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Mean Girls and Boys: Vanity Unfair and the Whore-i-fication of Gov. Palin June 30, 2009


Bruce Elliott, whose wife owns the Old Town Ale House, painted this nude portrait of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Despite Sarah’s recent victory over David Letterman, Palin Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well:

Los Angeles Times

June 30,2009

McCain aides trash Palin (anonymously) in Vanity Fair. What else is new…

By Johanna Neuman

Longtime friends and campaign workers for Arizona Sen. John McCain have been talking to Vanity Fair about what Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s candidacy as vice president did for the GOP ticket in 2008.

“A Little Shop of Horrors,” said one unnamed aide.

Perhaps they want to keep the governor — still a hot-button favorite among social conservatives — off the ticket in 2012?

In a just-published piece by Todd Purdum in the August Vanity Fair, McCain aides said they still suffer a kind of survivor’s guilt. (An earlier version of this post misspelled the author’s last name as Purdam.)

“They can’t quite believe that for two frantic months last fall, caught in a Bermuda Triangle of a campaign, they worked their tails off to try to elect as vice president of the United States someone who, by mid-October, they believed for certain was nowhere near ready for the job, and might never be,” Purdam writes.

A former reporter for the New York Times and husband of former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers, Purdam has a few nuggets of news. Reports of tension between Palin and McCain are, well, true.

She maintained “only the barest level of civil discourse” with Tucker Eskew, the operative assigned to be her chief minder, Purdam reports. Mark McKinnon, a longtime McCain admirer and a former Democrat who told insiders he would never work against Barack Obama in the general election, signed on to be Palin’s “whisperer,” the calming influence. And Obama, on learning of Palin’s selection, said Palin would never have time to get up to speed. “I don’t care how talented she is, this is really a leap,” said Obama, telling aides it had taken him four months to learn how to be a national candidate.

But for the most, the piece reads more like juicy political speculation than news. Many of the quotes are from aides who would rather not be named. And it’s hard to read the title — “It Came From Wasilla” — as anything but an insult, at least to anyone who’s a person who came from somewhere.

Palin refused to talk to Vanity Fair for the piece. At work on her own book about her life — to be published jointly by HarperCollins and the Bible-publishing house Zondervan — the self-described pit bull-with-lipstick  from Alaska will get plenty of ink for her rebuttal.

In the meantime, here come the knives.

Palin artI won’t feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She does not need this from me or any woman. We have all been Sarah at sometime in our life.

Peer pressure, enemies and bullies are an awful fact of life. Catty behavior, nasty rumors spoken in high school locker rooms coupled with snickers as one walks to study hall. We have all had to deal with it, the heart breaking pet names: slutty Suzy, Betty Blo me, Sasha the Hut, Pizza face Pete.

In high school, I was quiet but expressed my individuality by wearing outlandish thrift store clothing. When you were as poor as I was being creative was the only way to go. Inspired by Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”  video, I wore big lace fluorescent day glow bows in my hair and mini skirts.

My hair was often nappy and a big bush, no thanks to mom I wore cheap green “Wet n’ Wild” 99 cent eyeshadow and red orange lipstick which made me the subject of one of the most awful lunchroom verbal gang bangs in teenage history. I was a freshman and the other bitches were juniors.  Minding my own business, I leafing through a Tiger Beat magazine looking for pictures of 80’s band  Duran Duran’s  lead singer Simon Le Bon (my future husband).  One of the juniors starts yelling “Look at her orange lipstick and green eyeshadow that hoe looks like Tina Turner. Nappy headed hoe like that bow is covering up those nigger naps”

Cruelly, they started singing Tina Turner songs “What’s Love Got to do with it”.

My back was turned to them so I continued to ignore them. This is what my mother told me to do. Oh, I forgot to mention that my friend Michelle, an Italian girl was sitting across from me.

“Afrocity aren’t you going to say something?” She asked. Michelle felt sorry for me. She always did because I was picked on a lot.  I just shrugged my shoulders and continued , or pretended to continue reading my magazine.

“Hey you know who wears green eyeshadow,” one of the girls yelled. “Nancy Reagan. You are ass old fashioned skinny bitch like Nancy Reagan”

By this time the lunchroom monitor, who was laughing right along with them until another teacher came into the room (did I mention that Chicago Public Schools suck?) finally told them to be quiet.  It was too late, my life had been ruined. That lunch room had over 200 kids in it that heard everything. Even after it was over, my boyfriend heard about it in his PE class.

