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Let us Prey: Painless Ways To Commit Politicide June 7, 2009

Wounded Warrior

Viewing the Sunday commentary shows, I see that it is again another day of “Let Us Prey”

The beauty of being a Republican these days is that everyone is interested your mind. Changing it that is. Upon learning that I am a Republican, the first thing I am told by someone after an initial moment of silence, is that my party is going down in a ball of flames, it is out of touch, primarily white, religious nut jobs and basically extinct. Here is a person telling me that the Republican party is in total disarray, they are all white and religious nut jobs — and I am an African American woman, not a religious nut job (I haven’t been to church since 2007). Essentially, I am being told that I do not exist and soon the party I belong to will not exist. These are transparently pathetic talking points from the left. This “knowledge” can be revealed by the mainstream media headlines. You are Republicans, you are finished and we will attempt to convince you of that until we are blue in the face.

Nast Vultures

A Group of Vultures Waiting for the Storm to "Blow Over"--"Let Us Prey." by Thomas Nast Wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly newspaper, September 23, 1871

What I am describing is the run over the target, put the car in reverse and do it again and again and again meme. Make sure the Republican party is good n’ dead. Step on the bug with your cleats on so those suckers are so emotionally downtrodden that they will never have any hope of returning. While we’re at it brainwash the young ones into believing that the Republican party is becoming extinct. No need to consider any party besides the Democrats. The Democrats represent the Utopian big tent and underneath are women, and blacks, the disabled and gays. Never mind that our president made demeaning cracks toward women and “Special Olympiads” . That race baiting is just a figment of your imagination. Here drink some more Kool Aid, you look thirsty for bullshit. The Democrats cultivate and nurture very possible flavor under the rainbow. There will be gumdrops and universal health care, no war, and we all will get along just fine. America has been bad and we all must repent by telling foreigners that we are sorry for the sins of our founding fathers. We are the absolute picture of bipartisanship (this is being said with clenched teeth as the donkey has his hoof on the elephant’s face).

Here the mask of the Democrats- the real face comes off. Behind the fast and furious protests of equality for all, are the seeds of politicide. Yes Politicide. The Republican Party has been chloroformed and thrown in the back trunk. Bipartisanship means silencing the silent majority- or the silent minority.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

politicide, n.
1. The killing or extermination of a particular group because of its political or ideological beliefs; an instance of this.

In other words, the Democrats are not fooling anyone.

I feel compelled to warn you jackasses that employing  such devious strategies are not without consequences.

Remember Jimmy Carter?  I do. I remember my mother thinking that he was the best thing since PAMPERS.

I remember the news about Republicans being dead.  In  1976 it was assumed that Watergate and the defeat of Gerald Ford meant 8 years of Democratic Donkey Kong rule. Then something happened.

I have always predicted that Obama’s presidency would be much like that of Jimmy Carter’s.That election of 1980 left my mother and many other Democrats sitting in front of the TV devastated.   Of course the Democrats don’t see it this way. Obama’s rise to power has made them considerably emboldened. The jackasses  so preoccupied with convincing the Republicans to die quietly that they may fail to realize that Obama and the crises he faces offer the exact political atmosphere that ousted Jimmy Carter in 4 years.  Recently, American Thinker described such a scenario:

June 02, 2009

The Second Coming of Jimmy Carter

By Alan Aronoff

Remember the good old days of the Jimmy Carter presidency when the US saw the combination of high inflation and high unemployment? We are sowing the seeds for a return to those days of national malaise.

The US economy is suffering from the economic trifecta of:

  • 1. the destruction of credit that was caused by a dysfunctional banking system with inadequate regulatory oversight, and was cheered on by Congress encouraging banks to make non-viable loans;

  • 2. the bursting of the housing bubble that has funded increased consumer spending this century;

  • 3. the destruction of asset values including $6 trillion of lost US real estate values and $5,02T lost by the Standard and Poor’s 500 in 2008. To put this in perspective, the US GDP annualized based on Q1 2009 is $14.089T, so the loss in wealth due to declines in real estate and share price of the S&P 500 is 78% of GDP.

The Obama administration has taken and is planning to take several actions that will affect the US economic and financial base

Democrats should take note that the Obama administration is characterized by the same inability to see the inevitable. Being unable to escape the category of weak and inexperienced will become the predicament of this administration especially in the face of continuing economic instability and its sociological implications. Obamabutts are everywhere still dizzy from the win, still ga ga over their rock star celebrity president. It might be instructive for them to take a look at the Cater Presidency and forget about circling the Republicans like vultures. If it is dead and you have picked the carcass dry, why hang around sucking on bones of defeat when you could be doing something more constructive? You naively think that the Republicans will go away quietly simply due to your media driven elegies. I am not worried. We are not called the silent majority for nothing.

