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No Signs of Revolutionary Road for Obama Supporters May 8, 2009

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Do we have any good veins left?

Do we have any good veins left?

It seems that I know at least 23 people that have lost their jobs during the past year. They all voted for Barack Obama as their president. They voted for hope. They voted for change.  After wowing record breaking crowds with his brilliant oratory and his charming personality, I wonder if any one feels somewhat  suckered?

Today the American Thinker ran this interesting piece on Obama and his “suckers”.

May 08, 2009

Suckers United for Change

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

Now that we’re more than 100 days into the Obama presidency, the handwriting is on the wall regarding our new leader’s game plan for America.  Spend other people’s money like a Madoff on steroids.  Let every enemy on the planet know there’s a wimp in the White House. Let every ally know the wimp in the White House will do nothing to help them when push comes to shove.  Let the 50 states know there’s a power coup in play that strips them of constitutionally guaranteed liberties.  Let every company know that neither they nor their non-union employees are safe from Chicago-Way thugs and their mouthpieces in the media.  Let the 300 million American citizens know that the rule of law, applied equally to all, is about to be replaced by special favoritism in the form of “empathy.”

All in all, one would need to be a numbskull not to see banana republic written all over the current administration and its intent.
If asked for a word to describe an Obama voter, there is only one that any sentient person could offer:  SUCKER.
These are folks who buy a used car from a slick-suited, smooth-talking, salesman of the decade who laughs every step of the way to the bank.  These are folks who agree to 25 medical tests to find out they have a planter’s wart.  These are folks who call immediately to buy the $19.95 super deal on an under-bed storage box they could buy any old day at Wal-Mart for a buck.  These are the folks who think day old bread will make you sick.
They’re the kind of voters that every crooked politician has drooling dreams about every night of the year.

So far my aunt is the only person I have spoken with that will admit she is sorry that she voted for Obama. She said she will never again vote for someone just because they are black. She was skeptical of Obama but still remembered a time when African Americans were struggling for civil rights. She was right there when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. She felt that our time had come. I explained to her that yes blacks have had their time now but at what expense? It makes more sense to me to have a competent leader.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that unemployment rate has increased and Obama intends to combat that by offering more Pell grants and training

Wall Street Journal
MAY 8, 2009

WASHINGTON-Obama Calls April Job Losses ‘Sobering Toll’ The unemployment rate, which is calculated using a survey of households as opposed to companies, increased to 8.9%, the highest level since September 1983.

Mr. Obama pointed to stabilizing consumer spending and home sales and a recent rise in construction spending as evidence that “the gears of our economic engine are slowly beginning to turn.”

“Step by step, we are making progress,” he said.

He unveiled new steps to make it easier for jobless people to get new skills at a community college or in a training program. Many workers currently collecting unemployment would lose their payments if they return to school. Others can be ineligible for student aid based on the incomes they no longer earn.

Since the recession began in December 2007, 5.7 million jobs have been lost.

Mr. Obama directed Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to work together to help unemployed workers get Pell Grant scholarships, encourage states to update rules that may limit educational opportunities, and create a new website — — to describe training opportunities.

Obama sushi or the Hope and Change spicy roll.

Obama sushi or the Hope and Change spicy roll.

Great more government money spent on training. Hmmm How does that help the friends I have that are unemployed with master’s degrees and doctorates? Not everyone that is unemployed is undereducated. I wonder if Obama realizes this. Perhaps Obama should have attended a tea party or two and he could have met some real live unemployed people. And there goes that name Arne Duncan again, somehow these guys don’t make me feel very secure about anything. How about you?

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Recipe for Anti-Patriotism: All American Upside Down Fruitcake

Upside down flag

A member of the Obama bunch strikes again. This time it’s Father Pfleger in a news story that I have noticed is receiving little if any coverage.  For the last several years, youth violence has been on the rise in Chicago at an alarming rate. Yes, Obama’s Chicago is in peril. Funny how the city where Obama hails from has the worst youth violence rate in America. I guess the youth did not get the memo about “change and hope”.  We are all outraged over this, however Father Pfleger in usual Obama whacko anti-American friend fashion has resorted to rather unorthodox means of gaining attention.