“You really should change your make up and hair,” he said. “It is dated and most other girls have jheri curls now or wear their hair in twists.”

His statement was the final nail in my self esteem. The rest of the day was a wash so I decided to cut class and go home. As I was walking to my locker I could see that someone had stuck a piece of paper in the crevice of the combination lock. Perhaps it was something harmless like a dance invitation but I knew it was bad, and it was.  It was a picture of Tina Turner and someone had colored the tops of her eyes with green crayon, they had also written NANCY REAGAN OLD FASHIONED on it.  My eyes fought back tears but with little success. While I was gathering my things Musa, an Indian boy who was a class above me was walking down the hall. He had always been relatively nice to me and saw that something was wrong. I just shook my head and said “nothing”.

There was a bag of gummy bears in my purse. I offered him some but he shook his head explaining that he was a Muslim and gummy bears had pork in them.

His next statement provided proof that I was the joke of the school: “you are a pretty girl but the make up you wear makes you look like a whore.”

This would be the second time in a week that I was called a whore by a man. The first time was my history teacher who explained to my mother that I was only in school to be popular and my obsession with looking like Madonna was unhealthy. He told my mother that “Madonna was a whore and that is what your daughter is aspiring to be.”


A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, by George Seurat at the Art Institute of Chicago

For reasons I cannot remember, I did not go straight home but instead took the “L” to the Art Institute of Chicago. I through by book bag on the floor and looked at my favorite painting  A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, by George Seurat waiting for the right time to leave. Attempting not to appear to be a complete basket case, I took out a notebook to pretend I was sketching. I was really scribbling poetry that said I wanted to kill myself and everyone would miss me like they did Mr. Singer, the deaf mute character in Carson McCuller’s novel  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I was like Mr. Singer, misunderstood.

Closing time came and before I went home, I stopped at Walgreens and stole some Loreal make-up, powder, lipstick, and eye shadow kit by stuffing it all up my coat sleeve.

At home, mom was there watching the Sally Jessie show. I said nothing to her and went to the bathroom to try on my make up while using a Vogue magazine with Cindy Crawford on the cover. I was not white. I would never be white but I could steal some of her make up tips.

To be nosy, mother walked into the bathroom without knocking. She saw the new make up and magazine spead on the toilet seat cover.

“Where did you get that stuff?”  she asked picking up the lipstick. It was a pretty ribbon hot pink. Somehow she knew everything I owned and everything I did not own.

“I borrowed it from Michelle,” I lied and she knew it. Michelle never wore make-up.   Mother nodded and just stood there while I was trying to put on eyeliner- something I had never used before.

troll“That looks stupid on you…your eyes are too big and it looks best on white women, makes you look like a tramp on Cicero Ave.”

She made me sick. She was never any help anymore ever since I turned 15. She didn’t work and did not know shit about the world. I wanted her to leave me alone.

“People already say I look like a tramp anyway,” I retorted.

We just starred at each other.

Apart from her advanced age, I could see myself in her face. She was fatter than I- a size 14. I was a zero, her breasts and chin sagged. Her eyes were no longer bright. I did not want to end up like her alone and homely with no man or friends. She was the last person in the world I wanted to become.

I was about to tell her to close the door and leave me alone when she said something that changed my life or at least the way I handled people who hated me.

“You know you should not worry when people are talking about you…You should worry when people are not talking about you. If you were insignificant, or not a threat no one would care about you.”

Feeling compromised because she broke down my defenses, I gathered the stolen goods and went passed her leaving her in the bathroom. Soon she followed with more advice “When you are called names, laugh with them, and keep walking. If someone calls you a whore, say ‘you wish take a look at your mother'”

It was the best advice she had ever given me in a long time.

Sarah Plain haters must have an agenda. If she were not a threat, or insignificant they would not go to these lengths to damage her career.

Don’t listen Sarah keep on trucking. I stole lipstick in order to please my critics and I felt like a pig. You can bend over backwards for these people and they would still demonize and demoralize you and your family meanwhile look at the coverage that is good and embrace it. You don’t see anyone talking about Gov.  Bobby Jindal (R-LA) anymore do ya? After his colossal bomb during the Republican response to Obama’s stimulus address, Jindal faded into presidential nominee neverland.

