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A Day without Media Bias. Will it Ever Exist? Truthfully Not May 18, 2009

Mock WSJ drawing of conservative Ann Coulter by the Huffington Post, an employer of Obamabuttics philius medialis

Mock Wall Street Journal style drawing of Conservative writer Ann Coulter published in 2008 by the Huffington Post, a major employer of Obamabuttics philius medialis moonbats.

Will the media bias ever end?

Back in the 70’s when my grandmother was alive, she would faithfully watch the 5 o’clock news, then world news, then the 6 o’clock news. “Why do adults watch so much news?” I would ask her. “It is just the same stuff over and over again.” Most of the time she ignored me as I rolled back on forth on the carpet whining and sighing in an effort to get her to change the channel to a Three Stoodges rerun. It would have been relatively easy for her to just give in to her charming granddaughter but there was no getting that woman to turn down her standing date with Walter Cronkite.

Grandmother also insisted that anything was true…if it was on the news.
“Oh, it must be true I saw it on the news last night.”
And so it was, the gospel according to Channel 7 Eyewitness News.

I spent many evenings pouting in grandma’s damp and musty closet. News is for adults and I would never be that kind of adult when I grew up.
Who wants to watch stupid news all day long?

This would change of course but perhaps earlier than one would expect. By the time I was 10, I understood that someday I would be an adult and I needed to get a job. But what would I do? I had no role models except my grandmother the maid. My brother was in the army- ick. I need to do something where I carry a briefcase. White men carry briefcases…it means that they are important. One Saturday morning I was left alone to my own devices. Yay mommy is gone, I have a fridge full of Kool Aid and Ore Ida frozen krinkle fries…I was rockin’. I turned the television to Channel 11 WTTW Chicago PBS. Mr. Rogers was on, Zoom. Remember Zoom??? We’re gonna zoom, zoom, zooma zoom. By 2pm the kid stuff was winding down and the serious adult stuff started to air. Quick Afrocity turn the channel but I was stopped in my tracks by the intro to this program:

It was Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser. I stood in front of the television paralyzed, unable to switch the channel. It was the height of professionalism, white people walking around with briefcases. To turn away would mean I was rejecting any future chance of success as a businesswoman. Turning away would also mean I was stupid and unable to understand. I sat down and listened to Mr. Rukeyser, not that I understood a damn thing he was talking about. Questions about stocks and the market came up in strange conservations about trick or treating. Mr. Rukeyser had an ongoing affair for several years. He was my media Svengali, but at the same time I was scared to death of him. How could I ever be this great without being white, and named after a king? Mother once thought I was ill because there Mr. Rukeyser was going on about the stock market and here is her 11 year old daughter starring at the screen. My refusal of her request to change the channel made her place a hand on my forehead.

By teenage years, I had dumped Mr. Rukeyser for Dick Clark but the homespun emphasis on the media as truth and power is still remembered by a now grown up Afrocity. During 9/11, I became increasingly dependent on cable news channels, a habit which remains nearly eight years later. Except now I only watch Fox News. This is a switch I made during the 2008 election. As much as I like Anderson Cooper (he is cute), I cannot stand watching Obamabuttics philius medialis moonbats salivate over Barack Obama and malign conservatives like Sarah Palin.

I am not saying that Fox news is perfect but I do find them to be a helluva lot more “fair and balanced” then oh say MSNBC. For me the process of formalizing and establishing a relationship with a news channel is one I that I take rather seriously. After all these journalists, these individuals will be guests in your living every evening. Whatever your political leanings you have to agree with them somewhat, otherwise is like a love affair complete with rough patches and strained conversation over Thai food. In my case the people in my living Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Campbell Brown- all irritated the shit out of me. On top of that, their antics and Obama love was just nauseating.

See what I mean? I think the real WTF? moment is watching this grown man use W-T-F as any sort of plausible news segment. And that music he plays! In my eyes, the rusty organ pipe music kills any shred of journalistic integrity that Countdown may have ever possessed. It  reminds me of old Frankenstein and werewolf  movies from WGN Creature Features. It scares me now just as much as it did then.  Talk about ” Phantom of the Media”. Geeze.

