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Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Silent Minority May 15, 2009


Liberals say if you are black and a Republican you MUST live at the cabin.

You had better tell Uncle Tom to save a place at the table for Afrocity. According to the liberals, I am coming home.

Definitions of Uncle Tom at Urban Dictionary

1.     Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom is a term used by black people to try to convince other black people that working, education, living well, and setting a good example for their children is selling out.
“De Shawn got a job? At Ameritech? He’s a Tom”

2. Uncle Tom:

A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betray his own people
Leroy is such an Uncle Tom; he told the boss I took a 2 hour lunch; I had to go see my baby momma

3.Uncle Tom :

Theatrical productions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin played throughout the nadir (post Civil War and Reconstruction); but since the novel’s indictment of slavery was no longer congenial to an increasingly white society, rewrites changed Uncle Tom from a martyr who gave his life to protect the people into a sentimental dope who was loyal to kindly masters. In the black community, Uncle Tom eventually came to mean an African American who sells out his people’s interests and still does today. In my opinion the phrase “uncle tom” should not be used today by black people because it degrades the status of a man who wasn’t in fact a sell out but a hero who’s name should be used with reverence not disgrace.
Uncle tom, a martyr who should be admired til the end of time.

4.Uncle Tom:

The real uncle tom was a black man born into slavery who gave his life to protect other slaves. when his story was turned into a movie, the writers re-worked the script making uncle tom’s character the opposite; a slave who was loyal to his master. unfortunately, this has become the most commonly known image of uncle tom. because of the film, the term “uncle tom” has become synonomous with “sellout”, degrading the real uncle tom. so once again, the white man has successfully managed to teach blacks an incorrect, caucasion-favoring version of history.
person 1: Chris told the boss about you stealing office supplies.
person 2: What! I knew that ass-kissin uncle tom would say something.
person 1: He’s not an uncle tom.
person 2: Yeah, whatever.

5. Uncle Tom:

This is a black person, who acts like an adult and has over a fifth grade education. Usually they end up getting shot by a member of their own race for speaking proper English and having a job that pays well that does not involve illegal drugs.
Dam, nigga. Dat Martin Luther King be an Uncle Tom. Fuck dat nigga and dat nigga Malcolm X. I be bustin a cap in any niggaz that be tryin to improves the lifes of de black peeple.

Yesterday at Autographed Letter Signed we read about Mel Maguire a gay conservative and blogger at Mel explained that she has faced more persecution from liberal gays than she ever has from straight conservatives. I posted Mel’s story because not only is she brilliant and gifted, but she is also just another example of a Democrat’s worst nightmare- a member of group designated by liberals as so called helpless victims that is not a liberal. You know African Americans and other ethnic groups, gays and lesbians, Hispanics, disabled persons, women. If you fall into any of these groups you are a victim and there is no place for conservatism or the Republican Party in your life.

Like gays, recognizing that you are beholden to the Democratic party is an integral part of black life. I battled my mother on many issues including her dependence on welfare and belief that the government owes us something.  What was wrong with me? When Afrocity was baking someone must have switched a few ingredients:

Recipe for Liberal Afrocity

10 cups of melanin

2 pounds of courage

3 tsps of soul

5 tbsp of faith

1 cup of compassion

3 drops of snark

1 heart of gold

1 pinch of creativity

2 arms filled with love

4 teeny pinches of self-reliance (use sparingly)

8 drops of liberalism as usual mom did not check to see what she needed to bake the cake.

Negative portrayal of Ron Christie, an African American conservative. Notice the mocking of Ron's crossed eyes

Negative portrayal of Ron Christie, an African American conservative. Notice the mocking of Ron's crossed eyes

Mom shrugs shoulders and adds extra self-reliance to make up for it. Oh hell, she only has a half cup of compassion. Maybe this pragmatism stuff will do just as well.

Throw her in the oven, bake for 2 hours until golden brown.  Let cool. Hmmm this Afrocity is alright but why does she keep telling me to find a job and missing the deadlines for minority scholarships.

Sorry mom, you’ve been PUNKED. Some serious errors have crept into the test kitchen. She should have known better yet she still deliberately pushed me to be a Democrat. Any black who is not a Democrat is an UNCLE TOM.