May 2009 photo provided by Runner's World magazine shows Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in a yoga pose near her home in Wasilla, Alaska. (AP Photo/Runner's World, Brian Adams)

May 2009 photo provided by Runner's World magazine shows Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in a yoga pose near her home in Wasilla, Alaska. (AP Photo/Runner's World, Brian Adams)

Palin: I’d come out ahead in run against Obama


June 30, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she’d come out ahead if she went one-on-one with fellow jogger President Barack Obama in a long run, according to an interview published online Tuesday.

“I betcha I’d have more endurance,” she told Runner’s World magazine.

“My one claim to fame in my own little internal running circle is a sub-four marathon” in Anchorage, she said, referring to her 2005 sprint in the Humpy’s Marathon in which she beat the four-hour mark by 24 seconds. “What I lacked in physical strength or skill, I made up for in determination and endurance,” she said.

The president, who stays fit by starting his day with a workout in the White House gym, is better known for his passion for basketball and has been a frequent golfer in recent weeks. Obama, however, recently acknowledged that he hasn’t completely kicked his smoking habit, telling reporters that he does still “mess up” on his pledge to quit smoking.

Might Obama join the workout war of words? A message seeking comment Tuesday from the White House by The Associated Press wasn’t immediately returned.

Palin, a 45-year-old former beauty queen who became the first woman and youngest person to be elected Alaska’s governor, is featured in the August issue of the magazine for running aficionados. She was dubbed the country’s “hottest” governor when she stole the show as U.S. Sen. John McCain’s presidential running mate in 2008.

As far as 2012 Run SARAH RUN.

Autographed Letter Signed,


41 Responses to “Mean Girls and Boys: Vanity Unfair and the Whore-i-fication of Gov. Palin”

  1. Madrigal Says:

    “I won’t feel sorry for Sarah Palin.”

    I don’t feel sorry for her either because that would indicate pity (a somewhat condescending attitude) and I definitely don’t feel that way about someone so brave & inspiring!

    I do, however, empathize with her & get angry at the crap I have to see with all the MSM & Demopublican elite High-school bullying behavior (as you referenced already).

    Like Sigourney Weaver once famously opined, college can sometimes be an oasis from High School cliques and bullies… and yet, after leaving college & going out into the “real” world, sadly it can all become just like all High School all over again.

    Afrocity, I wrote my 1st response to your blog (the post-racial thread) a couple of days ago and might be visiting here more often. I’m post-party affiliated these days & I’m registered Independent, a much more honest and philosophically comfortable place for me to be.

    I admire your frank self-disclosure & independence of mind!

    • afrocity Says:

      Madrigal thanks for posting and I loved college much more than high school.

      Demopublican , I love that. The liberals and democrats of today are not the ones I signed up with long ago. I don’t recognize that party anymore.

      Please do come by often. We are open to all parties here unless you are a raging Obama supporter.;-)

  2. ThinkAgain Says:

    I am certainly no ‘intellect’ but I have stumbled across your posts on several other sites. Wow! You inspire me, afrocity!

    I have been a lost, centrist democrat in mourning for sometime now.

    With my family tree of lifelong democrats all gone now and my pretense of believing that the democratic party the lesser of two evils no longer working for me, I can also proudly say: Run Sarah Run!

    Recovered “white trailer trash from the wrong side of the tracks.”

    • afrocity Says:


      I understand your pain. My exit from the DEMS began with Kerry. I did not vote in that election, Hillary was the last hope for me and when she lost I took a good look at the party and did not recognize it any more. Libs used to be the nice guys, now all I see is intolerance and hypocrisy. Or maybe I just grew up.

      What is being done to Sarah is mean spirited by those on the left and the right. This Vanity Fair piece is much in the vein of the NYT article about Cindy McCain.

      • pelinore Says:

        Afrocity, I am complete agreement with your assessment of liberal hate. The Governor ought to be defended vigorously for the sake of decency, feminism and women in politics.

      • Liberal Larry Says:

        Cindy Mac was stealing drugs plus took Mac from his first wife a wheelchair bound woman. Rethug values at work.

      • afrocity Says:

        Prescription drug addiction and depression are problems faced on both sides of the political aisle. This is no laughing matter. Cindy McCain has spoken out against her behavior then and has since been an advocate of awareness on the issue. Tipper Gore also speaks frequently on the subject of depression.

