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THE CHICAGO WAY: New York Style May 16, 2009

Chicago Way

Not much time today but here is a rather interesting story about Obama sticking his nose into state affairs and elections where it does not belong. Seems the Chicago way has come to Washington DC.

Fox News

Sources:Obama Sways Congressman to Pass on New York Senate Democratic Primary
It’s rare for a president to inject himself into statewide politics and a host of New York political insiders with ties to several House Democrats say they’re angry that Obama even got involved.

If President Obama didn’t have enough on his plate already, he’s now thrust himself into the middle of a statewide race that has sparked growing resentment among some New York Democrats.

Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) asked Obama to implore Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) against challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in the Democratic primary next year, FOX News has learned.

Israel was poised to announce his candidacy until the president intervened with a Friday afternoon phone call in an effort to clear the field for Gillibrand, a source told FOX News, calling the move “messy.”

“This is a tough, heartfelt decision for me. I have received encouragement to pursue this fight from all corners of our great state,” Israel said in a statement.

The senators solicited Obama’s assistance to help Gillibrand avoid a competitive primary in 2010, a Democratic New York source told FOX News.

Menendez heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the panel charged with electing party members to the Senate and led by Schumer in past years.

It’s rare for a president to inject himself into statewide politics. And a host of New York political insiders with ties to several House Democrats say they’re angry that the president even got involved.

“What? You can’t have a primary? It’s decided in backroom deals?” asked a source who spoke to FOX News on the condition of anonymity. “What if someone told Obama he couldn’t have a primary and Hillary (Clinton) would just be the nominee? Where would he be? It’s an outrage.”

Obama should stick to dealing with White House affairs. Whether you support Gillibrand or not, his intervention in state politics is wrong.

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5 Responses to “THE CHICAGO WAY: New York Style”

  1. Joanelle Says:

    As usual Afrocity, you are right – but then this president will interject himself into everything and anything he likes.

    He’s most inappropriate in many ways.

  2. realwest Says:

    This is actually “new” only in the sense that NYS Democrats apparently asked Obama to intervene. I have NO IDEA who Gildebrand will be facing (some suggest Rudy Giuliani) on the GOP side, but clearly the MOTIVATION was to save Gildebrand from what might be an expensive primary against Israel (and, of course, there is always the possiblity that a primary could open up avenues for the GOP nominee to take in attacking Gildebrand.
    Regrettably, New York State has been DEEP BLUE for quite a while now – former Govenor Pataki notwithstanding – and I suspect that Gildebrand will win easily. The reason NYS is so Blue is that there are now something like 5 or 6 cities with a population of over One Million people and as seems to be true with much of Urban America, Democrats rule because, among other things, they are so very adept at a) turning out the vote and b) gobbling up the “minority” vote – Black, Hispanic and Women. The Black and Hispanic is easy to understand: Dems promise and deliver more to those who are unemployed and have pretty much always catered to those with the Victim identity and have also seemed to be on the side of illegal immigrants getting Amnesty. Indeed, if I recall correctly, New York City was the first Major Urban area in America to become a “Sanctuary City”. I don’t understand why women in New York State tend to vote Democratic slightly more than they do Republican, but they do.
    Still and all, it was certainly within President Obama’s power to restrain from getting involved in State politics and for whatever reason he decided to intervene. Maybe the Dems in NYS think Hillary’s old Senate Seat should always belong to a White Woman. And, of course, as evidenced by his starting to run, Mr. Israel doesn’t always go with the Democratic flow so to speak.

    • boldandbald Says:

      Hey realwest! Good to see you here (Ford_Prefect here).

      The line that jumped out at me was this one:

      “What? You can’t have a primary? It’s decided in backroom deals?”

      Isn’t that kind of the way Obama got elected to his Senatorial seat? He didn’t really have to run against anyone. Makes me wonder whose hand Obama is washing. Payback time?

  3. bydesign001 Says:

    Mr. Israel’s not going with the flow might be construed as a strike against him as opposed to Gillibrand who during her first week as Senator was more than willing to flip against her better judgment to please the masses who are equally content to live in boxes entitled “welfare” or “victim.”

    Chuck Schumer who once represented my district has become a major disappointment for me and many in my community. The community he represented in Brooklyn was not a “welfare” state. In fact, at the time it was one of the few neighborhoods in NYC where the majority of its residents were hard working honest Americans.

    Schumer has moved on and betrayed thousands upon thousands.

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