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It came from Misogyny But Where are you NOW? June 30, 2009

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Here is the link  and small excerpt to the Todd Purdam article on Sarah Palin consider it a warning of the misogyny to come:

Vanity Fair

It Came from Wasilla

By Todd Purdam

When orders or advice from McCain headquarters began to conflict with her own impulses, aides told me, she simply did what she wanted to do. “The problem was she came down from Alaska with basically Todd as a sort of trusted bellwether adviser,” one McCain friend says. “She was given this staff of 20. It was probably too big a staff. To be real honest with you, I don’t think she could figure out who to trust.” All the while, Palin was coping not only with the crazed life of any national candidate on the road but also with the young children traveling with her. Some top aides worried about her mental state: was it possible that she was experiencing postpartum depression? (Palin’s youngest son was less than six months old.)

Postpartum depression????? WTF? We will wait to see if NOW can give us more than the sound of crickets.  Sarah Palin is not a liberal so I won’t hold my breath.

UPDATE, I wanted to get this video clip in of a discussion on the Sean Hannity show about Palin, The Vanity Fair article  and the absence of NOW.


42 Responses to “It came from Misogyny But Where are you NOW?”

  1. ThinkAgain Says:

    Is it me, or have we finally arrived back in time to that period where one historian defined “hysteria” as “a dramatic medical metaphor for everything that men found mysterious or unmanageable in the opposite sex” ?

    Is this not the 21st century? How can so many women be so utterly complicit – de-facto accessories – to this increasingly blatant new wave of misogyny?

    We are no more innocent bystanders or spectators than we are helpless victims. From whom did this new breed of “take that – ha!” emerge from?

    Could someone please explain to me what is so offensive or harmful about Sarah Palin’s successes as a Governor?

    Who would have thought that out of the ranks of liberals would emerge unconscious objectors of basic human practicality, spawning serendipitous conservatives like me?

    • Liberal Larry Says:

      I will answer that for ya. Sarah Palin is not 21st century she is 18th century who thinks no sex is the answer. Her success is from her looks and running over her fmr bosses to get to where she is today. Obama went into the streets and helped people in inner city towns. What did Sarah do but bake cheese dogs, school cook outs bingo now you are mayor of Wasilly. She is offensive to talk about abstinence and not practice what she teaches. Rethugs finest.
      This blog is frequented with defectors who turn back on democrats. Seems to me most of you are women or blacks can you tell me your lives would not be anyplace with out the democrats? We gave you roe versus wade, contraception, better jobs got you out of the kitchen. Barack is a black man so now white women escape from the democrats. You people need to look at yourselves to check for racism.

      Where are most of you from ? I would like to know your stats. Have you ever voted for a black person democrat or rethug?

      • SYD Says:

        Oh yeah… “no sex is the answer” is exactly the way one begets 5 children and a grandchild.

        Get a clue Lawrence, young man.

        Oh… and… not only have I ever voted for a Dem. I have only voted for Dems. Until 2008. Yes, many of them were black.

        Your attacks are degrading and condescending.

        I support Afrocity if she decides to ban you. (If you were posting this tripe at any of my blogs you’d have been banned long ago.)


      • Bamapatriot Says:

        Just for the record…Obama isn’t black…he is mixed. And most certainly if my party of choice ever has a black, mixed or otherwise candidate that I feel is qualified to run this country and our military and keep my constitution safe, which seems to be trashed daily by your candidate of choice, then I would certainly vote for them. I check myself frequently and I don’t have a problem sleeping at night.

      • Janis Says:

        “Sarah Palin is not 21st century she
        is 18th century who thinks no sex is the answer.”

        While you clearly mock her for having used her vagina enough to beget five kids. We all know those trailer trash white working-class sluts can’t keep their legs closed.

        How can your brain even hold both of those thoughts in it without flying apart out your ears, little boy?

  2. Shorter Vanity Fair piece: Sarah Palin is the lying, corrupt personification of depression and hysteria, all wrapped up in a hot, inept package, sealed with an evil conservative kiss, and tied with a narcissistic bow.

    Afrocity, this Vanity Fair hatchet job doesn’t deserve link juice from your blog. Jim Geraghty has a decent summary of the low-lights if you want to link to that instead.