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20 Responses to “Let us Prey: Painless Ways To Commit Politicide”

  1. p of v Says:

    Virtually everything you wrote is incorrect, or subjective. Reagan was a criminal. Remember Iran-Contra? You’re a so-called African-American, and the guy that said “HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED”, when he first heard that Martin Luther King was assassinated, your Lord and Master, RONALD WILSON REAGAN, is your hero?!?

    • “Virtually everything you wrote is incorrect, or subjective. Reagan was a criminal. Remember Iran-Contra? You’re a so-called African-American, and the guy that said “HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED”, when he first heard that Martin Luther King was assassinated, your Lord and Master, RONALD WILSON REAGAN, is your hero?!?”

      Like a typical White liberal you have the nerve to come to a Black woman’s blog and just make up a bunch of nonsense., then imply she’s not Black enough because she doesn’t tap dance to the White liberal tune like the Uncle Tom Black “men” who spend all day shilling for a party that still has a Klansmen in it? Or shilling for sites like DailyKos that floated the idea of suppressing Black and Latino votes in California?

      Ronald Reagan appointed more Black people to high level positions in his administration than Obama has. Ronald Reagan signed the MLK’s birthday into law, Reagan supported stripping Bob Jones University of tax exempt status once he found out they practiced segregation and he gave a civil rights speech to the Urban League the day after his states rights speech in Mississippi that has been twisted by degenerates to claim he supported segregation.

      Ask Alan Keyes or Colin Powel if Reagan supported segregation.

      The quote you made up has no source does it. Link to a reputable source for this quote if you can. Common Dreams doesn’t count. The only place it appears is in blog comments left by you, some douchebag hipster engaged in typical liberal White deviltry!

      You need to stop worrying about what MLK and Reagan said and think more about what Malcolm X said about White liberals. You can’t trust them.

  2. afrocity Says:

    Oh, please you just wrote “so-called” African American and you are not a bigot? Nowhere have I said that Ronald Reagan was my Lord and Master. In fact, I have never said that MLK was either. But here you are to remind me why I am beholden to the Democrats because of my skin color.

    • Reine Says:

      Hey, AfroC, I can’t believe what P of V wrote! I was stunned. You just keep up the good work.

  3. manbearpig68 Says:

    P of V, What was incorrectly stated about the Carter years and where was is stated that AC’s hero was Reagan. And the biggest question of all, Why would you make such a terrible RACIST statement as “You’re a so-called African-American”? Just because somebody is black, they have to believe and act and agree with other AA’s? That is one of the most prejudiced statements you could make!!!

    Go Back To School Biggot!!!

    If you look at the parallels between the state of the union in the Carter years and now, there are a lot of similarities. That’s what was pointed out!!

    MLK stated that he didn’t want his children to be judged by their color but their character..

    You are thinking the same way that Hitler thought and if you don’t understand that…like I said, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND GO HIT THE BOOKS!!!!

  4. dakinikat Says:

    You know, being nasty to people really doesn’t further an argument or cause. It just makes folks look bad. Afrocity has the right to express her opinion because the constitution gives her that right. You have the right to your opinion also and it would be much better to express that opinion with facts and logical arguments. People that are petty and mean in their statements never get very fair in arguments or life.

    Move on, move on, nothing to see here …

  5. SYD Says:

    The Sunday talkers were in a state of glee today, were they not? Carrying on about Newt and Rush as if they are is all that’s left of the GOP.

    While queitly, and away from the camera’s glare we had the real face of the New Republican Party visiting the memorials to out Founding Mothers in Seneca Falls, NY:

    No coverage whatsoever of that. Why? Because it wasn’t sensational enough for them. There was nothing to poke fun at. In short, it did not fit their agenda.

    You are dead on about the current nature of the frat boy society that calls itself the Democratic Party nowadays, Afrocity. It is setting itself up to be toppled by yet another Reagan. That is why Old Ronnie’s son was on hand in Seneca Falls to introduce the next hero. The seeds of the smack down are being sown … but, my former party is so busy congratulating itself that it will not see. Until it’s too late.

    So be it. I hope they *do* keep dancing on the graves of Rush, Newt and Cheney…. Keeps ’em preoccupied.


