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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: When Private Matters Become Public June 25, 2009


I pledge my alligience to the United States of Dick

Does fighting for the rights of women equate speaking for ALL women?If it does not… do you think it should?

Are women more divided by race, class, and political ideologies than we are unified by gender?

Yesterday in a press conference which is aming the strangest I have ever seen in my life, Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) admitted to having an extra marital affair. My first thoughts were not oh shit I hope he isn’t a Republican. My first thoughts were prayer and sympathy for his family.

Kennedy MarilynOf course my liberal counterparts used this as an opportunity to label Republicans as hypocrites because many hold pro-life stances and purport to be the party of family values. My question to liberals is does this imply that the Democrats are NOT the party of family values?  After all I voted for a man that got a blow job from an White House intern in the oval office…and then lied about it. He was impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of perjury, and obstruction of justice.  But that is okay because the Democrats are NOT the party of family values, right?  It was okay that Bill Clinton had to pay Paula Jones $850,000 in order to settle her suit against him. What amazes me is the number of women who still defend Bill Clinton. I loved Bill. I voted for him twice but what he did was wrong and it was sexual harassment. Who got dragged through the mud in the media? Who was the focus of fat jokes and called a White House wrecking slut? Who was told later when she ran for president that she could not run the White House if her own house was not in order?

edward and hunterIt was the women not the men.

If Democrats don’t stand for family values, I wish someone had told me. I would have left ages ago.

Did John Edwards get that memo when he cheated on his cancer stricken wife and had a love child out of wedlock? Last time I checked, Edwards was a Democrat. I have a strong dislike for him because I know of at least ten women who voted for him during the Democratic primaries over Hillary Clinton. If it were not for Edwards, Hillary would have won the Iowa caucuses. Who knows how history would have been rewritten. Instead of our first African American president, we may have been celebrating our first woman president.

This temptation to point fingers at political parties whenever some bonehead is caught cheating, does nothing to help or advance women. For one,  when you claim that Republicans should never be unfaithful because they are the party of family values and religion, because they run on a platform of honesty and decency; it does not say much for the standards (or lack thereof ) of Democrats. When Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) resigned who got panned in the press because she uttered profanities in the background of a taped conversation? What sort of mother was Patti? Where were her family values? Now she is on some Z-list celebrity reality show eating bugs in order to feed her kids because the one with the penis in her family fucked up.

"Gee I am glad we are Democrats. That makes it all OK"

"Gee I am glad we are Democrats. That makes it all OK"

Infidelity is as old as civilization. Being a willing participant entails no special political associations. It is not a political issue so for liberals why do all roads lead back to being pro-choice versus pro-life? Throughout the presidential campaign, Sarah Palin (R-AK) was ridiculed by women as a bad mother because her teen-aged daughter Bristol, became pregnant. Because of this and her pro-life position the National Organization for Women (NOW) saw no reason to lift a finger to help Sarah Palin when she was treated like cow dung by the mainstream media. Just today idiot liberal Senator John Kerry (D-MA) used the Mark Sanford infidelity issue to take a cheap shot at Sarah Palin.

Boston Herald

U.S. Sen. John Kerry goes for Sarah Palin punchline

By Rachelle Cohen

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WASHINGTONA jovial U.S. Sen. John Kerry must have been channeling his inner Letterman Tuesday when he quipped the wrong governor had gone missing.

The Bay State Democrat was regaling a group of business and civic leaders invited to the Capitol on the bizarre disappearance of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who was said to be hiking the Appalachian Trail.

“Too bad,” Kerry said, “if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin…What is your response to the Earl of Ketchup?


Democrat Gary Condit

Democrat Gary Condit

As women we are all bound by sisterhood, or at least I thought that was the case. When the press made feeble attempts to link Sarah Palin with Todd Palin’s business partner in a scandalous extra-marital affair, my liberal friends again came with the “Pro-life hypocrite” regurgitation. It was never proven that Palin actually had an affair but even if she did what does being for or against abortion have to do with infidelity in the first place? If the future of feminism rests upon being a liberal then we may as well forget about that tampon dispenser in the White House powder room.

Black women overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Why do you suppose that was?  Does the patriarchy not include black men? Are we not all sisters? What about the rhetoric of feminism? Did it ever address black women who possibly feared white people more than black men?