    • THinkAgain Says:

      Jenn Q – “Shorter Vanity Fair piece” — LOL! You got that just right!

      Thanks for the link to Jim Geraghty’s piece – his hatchet job on Vanity’s intentional omissions of the facts was quite a bit sharper than Vanity’s, I would say.

    • Janis Says:

      Shorter Vanity Fair piece: Way Hot Chick Like Totally Psycho

      The Onion did it first.

  3. bob Says:

    I like Sarah Palin. I also like Thomas Sowell. These two people seem to me to have their heads on straight. Since Sowell is a little too old to run for office, I support that up and coming good lady, Sarah Palin.

    • kywrite Says:

      Oh, but what a Secretary of State Sowell would make!! (I can dream.)

      BTW, Sarah’s not only postpartum depressed, according to VF, but also narcissistic. Four out of five armchair psychologist Alaskans who don’t want to be named looked it up in the DSM-IV. Which means, of course, that now she’s a b***h, but it’s not her fault because she’s also nuts. /////

  4. Jack Bauer Says:

    It came from the Slimes. After reading that pile of manure I know I’m suffering from post-Purdum Indigestion…

    He really is a remarkable journalist is Toddy-boy.

    Some people claim that he’s just like one of those journalists who “make stuff up” to fit their preconceived agenda.

    Anyone familiar with the storyline in The Wire (final season) knows what I mean.

    Some might accuse Purdum of that offense. Not me though. No — he’s brilliant. He has AMAZING investigative chops.

    He trips over ordinary folks in Alaska who just happen to have clinical definitions from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They probably carry the tome in their Gucci polar-bear skin knap-sacks which are all the rage in Wisilla

    What are the odds? None for the normal hack schlubb — but Todd is made-up of better stuff.

    He’s been here before back in 2004. That’s just one example in his long career that is not made-up, I hasten to add.

    Back then the object of his obsessive Borderline Personality Disorder was George Bush. But maybe a restraining order has him leaving Bush and stalking Palin? Who knows? But he has switched for some reason.

    Maybe she’s asking for it. As a beautiful woman she really was asking to be portrayed with the most unflattering photographs Vanity Fair could dig up from its trash can. Women like that really need to be knocked down a pig, eh Todd?

    Looking at Mr Purdum and his articles he seems to be suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder with the odd Obsessive-Compulsion thrown in for fun. I begging you Todd, get help before you turn in to a talking tomato.

    Like those Alaskans, as it happens I DO have a reference to the DSM-IV in a book on my shelf, The Criminal Mind: The Writers’ Guide to Forensic Psychology which lists the medically recognized types of character disorders.

    Covering the 2004 election in the New York Slimes, Toddy-boy wanders into an old Wisconsin Diner, and on every table filled with ordinary cheeseheads, he finds something remarkable that just happens to fit the story he’s working on.

    Don’t hacks LOVE it when that happens?

    According to Todd, all the cheeseheads, “questioned whether the Bush administration was trying to manipulate the terrorist threat for political advantage.”

    Three years after the worst mass murder terror attack in US history on 9/11, in an election BUSH won, he could find NO-ONE who thought the terrorist threat was actually real.

    Not real!!! Get that. Not: “well there has to be some truth, right.”

    No. Todd found no one who believed the President. No one who even contemplated that Bush was doing, well, okay?

    No — they all echoed the lunatic fringe, the troofer nuts, and the loony left slash Democrat talking points of the time. There was NO real terror THREAT, it’s all whipped up by Bush, Karl Rove, et al.

    Again? What are the odds?

    • Liberal Larry Says:

      What are the odds of a Miss Alaska the ilk of trailor dirt & brains of lint becoming VP? 5 kids plus teenage who is knocked up. White trash is what we call her family in my parts betchya. Rethugs should ve been ashamed for rolling her out. Never thought they could top Quail who could not spell potato but sure nuff they did.

      • kywrite Says:

        Do you actually know anything, or do you just open your mouth and let regurgitated crap fall out?

        BTW, speaking of spelling, that would be Q-U-A-Y-L-E.

        Signed, trailer trash/white trash/whatever the hell you want to call me. Which is better than T-R-O-L-L.