  6. loudmouthjewishbabe Says:

    If Afrocity is a “so-called” African American *as determined by p of v,* then I must be a “so-called” Jewish person. Why must Democrats feel threatened when members of the Republican party don’t fit their carefully constructed narrative? 30% of Jews did not vote for Obama. But that does not mean that we are all what the dems would call “Orthodox Jew right wingers.”

    I do not attend my particular place of worship because it politically “preaches from the pulpit” which ironically, is precisely what they accuse Christian churches of doing.

    • afrocity Says:

      Loudmouth Jewish Babe,

      They are the racists not us. They crawl out of the woodwork like roaches when someone escapes from the victim island of Democrats they have cultivated.

  7. Pineda Says:

    Attn Democrats…….

    Look I am a recovering Democrat. What that means is that I voted Republican first time in my life this past election.

    I remember the Carter years very well because my grandfather (who was a staunch Democrat) kept yelling at the tv every single time Carter gave a speech. I can not tell you how many times my grandfather regretted voting for Carter. I was a kid and I had my Rev. Jesse Jackson button on during the Democratic primaries. (I loved Ann Richards a great deal. She was tough but a softie at the same time.)

    Okay back to Carter, he messed up badly in all areas. It was no wonder that Reagan won. To this day there are many staunch Democrats who loved Reagan. Now lets go to 2009, based on Obama’s actions and those actions from the Democrats in both houses…honey I can tell you with no doubt that the Republican party is not dead. From where I live there are more people thinking about becoming Republican or Independent. What Obama and his cabinet says contradicts what they do.

    Our safety and economy is greatly at risk. Those auto unions that contributed to Obama’s campaigns…well guess what they got shafted and those union members who were told to vote for Obama are the ones who are paying the price. Gates from Microsoft gave a great deal to Obama’s campaign. Guess what is in the works now….if Obama raises taxes Microsoft will outsource their jobs because it will be to expensive to keep jobs in the US. Do you get what is going on now.

    If the US is in financial debt why raise taxes, why outsource jobs, why spend more money…..what are we now 10 trillion in debt?!

    Safety…research on the Bidenism’s by Joe Biden. Oh and do some research on what Russia, North Korea and China are planning on doing. Hint…missiles, take overs, etc…

    I love the States and it is a melting pot. I too am no longer beholden to the Democratic Party due to my race or gender. I am going to rely on common sense and what is good for our country. Thank you for reading.

    • Pineda Says:

      One more thing Martin Luther King was a Republican. Look it up at the Black Republicans website.

    • afrocity Says:

      Pineda you are so right. Remember anything that the MSNBC, CNN, ABC news tells you is probably the opposite of reality.

      Let them think we are dead. That way they will stay at home in 2010 and 2012.

  8. UberInfidel67 Says:

    Actually, to be more accurate, it is the Democratic party that is dead and gone. They are no longer the party of our mothers and fathers. They should drop that title and call themselves the Progressive Socialist Party. The Republican party will do just fine. We are all a testament to that. Oh, but the dems can still keep the jackass as the symbol of who they are.

    • manbearpig68 Says:

      “Actually, to be more accurate, it is the Democratic party that is dead and gone” This is the best statement I have heard for some time.

      • MessyMarcy Says:

        I also think this is true; and I believe this is why Obama is trying to cram so much legislation through so fast. I think the past election was more a vote against Bush than anything else, and since Obama is basically continuing the out of control spending, etc., that Bush started, I hope the 2010 elections will be a resounding vote against Obama, putting Republicans back in control of the House.

        I am a totally recovered Democrat — that misogynistic party is dead to me forever, but I can’t quite become a Republican yet. If only they’d stop bashing the Clintons.

  9. Afrocity–no changes needed–you are totally awesome just the way you are!!!!!!!!

  10. Anon Says:

    So much has been said about how little the republican party has going for it leadershipwise and that so many people are leaving the party and it is just falling apart. The ones reporting this “news” have chosen not to see what the dems have for leadership. Are any of them worthy of respect of any kind? Just think about anyone on the democrat side and consider what kind of regard you conjure up for them. I suspect it is zero. Reid, Pelosi, Frank, etc. What do they have going for them?

    And how many times in the past 12 months have you run across a democrat who claims to have left the party for good and even voted for a republican for the first time.

    I am one of them. I am not totally on board with the republican party at this time but I certainly could not vote for a democrat. I can’t believe I thought I identified with that bunch of jackasses. I am totally embarassed that I ever voted for a democrat. So how come nobody is talking about the hoards of democrats who are abanding the democratic party forever?

