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Good Night Michael Jackson June 25, 2009

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7 Responses to “Good Night Michael Jackson”

  1. SYD Says:

    I miss him already.


  2. SYD Says:

    I know, Afrocity. It’s like the world is working through it’s 70’s memories or something… Iran too.

    I am starting to freak out.


    • afrocity Says:

      It also means we are getting older. I remember when John Ritter died, I was so upset. I had just listened to “Ben” on my ipod yesterday and now Michael is dead.

      My mom died in June. Now it is official I hate the month of June.

  3. WMCB Says:

    So sad over this. He was an artistic genius like few others, but also had so much pain. I wish him peace, finally.

  4. TheRealKim Says:

    I am just sad at his passing. We were the same age and I remember listening to ABC, then my kids listening to Thriller and later on when we moved from one military installation to another, “Thats What Friends are For.”

    I remember dancing to Michael with a Farrah poster in my room.

  5. apes Says:

    Loved your latest post, by the way..

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