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Meghan McCain: Like Stop Being Like Fodder For The Left, Like You Know… June 26, 2009


What do you do with young people these days? I am not a mother, unfortunately but one thing I am thankful for is a mother that let me make mistakes. There were times when she would warn me, “Afrocity, don’t do this…”. Of course I did not listen to her and she did not listen to me either. Parents hate to admit that sometimes, in some situations their children speak with more wisdom than they do. Father or Mother does not always know best.
I believe that this is the give and take of any relationship. I was more often “the right” one than my mother was which is hard for me to admit.

EisteinWhile we were both emotional on some issues, quick to anger, I am a lot more logical and cautious than she was. As written previously, after growing up on public assistance, I made myself the promise that it would never happen again. She was not as strong in that conviction, if she had one to begin with. She died with $35 in her bank account. After her death, as I was going through her possessions, I found a receipt with her monthly expenditures scribbled on the back. She had budgeted that $35 for the rest of the month, June 2007, that she would never live to see the end of. She had just purchased groceries with the food stamps given to her by Social Security Dept and most of them were still in the fridge uneaten. 3 half gallons of Tropicana Orange Juice (no pulp), one half of a watermelon, one whole watermelon. She loved watermelon in the summer and orange juice was an obsession for her. I don’t know why exactly, perhaps it was some World War II trauma, orange juice or sugar rations. I had told her it would end this way.

“Some night I will get a call saying you are dead,” I warned her.

She never listened and sometimes loved ones don’t listen. You try the best you can to convince them to take the right course of action.

With the death of Michael Jackson looming over our weekend, one can’t help but wonder if there were attempts at family intervention, especially if this turns out to be caused by the abuse of prescription drugs. I suspect this is the case. The entire situation smacks of an Anna Nicole Smith dejavu. As I watched an obviously emotional and distraught Jermaine Jackson announce that his brother had passed away. I saw a familiar pain in his eyes that reminded me of mom and the anguish of trying to help someone that does not want to be helped.

Having said that let’s turn to the subject of someone that could use a little bit of motherly advice from a fellow Republican.  I like Meghan McCain. I feel that she is a great champion for her father, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). I see an enthusiastic young woman with a lot of promise.  I also see a train wreck waiting to happen which could possibly damage the integrity of her entire family.

Take a look at this clip of Meghan McCain’s recent guest visit on Real Time with Bill Maher where she gets “schooled”  by Paul Begala

The Washington Independent

That’s Probably Enough Meghan McCain for Now

By David Weigel 6/22/09 2:26 PM

Via Nick Sabloff, this is the sort of media moment that would slow down the schedule of an ordinary pundit. But Meghan McCain’s, err, “expertise,” has never been ordinary.

McCain makes the fairly standard argument that the president “blames” the previous administration too much; Paul Begala says the president doesn’t do it enough, and cites Ronald Reagan’s attacks on Jimmy Carter “for eight years.”

MCCAIN: You know, I wasn’t born yet, so I don’t know.

BEGALA: I wasn’t born during the French Revolution but I know about it.

MCCAIN: You clearly know everything, and I’m just the blonde sitting here!

Pretty embarrassing. McCain’s success as a pundit is not too mysterious — she did lots of media during the campaign, and befriended journalists, and she doesn’t apparently have much else to do.

Meghan I like you but I agree with Mr. Weigel. This needs to stop. Ms. McCain’s publicity platform has  run a gamut of several memes,- I am a compassionate conservative, I denounce right wing commentators like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’reilly, and the Republicans need to become more like the Democrats in order to survive.

Parody of Meghan McCain and John McCain

Parody of Meghan McCain and John McCain

Because you consider yourself to be a “moderate Republican”, the sort that is pro-choice, and pro gay marriage, you mistakenly believe that the liberals who invite you on their talk shows are your friends. They are not. They are simply using you as a weapon against your own party. For them you serve as an example that Republicans, especially conservative Republicans need to become more liberal. As you can see from the Bill Maher episode, these people are not “like” your friends.  Media tradition and the Republicans do not often marry well.

Similarly, I have been invited to a number a liberal events where I have been asked to speak as a Republican who turned my back on the Democrats. At first I was flattered but them I began to see that the events offered no conservative dialogue except the one I was providing. Ah, I am the token GOP member. Fuck that. For the most part, I stick with my own kind. Do you know how many people have liked me until they realized I was a Republican. There are some blogs I comment on frequently, if I said that the sky was blue, they immediately come with an attack just because they know that Afrocity “is with righty”.

