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Moonbat of the Week:Occulata palingenia haterus (Cult of Palin Haters) May 4, 2009

palinLast week, I offered a short and crisp introduction to the burgeoning field of moonbattery. Unfortunately it is still a relatively young subject and there is a paucity of authoritative and comprehensive reference works which investigate the stability and complexity of every moonbat specimen. No lavishly illustrated guide books for moonbat watchers. Without a field guide, one must resort to attending protest marches in order to aid one’s research.  Currently, moonbattery field work looks mostly at behavior patterns, particularly species interaction. There must be a special effort for meticulous documentation in order to gain startling insight on these political creatures.

Before I reveal our moonbat of the week, I want to preface this by offering a cryptic disclaimer that I am not by any means an expert in the taxonomic classification of moonbats. I am a novice and this is merely a hobby for me. During the 2008 presidential campaign, I found myself interacting increasingly with moonbats. I was amazed at the sheer biodiversity of moonbats and the way they evolve and adapt to their environment. Thus far my field work has proven that moonbats exhibit hostility towards me whenever I offer an opposing viewpoint especially if it is a conservative viewpoint as it is undisputed that most moonbats are traditionally far left.

As stated previously, my interaction with moonbats increased during the 2008 election cycle. Last September, I was dining with a moonbat of the Obama phileticus (Obama lover) variety. I remained silent throughout most of the meal as I was camouflaged as a Liberalis African Americanas. Mind you this was not of my own doing, the moonbat assumed I was a member of the Liberalis family due to my brown skin coloring. I have noticed that even the most evolved moonbats make this miscalculation regarding my political classification, although I can never figure out why. The moonbat was explaining to me why Senator Hillary Clinton was whiny and lost the primary due to her “riding to the presidency on Bill Clinton’s coattails” (that is an exact quote). At the time I had become an admirer of GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s VP running mate Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK). The moonbat was a feminist or at least that is what the button on her canvas RESIST OR DIE tote bag said. I asked what I thought was a harmless question: “What do you think of Sarah Palin? She is certainly accomplished in her own right. Her husband held no previous political office before she became the governor of Alaska—”

What followed was a tragic and unexpected shift in the conversation. The moonbat went from being tolerable to abominable. “Oh you mean that white trash evil bitch with the IQ of paint?”  I would hear “bitch” many, many, many more times. I did not want to upset the moonbat more. She may throw dim sum at me. Then I knew. I was in the presence of a new breed of moonbat. Occulata palingenia haterus or more commonly “Sarah Palin Haters”

Sarah Palin Haters are the benchmark against which all acts of political misogyny are measured. They are a mutation of the Obama phileticus moonbat. They breed by feeding on Sarah Palin myths and planting their seeds of myth and lies in the minds of others. Myths which were neither ignored nor downplayed by the mainstream media. My theory is that it was in fact the media that bred the Occulata palingenia haterus moonbat. At any rate, the Occulata palingenia haterus primary function is to aid in the dehumanization of Sarah Palin.

<i>Katinira medialus dumbbratta</i> exhbits a sembiotic host relationship with <i>Occulata palingenia haterus</i>

Katinira medialus dumbbratta exhibits a symbiotic host relationship with Occulata palingenia haterus

Occulata palingenia haterus can be of the simplest moonbat variety or highly sophisticated. There is some evidence that they share many similarities with the Hilleri Clintonia Mysoginus moonbat. While this has never been proven, there is no doubt that misogyny and humiliation lies at the core of their motives.

There is also a more venomous “vulgaris” variety  Occulata palingenia which is immensely gifted with their use of the word “CUNT”.

There is no lack of female representation among Sarah Palin Haters. Extraordinarily,  many females were the original inspiration for happy hour “round the barstool” stories spun by the Occulata palingenia haterus moonbat. Yes, contrary to popular belief, the Sarah Palin Hater moonbat community was not male dominated. Female Occulata palingenia haterus could spin the most spellbinding bullshit narratives about Sarah Palin. Some female specimens even had the ability to shape shift and impersonate the VP candidate.

After the election, I was confident that the Occulata palingenia haterus would exhibit patterns of extinction. Alas I could not have been more wrong. They spawned and persisted, a barrage of Palin critics often found in contiguous Obamabot areas.,Occulata palingenia haterus moonbats are continuous in their influence of Sarah Palin bashing, thus insuring that all 2012 bets on President Obama’s reelection are covered.

Canonical Text for the literate iOcculata Palinius Haterus/i

Canonical Text for the literate Occulata Palinius Haterus

It goes without saying that much research on Occulata palingenia haterus remains.

I now leave you with the latest installment of “ZoNATION” where our brave conservative scientist takes on the Sarah Palin Haters, followed by more illustrations of Palin hating.

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<i>Occulata palinus vulgaris</i> is noticeable by frequent use of "cunt"

Occulata palinus vulgaris is noticeable by frequent use of "cunt"

<i>Mammoutha sandras vulgaris</i> is an infectious parasite.

Mammoutha sandras vulgaris is an infectious parasite.

Man made trap for <i>Occulata Palingenia Haterus</i>

Man made trap for Occulata Palingenia Haterus



12 Responses to “Moonbat of the Week:Occulata palingenia haterus (Cult of Palin Haters)”

  1. Another excellent rant, Afrocity!

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the P.D.S. out there.


  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    Great post!!
    Another great example of hypocrisy. Dems and Liberals are always spouting about the lack of real honest people in office yet when Sarah P. comes around, it is exactly what they ridicule her about.

  3. Great post!

    You forgot the Barking Moonbat sub-strain though!

  4. Clifton B Says:

    Afrocity! You will be hearing from my attorney! You owe me one new rib, because I split one laughing from this post! You need to put a disclaimer on these posts! WARNING: Hilarious post below, reading it may cause you to split a rib laughing!

    Excellent work!

    • LJSNAustin Says:

      I totally concur, Clifton B. Please share your attorney with me because now my side is split, too! I needed this laugh…a lot. BTW, that shit-for-brains punk in that Sarah Palin is a ____ t-shirt turns my stomach beyond description.

  5. Geoff Says:

    What I found most astonishing about the knee-jerk reaction to Ms. Palin was the free and liberal use of terms like ‘bitch’ and ‘cunt’. Terms whose use is decried as hate crime when in the generic are perfectly fine in the specific.

    It was ironic that the left tried to frame the conversation in such a way that an outside observer might conclude that it was Palin Obama was running against.

  6. RonB Says:

    This is my second time reading your moonbat of the week. This is so funny that I knocked over my drink. The titles and names that you used are just too darn delightfully scrumptious. You knocked this out of the park. Keep it up.

  7. twobigboobs Says:

    Very funny take on the venom spewed at Sarah Palin. Whether one is enamored with her or not, it is hard to understand the hatred directed toward her by those who claim to be ‘feminists.’

    -Chef @ 2BB

  8. boldandbald Says:

    I bow down to your brilliance! Great post. I love ZoNation as well. If only he would run for office. That just might be enough to make the heads of some Liberalis African Americanas explode.

  9. That guy with the t-shirt is the freaking ugliest thing I have EVER seen!

  10. NewOrleansPuma Says:

    Love your taxonomy…Afrocity! …and your wit.

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