  3. Madrigal Says:

    Thinkagain (you sound like you have a *lot* of “intellect”) and regarding your post, I keep remembering this line, “All my heroes are dead. I’ve got them in my head.” (quote by Dar Williams…one of her 1st albums)- You know, I’m probably still on the wrong-side of the tracks…or even…often feel I’m sitting right in the middle of the tracks, as the train is approaching :-O (that’s a bit what non-major party affiliation means to me)

    Afrocity, I’ve been Republican, Green, Democratic…NOW very happily Independent — Woot! no one party can take me for granted anymore or force me to memorize & parrot their poll-tested talking points- blech!

    I know what you mean about Kerry… he was a major disappointment to me as well (Mr. Sophisticated Wimpitude) – He was still my choice instead of Bush but with an equal sense of “Ick” & “dread,” as my pencil was poised to fill in the little black bar next to his name…Alas…another limousine liberal. 😦

    Then….Hillary was my last redemption for the party – I have always seen her as someone cut from the mold of fair American revolutionaries: moxy, intelligence, justice, fortitude & ready to roll up the ol’ sleeves & get to work for the people. She is not an opportunist. She is a true humanist & patriot. The Democratic machine’s calculated character assination & thug tactics totally alienated me from the party, very Orwellian.

    Sorry for talking so much. 😦

    • afrocity Says:

      You can never talk too much. The DNC turned into Animal Farm and now Big brutha is watching and will soon tax our tampons.
      I am not bitter, I am sad for the Democrats.

      I lived in Massachusettes and got my grad degree there. They treated Gov. Swift ( a woman) like hell. I would not cast a vote for Mitt Romney for anything. I may be sitting the election of 2012 out if the right people are not running.

      • brucenahin Says:

        I have written New Agenda about your two articles on Vanity fair/Palin both of which were excellent..They have a very large base and I suggest you reprint them there great job, bn

      • afrocity Says:

        Thank you!

    • WMCB Says:

      Madrigal, you sound like me. I have no political home. After being a Dem for years, I now sometimes call myself a centrist, sometimes a moderate, sometimes a “classic liberal” with libertarian leanings. I have some genuine respect for the honest old Goldwater type conservatives, but am not one of them. But I am not one of the current incarnation of “liberal” either, though some of the ideals do resonate.

      Every time I label myself, it seems I get handed a list of things I MUST believe and agree with, in order to “join the club”. I have a hard time doing that – I tend to think for myself.

      ACCOUNTABILITY and fairness without big money/influence pulling the strings have become more crucial to me than ideology. I think this country needs those worse than it needs either a conservative or a liberal. I’m wishing for politicians who listen to the people, and will tell the truth – even if I don’t agree with all their solutions. I liked Hillary because she is, at heart, a steady and hardworking and PRACTICAL woman, and those traits bode well in a leader, better than any particular ideology. I flit from blog to blog, have found a few on both the left and the right who seem reasonable, and input what I can.

      I’m on those tracks with you, Madrigal, and both the right and the left keep telling me I’m on the wrong side. But no matter how hard I squint, I am hard pressed to see whether the “sides” are anything other than a false construct of zealots with magic beans to sell. I don’t HAVE an agenda – I have a love for my country, and a desire for good old boring practical governance, not a hero with a transforming dream, whether right or left.

      • Liberal Larry Says:

        Hat woman again with the non answers. What did the democrats do to make you abandon us? Do not answer cause you will say we did not front your precious god Hillary. That is the problem you people left over one women not getting the vote.

      • afrocity Says:


        I understand your point completely. There are some who have said I sound more like a libertarian but I really doubt that. I am certain that I will never be a Democrat again or a liberal. I prefer to say I am a Republican but not staunchly so. As you know, I am pro-choice and not opposed to gay unions. I believe in self-reliance of the individual without much government interference.

        Lately i have been very disappointed in the liberal sites and their views on affirmative action, which speak little of true empowerment then they resort to scoffing and name calling.

        Sad indeed.

      • Madrigal Says:


        “Every time I label myself, it seems I get handed a list of things I MUST believe and agree with, in order to ‘join the club’. I have a hard time doing that – I tend to think for myself.”

        “ACCOUNTABILITY and fairness without big money/influence pulling the strings have become more crucial to me”

        YES! & YES! – Ha! What a concept…thinking for yourself! 🙂

        I have never fit into clubs or tribes very well… as I will inevitably rely on my OWN neo-cortex over the seduction of “being approved of” or the intimidation employed by group minions or thugs. Ain’t no shame in being a black sheep 😉

        As much psychology & sociology research shows, group dynamics will often end up extinguishing individual thought. That is a dangerous reality for any human being (United States or any other country) and a precurser to fascism. George Orwell is definitely no dummy & I’m not interested in joining the Borg, thank you very much.

