicinal herbs in her Brooklyn brownstone window box, while working a day job at Planned Parenthood in Queens.   Both women share identical genitalia in the sense that yes they pee sitting down, and they have a vagina. Does it mean that they will be best buds, trading feminist cards over gazpacho and tapas? No.

racistObamaImage9Let’s bring race into the  mix.  How can we not? Our president loves doing it so much.

I am African American, which makes me a person of color. President Barack Obama is Kenyan American, which makes him a person of color. In generic terms, we are both black.

I am a conservative. Barack Obama is not.

Can someone please explain to me why people assume that I voted for him?  The only ones who don’t are PUMAs and my Republican friends.

I am the one on the left with the white hood on.

I am the one on the left with the white hood on.

No one asks me if I am an Obama supporter because they see my skin color and assume that I am a liberal and a Democrat. They also assume that I am voting for Obama because he is black- like me.  Just once I would like someone to ask me what my political affiliation is- just once.  I should not hold my breath because it will never happen.  When faced with the raving Obamabot who bashes Sarah Palin in front of me or calls Hillary Clinton a post menopausal racist, there is this temptation on my part to blurt out “I AM A REPUBLICAN” . Scrap the temptation part. I have done it. What happens?  The O-bot launches verbal attacks against anything that comes from my mouth, they assume that I supported Bush, they assume that I am pro-life. In effect they put up a shield.  Or they attempt to convert me to liberalism.

No one leaves the party of ass without ripped clothing and hoof prints on their backs.  No one leaves without being stalked by the well meaning friend who checks up on you.

“Did you hear Obama’s press conference last night?”

“Yes, the one that was about health care? I saw it.”

“Isn’t Obama great? And my gawd what is happening to black people in this country. Racial profiling in 2009, I mean come on. “

“Well, I do not believe it was racial profiling, just an unfortunate event that was exploited by Barack Obama as a means to distract from the issue of health care.”

“I do not agree with that. Having Obama as president has proves that we still have problems with racism. Look at the nasty things he and his wife faced from right wing extremists like Sarah Palin- yelling KILL HIM at McCain rallies. I know that you are a Republican but surely you must agree that the party only attacks Obama out of deep seated fear of change and diversity.”

“ Hmm, I don’t see it that way. What I do know is that every since Obama’s inauguration, I have found is myself talking about blacks and being black more than I ever have in my entire life.  What I am seeing now is blacks being portrayed as victims of society again. I did not realize how oppressive it is to be black until Obama reminded me of it.”

Sorry readers, I can’t go on anymore. I have an underground railroad train to catch.

What year is this advertisement from, 2008?

What year is this advertisement from, 2008?

Autographed Letter Signed,