  5. Jack Bauer Says:

    Q. How do you account for a dumb racist prick like Lieberal Larry?

    A. Brain damage? Meth. Public school?

    • Liberal Larry Says:

      Ha! You now put down public school education but I am the racist. BTW Alaska is the methadone capital of the world that is where your rethug princess is from. Also the rape captital where she makes women pay for their own rape kits. the rapes are most of the Eskimo women too.

      • Jack Bauer Says:

        Why are you such a hate filled lying cnut? I wouldn’t mind if you were half-amusing.

        But alas, hate ‘n’ humor are rarely bedfellows. As you prove with each post.

  6. Jack Bauer Says:

    “Vice President” Joe Biden. Nuff said.

    Has everyone stopped laughing yet. No it’s not a joke, he really is…

    Dumbest man ever in the Senate.

    The man appointed for one reason, and one reason only: So Barack Obama could say: “You think I’m dumb, get a load of that guy…”

  7. afrocity Says:

    It has been brought to my attention that Liberal Larry should be banned from ALS. So far there are two votes for this. What are thoughts of others. Generally I do not advocate banning because I encourage opposing opinions. I have attempted to reason with Larry who seems to tie the core of his identity so closely with the DNC that he fails to comprehend anyone else not doing so. Particularly women and minorities.

    Larry you have kept to the rules that I asked but I will let the readers decide if you stay or go.

    • WMCB Says:

      I’m not sure. I hate banning, but it seems lately his intent is not to argue the issues, but merely to spew venom.

      If he were a liberal who wanted to argue an alternative POV, I’d have no problem. But it seems to me that he is deliberately insulting not because he got carried away in argument (we all do that sometimes), but just to get a reaction, and that’s trolling in my book.

      I don’t think he’s debating, I think he’s just giggling and flinging poo to see if he can derail the conversation. That’s a troll.

    • Hi Afrocity! I’ve been out and am just catching up on my reading.

      This is an interesting situation. How much of an energy drain is he? On a scale of 1 to 10, if he’s anything above a 5, I would just boot him. A blog is a labor of love, not a full time rent paying job and he is a guest not a client, so IMHO you do not need to apply the same professional standards to him as you would otherwise.

      He is free to start his own blog and see how many share his opinions. As far as I see he likes to lay the lipstick on the real pigs pretty thick.

    • manbearpig68 Says:

      Ludicrous Larry gets the boot!

    • LJSNAustin Says:

      The kind of misogynistic spew Larry is “contributing” seems contrary to the spirit of the blog, Afrocity. I vote to ban him.

    • If Larry was actually attempting to debate anyone on the issues, I’d be all for letting him stay. But his ad hominem attacks don’t add anything to the conversation. They’re a distraction and he’s a troll.

      But I’m torn. My gut is to give him the boot, but his comments do an admirable job of illustrating the worst hate and ignorance of the left.

      Aw hell, Afrocity, let him feel the wrath of your ban hammer.

      • Janis Says:

        I don’t need LL to remind me that liberal men think women are worthless fucksleeves. I can get that message loud and clear by just turning on my TV.

        He’s useless.

      • Janis, I declare “fucksleeves” the new black. Anyone who’s anyone will be using that term. Love it!

      • kywrite Says:

        Jenn Q — exactly right. If he were contributing, that would be one thing. He’s not. He’s trolling.

        AFA his being an object demonstration — we can get that by visiting Kos.

    • Marcy Says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever read a comment by him that was actually trying to discuss an issue, so he is certainly not adding anything of value to the conversation. But it is somewhat entertaining to see the doofus criticize Dan Quayle for misspelling potato at the same time he spells Quayle’s name incorrectly.

    • soupcity Says:

      Ya know Afrocity, I don’t comment alot but I read every word here and admire you greatly.

      For me, LL is a reminder of all the crap we have waded thru these past couple years and of the true colors that have oozed out of people I used to think highly of.

      I am with the others who feel trolling is what he is up to, unless he can explain another reason his presence here.

    • Madrigal Says:

      I can’t remember who originally posted it…but I think there is a good chance that LL is just a fake, a sockpuppet.