        Like you, I surf through different websites of a varied political/ philosophical spectrum. I don’t agree with every topic or everyone on ANY of them but appreciate & respect their existence. I enjoy discussion and debate with people from any political/cultural backgrounds, as long as there is logic involved, honesty/authenticity, and not just rhetorical cheating or the Bully’s cowardice of mudslinging. Diversity enriches my understanding of the world & I’m open to vastly different view points.

        Finding truth & understanding is more important to me than “fitting in” or what “side” of the tracks you have to permanently stand on. I am a rambler (I don’t like just standing & observing) I like to move with an independent will… jumping the train car to one location… then another… I am a free-thinker (not ideologically *owned*) and there are always new sights, experiences, & life learning to find on those trains running between the past & future. I appreciate my fellow philosophical world travelers & cowboy poets of life. 🙂

  4. kywrite Says:

    Right on target. I left the dems a while back, I guess just before 9/11; I’d hated the Republicans because they seemed so mean, and then all the crazy stuff with the 2000 elections, and Al Gore throwing a tantrum — I wanted a president who clearly cared about the good of the country, and the Dems didn’t seem to. Since then, I’ve seen the rhetoric from the left side of things degenerate horribly (though blogs like Reclusive Leftist are starting to give me hope again for the feminist section at least!)

    (BTW, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, by George Seurat has been my favorite painting since high school – 1983ish – though I’ve never had the good fortune to see it in person.)

  5. Liberal Larry Says:

    Rethugs wine all you want! This is what Sarah Palin can expect. She was a runner up for Miss Alaska, who used her body. Why be upset now when nudes are painted? It is alright to pose yoga garbage in runner magazine to show off her bicpes? What is religious about that? Some family values going on there.

    Sarah was not a feminist just like Carrie Prejean isnt either. Feminists real ones do not participate in Miss anything contests. from Miss Alaska to the United States VP spot get real. Nothing unfair about the Todd’s article. This news came from insiders who are rethugs. You people hear that? RETHUGS. She did not know Africa was a country. The Mac will not say her name.
    Sound to me like she has ADD,bipolar or drug related issues that alter her personality and mood swings. Her face is sometimes twisted in photos, I noticed this from the first RNC speech.

    Afrocity has mom issues like all women and men, you revealed something today there is more to your hatred for liberals than meets the eyes. You took a picture of Cindy C. a white supermodel. Why did you not use Naomi Campbell or Iman ads because u wanted t be white, many blk rethugs are like this. Look at Michael Steele, sound like a white guy but put him in the room with black folks he sounds like the next thug.

    • afrocity Says:

      Larry, I actually did have pictures of all the supermodels of my time Cindy, Naomi, Iman, Christy Turlington is my favorite and yes she is white. As young women we often turn to societal cues as to what is beautiful and what is not. The cover of the magazine called Cindy a ‘fresh face’ and I wanted a fresh look. I have never wanted to be white. I admire beauty in all ethnic groups. Most beautiful is an intelligent woman who speaks her mind liberal or conservative.

      I have wished that there was no racism so we all could be considered the same. Affirmative Action is a Band Aid that does not achieve this.

      Larry there is no identity complex here. I embrace my African American heritage, my troubled past as well as my former liberal self.

      I think you have a problem with people who realize that the Democratic party is not the answer, especially when the people are minorities or women. Democrats thrive on group identities and victims.

    • manbearpig68 Says:

      So I guess 90% of Michelle’s pictures should be gone because she’s showing her arms. Where’s her strong family values when she’s showing her arms? That makes a lot of sense..
      Maybe SP did a beauty contest because she wanted to prove she can do everything as a woman. She’s already done more in lifetime than most women could do in three.
      I think we all know who really has the Mom problem and identity crisis on this Blog and you really want to join in constructively but you don’t know how. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading the blog. Bully types are usually very jealous and I’m guessing either way that if you really are a man which I doubt(maybe a man that wants to be a woman) or you are a woman which is my real hunch, you are very jealous of Afrocity. I think you should be more constructive or be gone….