I am also pro-choice and not in opposition to gay unions. Does this matter to my liberal acquaintances and family?

Not one damn bit.

Liberals claim that in their hearts their is no bias or bitterness. They are open minded. Some are, but many only have one standard and that is a double standard. They see red whenever a conservative is on the scene. Having been both a Democrat and a Republican, I cannot say enough that I never realized how narrow minded the left was until I…left.  The most insulting is when a relative or friend attempts to goad me into a discussion about politics. I can feel them itching to ask my opinion on something political.

“So Afrocity, would you like a soda? Gee speaking of over consumption of carbonated beverages…how about that Obamacare plan?”

Total bullshit. Now I am the most requested guest at barbecues, except I am the one they want on the spit. No doubt things are turning in my favor because Obama and his administration are fucking up enough that those barbecues have found me chasing the liberals down to do a little steak rubbing of my own.

These are just musings on my own experiences as an expat Democrat. It is however another matter when it is the daughter of a very former GOP presidential candidate. I am not advocating that Meghan keep her mouth shut but I am cautioning her to get better handlers. Bristol Palin is doing a much better job of marketing herself than Meghan is. The best approach includes choosing the proper venue to get your message out. Stay away from liberal moonbats like Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews. These people hate Republicans simply for the fact that they are Republicans. Their hatred does not wan with your pro-choice , pro gay marriage declarations.  It does not diminish if you are a woman or a minority or young.  It is their purpose to make Republicans look stupid and you are playing right into their leftist hands.

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11 Responses to “Meghan McCain: Like Stop Being Like Fodder For The Left, Like You Know…”

  1. SYD Says:

    Many great points you make, Afrocity.

    I like Meghan McCain and I hope she takes your advice….


  2. TheAnti-partyParty Says:

    There is no one more closed minded and judgmental than the group I now think of as “professional liberals.” Back when I was a Democrat, I referred to them as the Ivory Tower wing of the party.

    But there seems to be a real problem in the blogging world on both sides of being absolutely intolerant of any dissenting opinions. I haven’t seen that on this blog at all, but I like reading your posts and commenting here so much and because of experiences elsewhere, I was actually afraid to try to post a differing opinion about Bill Clinton a couple of days ago.

    I know you have experienced this to some degree after making a comment unfavorable to Clinton on another blog, and I experienced it on a different blog after saying something kind of snarky about Gore (I used to like him until he threw in with Obama). Then last night on yet a third blog, I got into a pissing contest with a couple of people who were completely and it seemed to me deliberately misstating what I was saying, following that with the usual sarcastic putdowns of aren’t you stupid for thinking that when I hadn’t said or thought what they were accusing me of. Then my response would not post (although I see that it finally showed up this morning), which was even more frustrating.

    Wasn’t there once a time when we could all discuss things honestly without all the personal attacks (and last night I was as guilty as anyone, but as I used to tell my Mother — I didn’t start it), or am I just looking back fondly to a good old days that never existed?

    • afrocity Says:

      Marcy I am really shocked at what I am seeing “from the outside”
      of the left. I wonder if I acted that way when I was a Democrat I did not.

      Having lived in Texas for nearly a decade I had to put up with a lot of Republicans and conservatives. We always respectfully disagreed. In some ways they got me to see an argument from both sides.

      And for the record all I did was point out that Clinton did cheat on Hillary and sexually harassed Monica and Paula Jones. Liberals fiercely defend Bill who is the mecca for them.

      Moderation sucks but be patient. As a blogger I do not know when it happens to a poster until I check my email and that can be minutes or hours.

      • I’m in agreement with you afrocity, except I will add that I think that the big difference with conservatives vs Liberals is that for conservatives it really is often about the ideas. sure you have your raft of idiots, race baiters and misogynists, but that crosses party lines.

        When I was a Democrat, I was one much more because it was my political identity than because of any ideas I agreed with. It didn’t matter that a lot of the Liberal policies I supported were based on fallacious data or had bad results (welfare anyone?). I was right because I was a Democrat and other people were wrong by definition because they were not. And not only were they wrong, they were idiots, bigots, rednecks, and worse. The Democratic Party is much more exclusive than they claim to be. It really is all or nothing with them, which is why they are so relentlessly campaigning.