      The man (or woman) doing this might just be creating a crazy alter-ego for personal fun or to make all liberals look like crap. (I’m hoping it is not a Republican doing this)

      Either way, banning might be appropriate because nothing is being contributed by this (possible) puppet at this point…except drama, ignorance, and lies. I feel like a lot of good discussions get derailed by backtracking in LL’s mouth muck. Its up to ya’ll & I do respect the concept of not banning people. Course I think that applies to *real* people not sockpuppets.

  8. jbjd Says:

    The problem with banning people like Larry from blogs like this is that, as most of us would not otherwise associate with his ilk, we have this singular opportunity to expose him to information that could straighten out his convoluted thinking. For example, he repeats the false rumor that as Mayor of Wasilla, now Governor Palin forced victims of rape to pay for their rape kits. We could offer evidence tending to support that, this is untrue. Clinging to his falsehoods notwithstanding these have been de-bunked will ‘out’ Larry, anyway.
    <a href=";

    • afrocity Says:

      Thank you jbjd. I was about to tell Larry that the rape kit story was proven to be false.

      Your statement echos my feeling on Larry.
      I would have been banned from The Confluence long ago if we are basing the criteria on posters who offer alternative views.

      The black identity crisis comments do not bother me because I have been told that my entire life. It only shows that Larry is in the women and minorities all think alike camp.

      This could be educational for him/her.
      Constructive is such a vague word. What does that mean?

      • But you will have to repeat yourself many times on the same subjects. Larry’s goal is not to learn things for himself, it is to confuse readers and take up your time. Hmph. I dunno.

        Great points, though, jbjd.

    • Madrigal Says:

      course, if this person is a fake personality…then he/she already knows this stuff & is purposely putting BS out just to get everyone in a tissy.

  9. ThinkAgain Says:

    As a newly committed regular reader here and conscious enough to quickly recognize the cloned Larries around the sphere, I say: Let him stay.

    Larries are the perfect example of why I became so intent on recognizing my own binges in right-wing ideology. Upon sobering up, I found I had been addicted to a radically unpredictable political party, history refused to support my excuses for the addiction and the damage was ugly.

    • WMCB Says:

      LOL! Funny how mindless zealotry looks the same, no matter which ideology is spouting it. I myself have been horrified at some of the crap I’ve spouted in the past, all aglow with the high of being part of a “righteous cause”. Embarrassing, really.

      I’ve decided to take a pass on slapping on a colored jersey and cheering for any chosen team. I’ll judge my politicians as individuals. and may vote all over the board, both R & D and third party, for various reasons. It’s my vote and my voice, and I’ll not hand it over to any party like an automaton. Not anymore.

    • ThinkAgain Says:

      Oh well, I meant to say “left-wing ideologies”. But, then again, whether right-wing or left-wing, attempting to attach to political ideologies at all is not working for me.

      It’s like being in love with a ghost yet, my biggest complaint is that “it is totally unavailable to my needs.” Oy vay!

  10. valorie Says:

    That article was way too long to sit and read but I’m guessing it never did say anything good about Sarah Palin. Got throught the first page and couldn’t take anymore. I’m still baffled by the hatred for Sarah Palin and it becomes more apparent all the time that the leftwing media will stop at nothing but complete destruction. Was it so wrong for her to point out, during the campaign, the lack of experience BO had? For goodness sake, she was running against the man; why should she not speak the truth? I mean, very few people are fans of the policies he has put in place. So didn’t she have a valid point? He was and is an inexperienced neophyte and a dangerous one at that.

    • kywrite Says:

      Oh, it only said nice things in the southern lady way: she’s changed so since she had that baby, bless her heart. Meaning: she is crazy, or she is fat, or she’s aged, or something nasty. I always thought southern women had the market cornered on that, but I sure have seen a lot of it lately in liberal media.

      • Marcy Says:

        Nice job of stereotyping Southern women. Do you also believe women can’t do math, white men can’t jump and blacks can’t swim?

      • kywrite Says:

        Marcy, honey, I AM a southern lady: 42, 5 kids, and roots way way back. I know what they talk like — because I talk like that too. I just wish I were better at it. The really good ones can insult you, and it’ll take days before you figure out you were insulted.

  11. Marcy Says:

    Oh, please. I’m not going to play “I’m more Southern than you,” but the old steel magnolia thing is really getting a little worn. By your definition, Barack Obama is a Southern woman.

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