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) The Rev. Michael Pfleger has ordered the American flag at St. Sabina Church hung upside-down — a historic sign of distress — to symbolize the growing death toll among the city’s youngsters.

So far this school year, 36 children and teens have been murdered — more than one a week — and Pfleger is among a chorus of weary Chicagoans who say the slayings aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Had 36 kids died of swine flu this year, “there would be this great influx of resources that say, ‘Let’s stop this, lets deal with this,’ ” Pfleger said.

Instead, because violence is driving the epidemic, “We’re hiding it. We’re ignoring it. We’re denying the problems,” he said.

Pfleger is not the first Chicagoan to express the sentiment. In 2007, after the city recorded 31 murdered children during the school year, Arne Duncan, then-CEO of public schools, expressed similar disappointment.

Duncan, who now serves as President Obama’s secretary of education, said “all hell would break loose” if these killings took place in one of the metro area’s upscale enclaves.

“If that happened to one of Chicago’s wealthiest suburbs — and God forbid it ever did — if it was a child being shot dead every two weeks in Hinsdale or Winnetka or Barrington, do you think the status quo would remain? There’s no way it would,” he said.

Yet the problem has only worsened since Duncan publicly shared his observation. With about a month left in the school year, Chicago’s public schools have topped the number of students slain in the 2007-2008 and 2006-2007 school years — 27 and 31, respectively.

Obama Bunch

You may remember Father Pfleger as one of Obama’s hometown Chicago moonbat supporters from the presidential campaign. Let’s say that he made some colorful remarks regarding Hillary Clinton.

Yes, that Rev. Pfleger. Why am I not surprised that this reverse racist would be stupid enough to think that he is solving the problem of youth violence by hanging the American flag upside down? Exactly what does he think is this is going to solve? He calls it a “distress signal”. I call it a disgrace. Thankfully someone – a patriot- agreed with me and tore it down.

WGN News Chicago

Pfleger: I’ll keep flying U.S. flag upside down
May 7, 2009

The Rev. Michael Pfleger says someone tore down an American flag he was flying upside down outside his church to protest violence.

But the activist priest quickly replaced it this afternoon — and vowed to keep doing so if people continue taking down the flags.

“There’s more attention being given to the flag than to children dying,” Pfleger said.  “What do we care about children dying?”

Pfleger said he decided to fly the flag upside down outside St. Sabina Church on the South Side as a “distress signal” to raise awareness of how many children are being killed by gun violence.

Pfleger referred to Wednesday’s fatal shooting of 16-year-old Ramone Morris on the West Side and the slaying of 15-year-old Alex Arellano, who was found beaten, shot and burned over the weekend.

Some people have complained to him that it’s inappropriate to use the flag as an act of protest.

The U.S. Flag Code, passed by Congress, states the flag should not be flown upside down “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

Pfleger said the recent killings of children demand such a signal of distress.

“Life is at risk and particularly our children,” Pfleger said.  “If it’s a distress signal, we’re feeling it in Chicago.”

He said he plans to keep the flag flying upside down until “people are going to acknowledge and do something about” the violence.


I pray that someone tears it down again. Let’s call upon President Obama to tell his anti-American friend to stop this unpatriotic nonsense.

Obama has no problem criticizing those attending the tea parties but he is silent on this issue.

Let me guess Mr. President, you don’t know the guy right? Arne Duncan is another joke altogether. Why did Obama believe Duncan should serve as Secretary of Education when the Chicago public school system he worked for had gone to shit. The two played one on one together, so that was a good enough reason to hire Duncan. Now Duncan wants to take away vouchers from children who attend private schools. Good call Duncan.

We indeed need a distress signal- for the White House. Obama and his cuckoos  are coming home to roost.

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