  11. realwest Says:

    First of all, kindly disregard any comments made by p of v – She reads just like an LGF poster “View From Ireland” who was banned, iirc and who returned relatively recently as “Just My View” and who, IMNSHO ought to be banned there as well. She is a silly, wilfully ignorant person, not worthy of any more attention.
    Secondly, we all need to remember that the MSM is entirely in Obama’s pocket – more specifically his back pocket. So that which is written by them has been, to date, mostly glossy, WORSHIPFUL things. I reckon they all now have that “tingly” feeling Chris Matthews felt when he heard Obama speak at the DNC. That being said, you cannot reasonably expect to read much truth about any resurgence of the GOP. You will read a lot about the “Tea Partys” and how they are controlled by either Ron Paul (or his followers, the “Paulistas”) or by Neo-Nazi’s. I do believe the Paulistas and the Nazi’s are trying to recruit at the Tea Party’s, and of course are trying to get as much “face time” with the all too complicit MSM as they can for their own “causes”. But the Tea Parties aren’t really “organized”. Down here in N.C., we had over 32 different Tea Parties at more than 32 locations. I’d GUESS state-wide the total protestors were around 100,000 in number and they were disorganized as all get out – because they were in fact the START of a true, grassroots blowback at Obama and the Dems. And they were NOTHING compared to the Tea Parties coming in 2010 and onward.

    Let’s talk leadership for a second, shall we. The Dems have Obama, Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Franks, Dodd, and others of their ilk. Folks who haven’t really had to earn a living in a non-government paying or subsidized job maybe in their entire adult lives. The Dems DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMY in part for that reason and also because they simply lack the educational requirements to “get it”. Timothy Geither is the Secretary of the Treasury. Think about that for a minute. Then think about TARP (passed by Dem congress and signed by Bush, although Bush was under the illusion that TARP was intended to infuse cash into the banking system to defrost the Bank credit freeze). Obama and the Dems used a considerable amount of that money to keep the UAW, ….er, GM and Chrysler up and running, long enough for them to file for bankruptcy with Obama and the Dems – posing as truly representing the Taxpayers of this country – owning majority interests in each company (although the introduction of Fiat – partly subsidized by the government of Italy – has complicated that). Pelosi, Dodd, Reid and Franks pushed through a 1300 page “Stimulus Package” which NO ONE in congress – except perhaps Pelosi who was largely responsible for writing it – ever even read! Now Kennedy has come out with a draft “universal Health Care bill that is SO BAD, even his fellow Dems in the Senate are calling it, at best, a draft of a draft.
    That the Dem leadership doesn’t get or understand our economy is, I think, manifest for all the reasons I stated above.
    But it’s where Obama comes out on foreign policy that will likely sink the Dems.
    He just completed his World Apology for America Tour, part 2. Instead of talking about how America has helped keep freedom alive in western Europe through two World Wars, that through the Marshall Plan we enabled Western Europe to rebuild itself, that WE freed the Eastern Europeans from Soviet Rule, how WE forced the dismantlemnet of the Berlin Wall, instead of talking about how much true aid WE have given to Africa (where George Bush is, believe it or not, truly revered – except of course for Mugabe and others of his ilk) and instead of talking about how America has created a Muslim Democratic State in Iraq (albeit fingers crossed on that) Obama chose to blame us for the age or era of colonizations and the taking of territory. The US has NEVER colonized another nation nor took another nations land for any length of time except for that need to achieve Stability. And last, but by no means least, Obama praised Islam, essentially, because it is non-racist. WTH? Islam, where women are, AT BEST second class citizens, can’t get an education, may be gang rapped AT HER FAMILIES REQUEST for being seen talking to another Muslim man alone, where they can be stoned to death for all matter of infractions. That’s the Islam which Obama praised. And all of those European Nations which Obama hopes will learn to “love us again” are going to get REALLY NASTY REALLY SOON once they figure out that, Obama and the Dems will be unable (and perhaps not even desire) to provide the Military Defense of Europe and all of those socialist European states will have to find, in their own beleagured economies, the funds to defend themselves.
    The DEMS have owned the Senate and the House since the elections of 2006 and now own the WH. The entire Federal Government is being run by one party and it’s ALL ON THEM FROM HERE ON OUT.
    For My Country’s sake I hope they can; but realistically, I just hope they don’t do too much irreperable damage to My Country before the Republicans return to power as they did after Jimmy Carter.

  12. From one “so-called African American” to another…. Keep up the good work!!

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