        Most conservatives generally don’t get bothered about what other people are doing and so are always NOT campaigning, just complaining about how one or the other Republican is a sell out. The only time they get riled up is when it touches something core to them (like abortion or gay rights to religious people) or taxes. Even then they don’t do much in the way of campaigning; they just vote. I mean seriously the Tea Parties were a big deal because usually conservatives don’t protest ANYTHING because they sort of figure, “well it will all work out some kind of way, and besides I can’t take off work.”

      • TheAnti-partyParty Says:

        I have no defense of Clinton for cheating on Hillary. I would characterize the Monica thing more as being a middle-aged fool than actual sexual harassment, and I just never believed Paula Jones. But I’m not even going to defend his behavior with any of that. But those who presume to tell Hillary what she should have done in response and criticize her or question her dedication to women’s rights because she stayed in the marriage are IMO out of line. And you have not done that, but what with the Sanford scandal, people seem to be rehashing the Clintons’ problems and raising that issue again. My point is just that Hillary is an intelligent, talented, well-educated woman with what seems to me to be a very stable personality and healthy ego; so if she chooses to keep the old horn dog, we should respect that.

        And if given the chance, I would vote for him again. I do not condone, excuse or approve of his behavior; but I believe this is just one rather unseemly part of his character, not the entire person. Regarding both of the Clintons, though, an opposing opinion is not welcome in many quarters, whether “fer” or “agin.”

        And I will admit that at the time all this happened, my opinion was that Hillary should have taken those neckties Monica supposedly bought for him, tied him up with them, and called Lorena Bobbitt in for a consultation.

      • afrocity Says:

        Elder J, and conservatives generally don’t care about what you are doing which is why I don’t get their opposition to abortion and gay marriage. This is pretty much the only thing I have problems with as a Republican, otherwise I feel that the party pretty much represents my values.

        When I spar with liberals, they are always so loud too and never let anyone get a word in or they will attempt to shut you down by refusing to talk. I thought this one woman was going to put her hands over her ears when she learned that I was against most of Obama’s policies. Some people just don’t want to hear the truth.

  3. Marcy Says:

    Sorry for the too long comment in moderation posted as the anti-party (I forgot to log off last night, I guess).

    What prompted my little rant was your experiences in being invited somewhere just to be a target for your beliefs. It’s as if both in person and on the net, we are not allowed to have an honest, reasoned opinion different than someone else’s. There’s no more agreeing to disagree or open, courteous discussion; and that can’t be good when we are facing so many problems with so little leadership.

  4. Like wow dude! Sorry Hon’ I just couldn’t resist!

    Great story, and filled with more than a bit of insight as well.

  5. I was an enthusiastic supporter of Meghan McCain when she first started writing her column. I thought she was using her campaign notoriety to launch a writing career, and I admired that on a very practical level. I also appreciated her challenges to the conservative orthodoxy, and having been called a RINO once or twice myself, I identified with Meghan.

    I defended Meghan’s somewhat shallowly presented political positions, saying it was a nonissue because she wasn’t attempting to offer sophisticated political analysis. I really thought she was just offering us the fairly unique perspective of a Republican presidential candidate’s daughter.

    I was wrong. This young woman is being used by the Left as their very own house Republican, and she seems all too happy to let it happen. If she wants to make a career as a contrarian that’s fine, but I’m sick of her painting all Republicans as prudish killjoys when she knows that isn’t accurate.

    Look, as a pro-choice, pro gay marriage Republican, I’ve been in her shoes. I know that calling yourself a moderate or “progressive” Republican makes your conservatism more palatable to your liberal friends. But if Meghan McCain wants to be taken seriously as a political commentator, which is apparently her goal, then she needs to lose the Valley girl voice, bone up on history, and stop calling herself socially liberal. There’s a strong conservative case for gay marriage, birth control, and all the other things she thinks set her apart. Failing to make that case makes her look like an intellectual lightweight.

    And one more aside on that voice: what is it with 20-somethings and that sing song Valley speak? Both men and women have adopted this cadence and it drives me bat shit crazy.

  6. kywrite Says:

    Afrocity, you’re exactly right. By going to the liberal talk shows and media, Meghan’s allowing them to slowly shape her views — because like most politicians, she really really wants to be liked. When you want to be liked, you start agreeing — and agreeing a little more, and then a little more, and then, like, you’re agreeing like all the time, but you use the words “like” and “you know” more and more to preface things because your thoughts are somehow not so clear anymore —

    But they like you now. So that’s what’s important.

    • Liberal Larry Says:

      She is a liberal like a young woman should be, the rethugs hate to lose one of their own.

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