Retro 1970's Creature Features TV ad from WGN- Channel 9 Chicago

Retro 1970's Creature Features TV ad from WGN- Channel 9 Chicago

By mid-august 2008, I could not stand it anymore. I need my news and this was not working. Then something came to me, I vaguely recalled my liberal friends accusing Fox News of being very conservative. Fox news eek. How could I? But I did, I swallowed my pride and switched the channel. Needless to say my stress level decreased considerably. If my transition to conservatism goes hand in hand with my watching Fox News then so be it. I will take Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly over Olbermann and Maddow any day. The last thing I want to watch after a long day is indentured Obamabutt servants from Kool Aid Mountain. Their use of misogyny (Olbermann) and condescending descriptions of the female 2008 election candidates could have well served as a model for “how not to report an election”.

No matter where you decide to get your news be it CNN, a blog, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post (barf), you must be interested in the facts. Find out what the truth means to you by familiarizing yourself with various media biases. Ask yourself : why are they reporting this? What is their spin? Is it fair reporting? What is not being said?

I am not a complete Fox head. I know that Fox News news steers towards the right. However, when Bill O’Reilly runs stories that are suggestive of media corruption, such as the story about the New York Times squashing a report about Barack Obama and his ties to the well known voter fraud factory ACORN before the election day last fall, I notice that the story is NOT being covered by other networks. I ask myself why are other networks hesitant to cover any story that casts Obama in an unflattering light?

Do the Obamabutts ever seem to understand that it is a highly contingent ethical decision to not run a story because it would hurt a political candidate? In fact why would you not run the story? This is about voter fraud and the man that was about to be crowned as President of the United States. Wouldn’t you want to know the truth about him. Or am I the only one? Wanting to know the truth is not being a racist or a right wing nut. I expected to know the truth when Bill Clinton was president and I voted for him. We should all insist that our journalists tell us the truth. If we limit ourselves to this charade of unconvincing fluff- post modernist Obama culture news that is more suitable for lining a Maine Coon’s litter box than it is for reading, how do we refocus our quest for the truth? The consequenses are  embedded in the videos above which lead me to believe only and scarily so, myself and myself alone.

Autographed Letter Signed,


Cartoon depicting Chris Matthews aka Obamabuttics philius medialis grand poobus.

Cartoon depicting Chris Matthews aka Obamabuttics philius medialis grand poobus.

Archived Copy of the leading journal for Obamabuttics philius medialis

Archived Copy of the leading journal for Obamabuttics philius medialis


18 Responses to “A Day without Media Bias. Will it Ever Exist? Truthfully Not”

  1. DandyTiger Says:

    I grew up in a liberal household but was also mesmerized by Louis. I tried to understand what it was all about. I even got a game as a kid called “Stocks and Bonds”. I eventually got distracted by other things, but I did come back to wall street and business as an adult. Never did do the suit and briefcase thingy though.

    Great article and what a journey. This elections quite a rude awakening. Who would have thought the party least friendly to women would be the Democratic party. Maybe they’ll eventually notice and clean up their act. Ha, what am I saying..

    The press. No hope for them. They were in bed with Bush, with the Iraq war, and now with Obama. I think the magic formula is not so much about party as it is about the accepted inner circle of Washington which can be someone from either party. God forbid you be either a Clinton or a Palin. That will simply not do.

  2. DYB Says:

    The death of journalism as we know it is one of the great tragedies of our time. It didn’t start with Obama. We can trace it back to the media’s destruction of Al Gore and elevation of Bush as the guy you want to have beer with. And the run-up to the Iraq War. I can not think of a single journalist whom I would believe unconditionally. Well, actually, I’m thinking of 1.5. Christiane Amanpour and Paul Krugman (the latter is not really a “journalist.”) In any case, to find the truth one really has to search multiple sources, from the right and the left. And then arrive at our own conclusion. The truth is, though, we shouldn’t be arriving at any conclusions about the news. It should just be. But this is the world we live in. Truth has become relative.

  3. DYB Says:

    Oh, and DandyTiger is right in the last paragraph. I don’t actually accept the idea of “liberal media.” That doesn’t explain the fawning over Bush instead of Gore, and then the Iraq War. I don’t think the media has any kind of ideological bias, it’s all about the money and power and narratives and selling. A lot of conservatives fell for Obama, too. He was just the latest new hot thing in everybody’s life.

    • Val Says:

      This is funny to me since, from my point of view, the media was fawning all over Gore during the 2000 election. I thought they talked down Bush the entire time.

      • DYB Says:

        I just don’t see how the media fawned over Gore. He was the elitist, stiff, boring know-it-all who invented the internet and sighed and rolled his eyes. Bush was the guy you wanted to have beer with. Read Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, see Chris Matthews and Bill Maher. And tell me they were fans of Al Gore.