Again I ask the question. As women are we more divided by race, class, political ideologies, pro-life v. pro-choice than we are unified by gender?

Mark Sanford, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Gary Condit, Jesse Jackson, Thomas Jefferson,  John Ensign are all cheaters and are detrimental to the advancement of women. Yet we turn on each other rather than call these morons out for their behavior. Whether it is a Republican or Democrat involved there is a woman out there that is about to be the subject of intense criticism and scrutiny. There are children about to be ridiculed.

You can say she should leave the jerk. You can ask “why did a strong woman like Hillary Clinton stay with a philandering husband when she is far more intelligent than he?”

It is not that simple. Perhaps Hillary remained in the marriage because she had family values.

A Democrat with family values imagine that.

Is feminism more concerned with public issues or matters that are private?

Equal pay is a public issue. Work is what we as women do in the public arena. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientist, bloggers.

But what about those who chose to stay at home? Someone who may be a homemaker, a pro-life homemaker?

As feminists do we adhere so tenaciously to stereotypes of conservatives that we forget that feminism encompasses the rights of women publicly as well as privately? Can a feminist privately be a pro-lifer while publicly fighting for the rights of women in the workforce? Can a feminist publicly be a supporter of a woman’s right to choose while privately dealing with a cheating spouse? If she chooses to remain in the union, does she lose her feminist status?

Can pop singer Rihanna ever be a feminist if she stays with Chris Brown. She is an Obama supporter, I think.

Is This The Face of a Feminist?

Is This The Face of a Feminist?

Is it our business that someone cheats on their spouse?

During the second wave of feminism the issue of divorce became a hot topic. Women could suddenly be liberated from their families. We were blamed for the break down of this precious nuclear unit. But let’s be honest here. Divorce actually benefited the patriarchy more than it did women. What usually happens to a woman’s income once she divorces?  Which party truly becomes emancipated?  After a divorce, men often continue to enjoy their lifestyle and status while the woman gets to compensate for a loss of income and raise the children.

It does not matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican at the end of the day we are all still paying for the sins of our fathers, brothers, presidents, senators and anyone else that has testicles.

Let’s choose to be unified by gender and not alienated by ideology

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27 Responses to “Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: When Private Matters Become Public”

  1. LJSNAustin Says:

    AMEN, Afrocity!!

  2. donna darko Says:

    A lot of questions!

    Democratic men cheat as much as Republican men and drag their wives through the mud but seem less hypocritical. Infidelity is not inherently sexist unless you add BC’s sexual harrassment.Republican men seem to drag their wives through the mud less because, and this is a generalization, their wives are less public profiles.

    Women are definitely divided by race, class, party affiliation and choice/pro-life but these divisions are exploited by our lower economic status. But none of those except the choice/pro-life issue gets in the way of women’s rights in the US or worldwide. Then it comes down to reducing abortions which liberals and conservatives disagree on. Comp sex ed vs. Abstinence. Maybe that’s something that can’t be worked out. I have no idea but the Second Wave was so successful in raising consciousness because it as leftist and conservative women perhaps before choice became a central issue but I’m sure something will be worked out. Critical mass and representation are too important to be hung up on sex we vs abstinence. I agree we should get on Kerry’s terrible attack on Palin based on the double standard. I was heading over to read The Widdershins discussion about choice right when this post came up.

    • Janis Says:

      I’m not sure about “infidelity isn’t inherently sexist.” That’s like saying that prostitution isn’t inherently sexist because theoretically, anyone can engage in it.

      In reality, in the universe in which we live, oh yes it is. Maybe in a perfectly equal universe it wouldn’t be, but we don’t live in that universe.

      It’s like the old saying, “Under the rule of men entirely just, the pen ismightier than the sword.”

      In other words, never.

      • donnadarko Says:

        Men seem to cheat more but there’s research that says men and women cheat equally. Women definitely suffer the consequences, get blamed, their reputations are dragged through the mud, etc.

  3. afrocity Says:

    Donna, I feel that it is just as hypocritical to claim to be for the rights of women when you are sexually harassing them or stabbing them in the back politically and saying misogynistic things like Obama did to Hillary Clinton.