      • WMCB Says:

        She did the contest (as many women do) because if you are dirt poor and want a college scholarship, it’s one of the few avenues open to get one. She spoke openly about how demeaning she thought it was, in hindsight. But you do what you gotta do to get those education dollars.

      • Janis Says:

        I’ll bet LL is pro-porn — but let a woman dress up a little, and he’s right there with the hate, isn’t he?

        Men who are pro-porn hate sex and hate women. They just like having punching bags around, and as far as they’re concerned, there’s no better punching bag than a naked chick.

      • kywrite Says:

        I always thought it was odd that, if you wanted an abortion, the liberals say you can do what you want with your body. But if you want to pose nude, participate in a beauty pageant, or sell what you got, you suddenly are harming all women and your body is no longer all yours.

    • Madrigal Says:

      Perhaps you are right in some ways. I have noticed that the ObamaLust has finally subsided a bit in the past few months and all the white boys are finally taking down their life-sized posters of Barry’s naked-chested beach photos in Hawaii.

      Or maybe Obama decided to tone down his “Sweeties” & come-hither-young-voters attitude to stop the flood of bad songs on Youtube celebrating his sexy Symbol-ness.

      So, perhaps you are right, LL…..
      The Obama sex-obsessed have finally moved on from Obama’s Oh-sexy-me peddling (as it is now too vanilla -lol) to fetishization of a woman that spent her entire campaign TONING DOWN her look!

      It is not Palin’s fault that many Obama people are sociopaths with sex fetishis for librarian-types and children. They started out eating Obama eye candy for months & we all know that vanilla porn is often a gateway drug for more deranged sexual obsessions. I hope the Palin’s hire protection, as these Palin stalkers are creepy as hell and need serious clinical help.

    • kywrite Says:

      NOBODY defines for me what feminism is, especially an ignorant man like LL. I know feminism. I’ve lived feminism. And it’s perfectly okay to be beautiful and to be proud of your beauty — and still call yourself feminist. (Look at Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem.) It’s also perfectly okay to use that beauty as an asset to get yourself through college and achieve your goals — which is precisely what the accomplished Sarah Palin did.

      I’m not black, but I’d sure as heck be offended if I were and some dumb white guy told me I could only use black role models because if I used white ones it meant I wanted to be white. Didn’t a white critic say something like that to Ralph Ellison once, that he wasn’t authentically black because his works were subtle instead of Marxist/radical/revolutionary? What crap. You define yourself; if you let your self-definition come from outside you, you’re weak and deserve your life.

  6. LJSNAustin Says:

    Afrocity, you have hit another home run with this post. In addition, so many of your commenters (WMCB, Madrigal, ThinkAgain, and kywrite) are also hitting home runs in their comments. You all speak for me more eloquently than I can. WMCB, I long to meet you in person. You are amazing.

    • afrocity Says:

      WMCB is a gem.

    • afrocity Says:

      Lana you are too modest. I can’t wait to meet you next month.

    • afrocity Says:

      Yes in August. WMCB. Houston and Austin

    • afrocity Says:

      I did not know you were a Texan! I lived there for nearly 10 years.
      Will be there mid August. Facebook me and maybe something could be worked out.

      • LJSNAustin Says:

        YES, let’s all meet up!! Hopefully, we will not be in the grips of hell with 107-degree temps then!!

    • Madrigal Says:

      Thanks for including me along with your compliments to Afrocity & other cool commentators here (although I’m only a newbie and the other folks need most of the props – But MUCHAS GRACIAS, anyway!)

      (I have never been to Texas & crindge to think how hot it is now)


  7. simofish Says:

    GREAT POST !!! I need to drop by here more often.

  8. carolflowery Says:

    I love that woman

  9. fahsheezy Says:

    Love your blog! Loved your story, and I often cannot make it through many blogs.

  10. LJSNAustin Says:

    YES, let’s all meet up!! Hopefully, we will not be in the grips of hell with 107-degree temps then!!
    BTW I love your blog!

  11. AniEm Says:

    I’ve been a fan of your posts for a long time in this political season. As a white woman, I am getting sick and tired for snarky, wealthy white men taking potshots at Palin. I’d love to see those gutless wonders sent out on a fishing boat with her in Alaska. You expressed what a lot of us were feeling. I hope Sarah keeps on standing up to these pigs and is aware of her many supporters and our admiration for her courage.

  12. Irlandese Says:

    I just found this….Afrocity, thank you for the great post. Everything–well said.

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