      • afrocity Says:

        DYB, I am going to agree with you here. The press was very anti-Gore. At least the stations I watched. Gore clearly beat Bush during the debates. Remember Bush and his “fuzzy math” answer to one of the questions? I think this speaks more to what some of the posters are saying with regards to media whores. This is true of the CNN, MSNBC and ABC- they take sides according to what they think the public wants. Fox News stays pretty right leaning no matter what is going on. This may be why they kick ass in the ratings because they are more consistent.

  4. TheRealKim Says:

    Afro – How will I know? And I ain’t talking about the Whotney Houston song. I know that my leanings are more left than right? But damned almighty this crap is starting to get to me. Am I now a conservative in the closet?

  5. TheRealKim Says:

    Sorry that should read Whitney, but after being a pot smoking, Dylan listening, peace loving flower child for at least 35 years, I am a little distressed to learn that I may be a conservative in liberal clothing.

    Was the final straw sending my son into harm’s way?

    • loudmouthjewishbabe Says:


      I hope your son is ok. I read you at the Confluence.

      I am one of those individuals who sends cards, letters and packages to the military. Unfortunately, when friends or acquaintances ask what I do in my spare time and I reveal this, they frown. Do I need to say how they are politically affiliated? Not Code Pinkers, but “mainstream” Dems.

    • Janis Says:

      Don’t struggle. The problem isn’t you and your beliefs; it’s that the labels are inherently insufficient. THAT’S what you’re struggling with — the belief that you have to continue calling yourself SOMETHING even after the labels were demonstrated to be utter garbage.

      So stop. Don’t call yourself a damned thing. You have to accept that you’ll need to take your positions on a “think about them one by one” basis. And the reason that you can’t use either label correctly is that those labels are about nothing useful.

      Stop labelling yourself. And when people ask you what you are, say, “Neither. I think about things. I don’t have an opinion about anything right out of the gate. And anyone who says they do isn’t thinking.”

      • afrocity Says:

        Well said Janis. I hope you had a good visit with your mom. We’ve missed you here.

  6. Bellamags Says:

    I was standing in my kitchen stirring cake batter watching The Today Show with Katie and Matt when the planes flew into the buildings on 9-11. My husbands birthday is that day and I was making him a cake. We watched the news for days after that. I was somehow being irritated by the network news and what the “journalists” had to say. I spoke with my parents about this and they said “The networks are biased, watch FOX”. I never knew before then. That is when my whole world changed. Started paying attention.

    Katie and Matt were now the enemy. No one ever at the cake.

  7. IgorMarxo Says:

    Old Russian saying…You can tell same lie 1000 times but not change truth!

    Difference between USSR Communist media and USA “mainstream media”

    In Russia government make media say what they want – even if lie.
    In USA “mainstream media” try make government what they want – even if lie..
    …..eventually they become same thing?!

    I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

  8. Bellamags Says:

    ate the cake. jeez. i read it like 5 times before i hit submit.

  9. […] 19/05/2009 I’ve been puzzling a bit over the last 12 months: my de-conversion from a Democratic voting stalwart into a dyed in the wool conservative, the birth of the PUMA’s and their subsequent decline and fragmentation, misogyny in the media, the election of “that one,” and the leg humping sycophancy of the media. I’ve been curious about the rapid infighting that currently characterizes the Republican Party which frankly was never at all muzzled during the campaign and which likely was the chief cause of McCain’s loss. The altogether unsophisticated and defiantly biased media certainly did their part as my friend Afro… […]

  10. RealChange Says:

    I agree that the “liberal” MSM is nauseatingly biased. During the election debacle this past year, I too, starting watching Fox to hear something other than the Obama love affair going on at the other channels. However, I am now starting to have a hard time watching even the Fox channel due to the level of sexism and misogyny going on there. Bill O’Reilly is especially guilty of this, he and his guests. Even Greta, about the only journalist I have any trust in these days, runs pieces and has guests on that are becoming increasingly sexist in their story angle or comments about women. So, I’m getting my news more and more exclusively from the internet. It’s extremely complicated to do it this way, but it seems to be the only way to winnow out the “real” story about a variety of topics. I can understand why most people can’t or won’t work this hard to get to the truth, but, their unquestioning acceptance of the mainstream version of what’s going on, is scary and dangerous.

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