    Okay so a man is pro-choice and for women’s rights yet he bangs his intern and stands by while the media makes her look like a buffoon. How is that any less hypocritical than a man who is pro-life who cheats on his wife?

    • donna darko Says:

      BC’s sexual harrassment against Jones and anothet woman was absolutely misogynist. Feminism is public and private matters. I just blocked it out of my mind bc of policies I hoped he’d implement or I hoped Hillary’s impact on society would make up for policy which is what happened.

      I was just getting to the fact Democratic men are hypocritical when they claim to be feminists but drag Lewinsky, Hillary, Patty Blago, Elizabeth Edwards through the mud. But E Edwards is also strangely making money off her husband’s infidelity.

      This post made me think of things I’d never thought of before. The Kerry attack was just last night so I assume pol will be speaking up about it.

    • donna darko Says:

      I think we both agree Obama the Democrat is sexist.

  4. donna darko Says:

    John Edwards is a horrible, sexist scumbag to have an affair, knock someone up while his wife is bedridden with cancer. I never liked Edwards who seems like a phony, empty suit huckster.

    • Janis Says:

      Cynically, I have to make the observation that I know plenty of women who liked him a lot — all over 40 and on a husband-hunt. It’s sickening.

      • afrocity Says:

        I liked him but I am not one of those who pardon’s what he did. Yesterday on the Confluence, I made some remarks about Bill and was told to watch myself.

      • donnadarko Says:

        Yeah Democratic women give Obama and Edwards a pass on sexism because they are pro-choice. They are much harder on Clinton even though he’s pro-choice because of his infidelity/sexual harrassment.

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    As far as Dems or Repubs and one being more hypocritical than the other is BS.. Dishonesty is everywhere and it’s not a partisan issue.. I think politicians should be outed as soon as sexual scandal comes out. Set hard consequences and be done with it and maybe we would see less. That includes bathroom stall play, gay prostitution rings out of your basement, dating prostitutes, everything.. Politicians obviously have to much time on their hands and are in office for too long.

    Sexism is rampant and has really been obvious in this last couple years. Male media commentators, politicians, journalists, all have been caught making sexist remarks with Hillary and Palin in the forefront..

    The biggest hypocrite of all is BO.. He is as sexist as they come…

  6. Janis Says:

    “As women are we more divided by race, class,
    political ideologies, pro-life v. pro-choice than we are unified by

    YES. It’s the only possible conclusion to come to. As far as women are concerned — of all colors, all ideologies, all religions, all ethnicities — that other bitch is my competition.


    It hurts like hell, and it invalidates a significant part of my life, but Lionel Tiger was right. Women do not bond.

    It also doesn’t make men any better. But women are far, far worse than I could ever have imagined.

    • donnadarko Says:

      Women don’t have a natural kinship like ethnicity and family. Women own 1% of the wealth/property in the world – this UN figure from the 70s has probably changed but not as much as we think- and this divides and conquers us.

      • Deathknyte Says:

        What does wealth have to do with “natural kinship”? It doesn’t matter to me how much someone else owns. I have what is mine, and they have what is theirs.

  7. Judy Says:

    Right on!

  8. DYB Says:

    One issue I have with someone like Sanford is that he voted to impeach Clinton, claiming some sort of moral superiority. Newt Gingrich was leading the charges on the Clinton impeachment, while he was cheating on his wife number…I’ve already lost count. Isn’t that an important factor in seeing someone like Sanford and Ensign now admit to screwing around? It’s not that Democrats are saying they’re not the party of family values; I think you’re distorting what they say, afrocity. It’s that Republicans have always claimed to be the party of family values. This is a Republican charge, not a Democratic one. And then for these same Republican men of moral superiority, who wanted to string up Bill Clinton for his exploits, to then sleep around…well, you don’t see this as a problem? David Vitter sleeps with prostitutes, but thinks he’s better than a gay couple in a committed relationship? Rudy Giuliani is on his third wife and he’s going to start moralizing? This actually shouldn’t even be about Republicans vs. Democrats. It should be: “Mark Sanford, who voted to impeach Bill Clinton for getting a blow job, has an extramarital affair. Period.”

