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The Weakness of Inexperience or the Tao of Rut Row June 23, 2009

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The durability of the “hopenchange” movement is still solid as ever. While I was away I ran into quite a few Obamabots. Believe me, Virginia has consumed the Kool Aid to the last drop. What happened to them?

Most peculiar was the intolerance of the liberals I ran into who failed to let me speak my mind. “We like you Afrocity and we want it to stay that way…so lets not talk politics.”

A woman tipsy off bad Merlot, could smell my conservative stench of self reliance a mile away.


I looked at her thinking yes and my concern about your feelings on that would be…  Stupidity expresses itself in the strangest ways especially when you are the sort of person that feels another person supports Barack Obama because they share the same skin color.


I have tried as much as possible to get way from this sort of Obama Philius moonbat but there are so many of them. Do these people realize how ignorant they appear when they gush all over Obama’s speaking abilities? You would think he was a talking Scooby dog. Here give ’em a Scooby snack. Within this analogy between Obama and the grovelling overgrown puppy, the puppy could either be Obama or the Obamabot. I think they occasionally switch roles screwing each other over. One becomes the giver and the other the receiver. In the case of the Obamabot, I wonder if they see anything else in their new puppy besides the fact that he can speak well. He can speak well, albeit with a teleprompter but I will give Obama some credit for saying the things people want to hear in the tone that they want to hear it in. His words are often subterfuge and total bullshit but they sound good, so who cares? As long as he is transparent and open to dialogue, his leadership will carry us through any crisis…Right?

Obama cornerWrong.  I have taken a lot of heat and lost many friends over my lack of support for Obama. I was not against him simply because of Hillary Clinton or his arrogance. 87% of my argument against Barack Obama was his lack of experience as a leader. As a junior senator from Illinois, Obama never authored a single piece of legislation, he voted “present” most of the time. There was nothing for me to work with except his eloquent hope spun and Downey April fresh scented speeches. The way he railroaded Hillary accounted for the remaining 10%, and the Ayers, Wright, kooky radical friends took the last 3%.  This suggests that Obama’s inexperience for me at least, was the most influence deciding factor in my decision to vote McCain/Palin.  Like the Obamabots of which he is a part, Obama sees his divine God given gift of eloquence and persuasiveness as legitimate proof of his experience and leadership potential.

If Obama can talk a hole into the heads of over 53 million voters,  then why not North Korea or Iran? They should be putty in his hands.

The answer is simple, what does one do when one doesn’t  haven’t a clue? They put up smoke and mirrors. In other words they do nothing:

Obama’s Weakness Issue

by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If only President Obama were a third as tough on Iran and North Korea as he is on Republicans, he’d be making progress in containing the dire threats to our national security these rogue nations represent. As it is, the president is letting the perception of weakness cloud his image. Once that particular miasma enshrouds a presidency, it is hard to dissipate.

If foreign policy issues actually involve war and the commitment of troops, they can be politically potent. But otherwise, the impact of international affairs on presidential image is largely metaphoric. Since foreign policy is the only area in which the president can govern virtually alone, it provides a window on his personality and use of power that domestic policy cannot.

So now, as North Korea defies international sanctions and sends arms to Myanmar and Iran slaughters its citizens in the streets, President Obama looks helpless and hapless. He comes across as not having a clue how to handle the crises.

And, as North Korea prepares to launch a missile on a Hail Mary pass aimed at Hawaii, the Democrats slash 19 missile interceptors from the Defense Department budget. The transparent appeasement of Iran’s government — and its obvious lack of reciprocation — make Obama look ridiculous. Long after the mullahs have suppressed what limited democracy they once allowed, Obama’s image problems will persist.

34753477Dick Morris is not alone in his opinion. Many of Obama’s critics are calling him “weak”.  I disagree and would say that Obama’s not weak.  For if anyone is not a little innocent Pollyanna, it President Barack Obama. The theory’s premise is understandable and possibly at best, a half truth, however it is equally if not more accurate to say that Barack Obama appears weak because he is inexperienced. There is no room in the U.S. presidency for a man that acts like a deer in the headlights every time foreign policy comes into play.  This is why I voted for Sen. John McCain. Remember him? The guy whose grandfather’s name is on the ship that is  tracking the North Koreans and their missile which is rumored to be aimed at Hawaii- Obama’s birth state. I was once told by an Obamabot that John McCain was inarticulate, so they voted for the eloquent one.

How unfortunate that Obama’s appeal to voters was his ability as an accomplished African American orator. Congratulations, you got your man but I hope the Kool Aid drones realize that Obama’s speeches do not  cut the Dijon mustard when his back is against the wall. His impulse to speak  does not transfer into action.  We might say that he is articulate but the “Yes We Cans”  suddenly become kidnapped by the uh, uh, uh and Scooby’s “rut row”  every time something scary comes along… Obama’s  rhetoric exploited the volatility of the economy and the Iraq war. Again Americans being distrusting of Republicans turned to an unknown quantity for change and Obama’s words were all to profound to be misunderstood.  His words, the melodic sound of his voice, the prefabricated history of his upbringing and Selma, Alabama are suddenly all silenced.  What happened to the words? The “get in their faces”?  Is it now all insignificant?  Now the great unifier does not want to interfere or appear to be too aggressive.  These are not the actions of a  man is that is weak. They are the inaction of a man who is waiting to be told what to say.

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2 Responses to “The Weakness of Inexperience or the Tao of Rut Row”

  1. bob Says:

    I, personally, if I can find one about, am going to invite an Iranian Shiite Twelver over for a barbecue this coming Fourth of July holiday, in an effort to improve international understanding. I’ll simply talk him out of his theology in an afternoon.

    The situation with the North Korean ship is interesting. If I have this right, we, under the UN resolution of recent date, must ask permission to board. Permission–Denied. We then file a report to the UN. There is the option that if it goes into a friendly port to refuel, it can be impounded and inspected there. This is unlikely, as it probably has fuel enough to make its destination, wherever that is, L’le Kim having thought this far ahead.

    It may be empty. The hot bet is it has missiles. I suppose it could even be carrying a nuke.

    McCain says board it anyway, disregarding the UN resolution. What will Obama do? I’ve no idea, but the Koreans don’t seem to be much worried at this point.

    Where o where is Hillary and her ‘smart diplomacy’?

    (And don’t give me that fractured bone excuse)

    • afrocity Says:

      Bob, I do not know where Hillary is. The case may be that Hillary is be stifled by someone…let’s say a former ballet dancer in Obama’s cabinet.

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