Condi Rice- Uncle Tom or Auntie Thomasina

Colin Powell -Uncle Tom

Clarence Thomas- Uncle Tom

They don’t call them the three C’s for nothing

RNC Chairman Michael Steele- Uncle Tom

Alan Keyes- Uncle Tom

Larry Elder-Uncle Tom

You ever notice how the presence of African Americans in the Republican party somehow brings out the racists on the left.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at this

Where is the NAACP? Curiously if you are black and a Republican no one gives a damn about you if you are discriminated against. You lost that right when you became GOP. It is also assumed by liberals that you do nothing to help other minorities. As a black Republican, of course I am self-loathing and hate other blacks. I soak in Clorox every day you know.  I often get “I didn’t know that you are a conservative Afrocity.”  I think to myself did you ever ask me?

When I was a Democrat, I never had anyone say “Oh, I didn’t know that you are  liberal Afrocity.  What’s up with that?

The Democrats have become adept at fooling minorities into believing that they are the party of the people. Equality for all.  Blacks agree, but their assessment is based largely on the fact that liberals delve out more government aid which in my opinion is a deterrent to self-reliance. Those same Democrats also tax the shit out of those of us that work for a living. Sometimes we are even called “uppity”  and unappreciative especially if we are conservative. We must have all Caucasian friends. As a black Republican I am transgressing my predetermined racial norms, thereby surrendering my blackness. Black Republicans are verbally attacked and marginalized in the media as sell outs.

But isn’t that racist? Isn’t it racist that a party would believe that I am helpless? That I need government imposed quotas to get a job? That my skin color makes me a Democrat by default?

Isn't Barack Obama the man that actually bowed to someone that was not African American?

Isn't Barack Obama the man that actually bowed to someone that was not African American?

Condi Rice according to Wiki:Rice was the first black woman, second African American (after her predecessor Colin Powell, who served from 2001 to 2005), and the second woman (after Madeleine Albright, who served from 1997 to 2001 in the Clinton Administration) to serve as Secretary of State.

Gee, who would have thought that the Republicans were responsible for the first male and female African American Secretary of State. The first African American congressmen in both the reconstruction and post reconstruction were Republicans.

Wiki:In 1928, Oscar De Priest won the 1st Congressional District of Illinois (the South Side of Chicago) as a Republican, becoming the first black Congressman of the modern era. DePriest was also the last black Republican in the House for 56 years.Edward William Brooke, III (born October 26, 1919), is an American politician and was the first African American to be elected by popular vote to the United States Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966.

By now we have all seen the Wanda Sykes footage from last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. How many times did she say Obama was the first black president? Then Obama gets up and takes shots at Michael Steele:

Later Michael Steele responds and proves that he has more class and is a good sport on top of it all.

I wonder if Michael Steele puts Grey Poupon on his hamburger.

Oh well off to Uncle Tom I go. I will leave you with another great video from Alfonzo Rachel aka Zonation.

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6 Responses to “Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Silent Minority”

  1. Val Says:

    I just love watching the Zonation videos. I found him on youtube during the election and have been hooked ever since. My aunt has a theory about China; she thinks that they will want to go to war with the U.S. so they can steal our young fertile women (since so many of their female babies are aborted).

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    This a great post!! I went into the post office the other day and saw a calender behind the desk with a picture of Obama on top and MLK underneath him in a very similar pose. I was on the verge of asking the postal worker what he thought the similarities were between the two but I had to pass, out of courtesy to the huge line behind me. Like I said before, only about 2% of the black population apparently learned anything from MLK or maybe they absorbed more than I think and they just temporarily forgot and race overrode all common sense.. Everybody that is yelling Uncle Tom at people that have different ideals definitely didn’t learn anything. People like you(AC) and Zonation, etc. should definitely be respected for your views if that’s what you believe and racism should not come into play..

  3. Clifton B Says:

    Hey Afrocity,save room at the cabin for Another Black Conservative. Since ’06 I have become bold in my response to the shocked “You are a conservative” question. My response now is,”Of course I am, I am not helpless and hapless”! I just love to see their bugged eye reaction to that one!

    • afrocity Says:

      Good response Clifton. I think I will have to try that one. There is always room at the cabin for more. Colin left an empty seat, now he will see that he is on the real plantation pulling that jackass they’ve hitched to his back.

  4. Great post. Democrats have rewritten history. It’s amazing, really–all it took was time and some name calling. Correcting it is going to be very difficult and I hope it’s not too late.

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