    • afrocity Says:

      DYB, I don’t see any distortion except the ones that the Democrats are pursing. Any party can claim to be what it wants to just like the hypocritical Democrats that claim to be the party of women yet they treat the women in their party worse than anyone. Jesse Jackson talked shit about Bill Clinton too. They are all full of it which is what my point is, however when Democrats use such situations to call the ‘party of family values” a bunch of religious right wing hypocrites because some politicians screwed around or a governors daughter got pregnant then I will be there to call the party of ass out on its collective amnesia. This is the same party who is taxing cigarette smokers yet it’s President is most likely smoking in one of the White House closets.

      Each party claims the moral highroad it is just in different areas.

      Incidentally I would have voted to impeach Clinton. He lied and disgraced the Presidency. His actions were reckless and partially cost Gore the presidency. Yes I have forgiven him for that but I will not forget what he did to our country or the reputations of three women.

  9. DYB Says:

    Sorry, but it’s rich for a guy who claimed moral superiority over Bill Clinton to be screwing around. That goes for Gingrich and countless others. It’s hypocrisy.

    Bill Clinton DID NOT cause Gore to lose the Presidency. Clinton left office extremely popular, but Gore (under advice from Donna Brazile) wanted to have nothing to do with Clinton. Plus the media’s coverage of Gore. Plus Florida. Plus Nader. Plus Gore losing his own home state. Plus the Supreme Court. Bill Clinton’s impeachment had nothing to do with the 2000 election.

    • afrocity Says:

      I don’t agree. I worked on the campaign trail with Gore on the Jackson bus. You had to be there to see the number of people who were through with Democrats because of what Clinton did. Like many today, they did not come out and vote. My family did not vote.

      He broke my heart but I forgave him.

      Politicians need to learn to never say never.

      When it comes to screwing around the issue is bipartisan.

  10. boldandbald Says:

    So another politician proves to be a cheat and a liar. Is anyone really all that shocked? Personally I don’t care what party the person is in. The fact that they have shown themselves to be unfaithful to the person who is supposed to be the most important in their life, shows me that they are untrustworthy and should be voted out of office. The party affiliation is irrelevant.

    What I do tend to find interesting is the coverage of these incidents by the media. Very often when something like this happens, if I am not familiar with the person, I find it very easy to figure out which party the offending person belongs to. All you have to do is listen to the news coverage; if it is a Republican that fact will be mentioned every time the person’s name comes up, if it is a Democrat no party affiliation will be mentioned.

    As for the hypocrisy aspect of this, as you said, AC, they all hold themselves up as being morally superior and capable of deciding for all of us what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. And since when does the action of one person cast aspersions on any and every group or organization that they are a part of? OK, maybe I am being naive to ask that question. It happens all the time; but should it? No. And for any of us to do so shows that, in some ways, we are no better than they are.

    This post is already getting long, so I will end with this. Your questions about the divisions among women are valid. However, I would ask if those divisions are any different than the divisions between all people? Yes, perhaps woman’s rights group should come to the aid of any woman that is being attacked unfairly. But to expect women to all rally to certain causes simply because they are all women is, I think, unfair. How is that different than people who think that all black people should have voted for Obama? As I have said before, people should vote for politicians based upon their stances on the issues and their character, not on their race, gender, age or even party affiliation. And they should respond to issues such as the Mark Sanford one or the Bill Clinton one, based upon what they perceive as right or wrong. The Republican and Democrat Parties had nothing to do with their moral weakness and therefore should not be besmirched by their actions. The spots are on their own souls, not on those of their fellow party members.

  11. Bellamags Says:

    The perception of hypocrisy is media driven. Bottom line. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t go or goes to church. A cheat is a cheat and it happens everyday in all demographics and political ideologies. A hypocrite is a hypocrite. Both sides are guilty. “Choice” and “women’s issues” have been hijacked by the liberals to win votes, period. Look at the facts, Jack.

  12. I don’t buy the “hypocrisy” meme when it comes to personal failings. If a politician is a closeted homosexual, or even openly gay, does that mean he/she has to support gay rights? If someone cheats on his or her spouse, does that mean they can’t ever say anything about morality?

    The rightness or wrongness of a position is not determined by whether or not the person supporting it has some moral failing in that or any other area. Gingrich can cheat on his wife and be absolutely morally wrong for that, BUT STILL BE RIGHT TO IMPEACH CLINTON for lying under oath.

  13. Flash Says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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