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Brethren, and Lanvin and Swine Flu Oh My May 1, 2009


First a little humor to break of the monotony of swine flu coverage and the exit of Justice Souter which has become a fiesta sized liberal frenzy.

The last four ex-U.S. Presidents are caught in a tornado, and off they whirled to OZ. They finally make it to the Emerald City and came before the Great Wizard.


Jimmy Carter stepped forward timidly:” I’ve come for some courage.”

“NO PROBLEM!” says the Wizard. “WHO IS NEXT?”

Ronald Reagan steps forward, “Well………, I…….I think I need a brain.”


Up stepped George Bush sadly, “I’m told by the American people that I need a heart.”

“I’VE HEARD IT’S TRUE!” says the Wizard. “CONSIDER IT DONE.”

There is a great silence in the hall. Bill Clinton is just standing there, looking around, but doesn’t say a word. Irritated, the Wizard finally asks, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

“Is Dorothy here?”

Well Bill Dorothy isn’t here but her pie grabbing distant cousin from Illinois, Michelle Obama is. In a shining example of liberal hypocrisy, Michelle has swapped her ruby red slippers for a more upscale grassroots poseur pair of Lanvin sneakers from Barneys.

First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they’re only $540!
BY Amy Diluna
Friday, May 1st 2009

Michelle Obama has taken casual to a haute new level.

While volunteering Wednesday at a D.C. food bank, the First Lady sported her usual J.Crew cardigan, a pair of utilitarian capri pants and, on her feet, a sneaky splurge: trainers that go for $540.

That’s right: These sneakers – suede, with grosgrain ribbon laces and metallic pink toe caps – are made by French design house Lanvin, one of fashion’s hottest labels. They come in denim and satin versions, and have been a brisk seller all spring.

They’re out of stock at posh Meatpacking District boutique Jeffrey, and Barneys New York boasts a limited selection of the sneaks, which are a cult favorite among fashionistas.

It’s likely Michelle got hers through Ikram, the Chicago retailer that often outfits her. “They’re shoes,” the First Lady’s reps sniffed when curious reporters inquired about the fancy footwear

"Everyone will have to make sacrifices...Except me"

"Everyone will have to make sacrifices...Except me"

They’re shoes you ungrateful teabagging PEONS, Go back and drink your Kool Aid. Didn’t I just feed you withered arugula salad!!!!!

I hope the First Lady’s silver slippers hold up well on AstroTurf. It is perfectly clear that the Obamacrats could win an Olympic medal in hypocrisy at this point. I like shopping as much as the next person. I have more than my fair share of designer clothing. I am known at Barneys New York by name. However, I never push the untruth of being anything less or more than that. I do not belittle those who possess more than I as evil money grabbing conservatives with 5 five homes while daintily tying my Chanel scarf around my neck on my way to pass out stale donuts at the homeless shelter. In fact I have lived in a homeless shelter so I know the type. You show up to the lunch counter sit in an an outfit that is so expensive, if you sold it on eBay you could actually feed the people whose behalf you are protesting for.


Lately, I have reached an irksome level of incomprehensibility when it comes to liberals. I have far too many stories to tell of sparring with liberal friends who claim that all Republicans are rich, stingy, and cruel. In reality, my friends that are conservative are more traditionally middle class than the Democrats I know who veer more towards “New Money” . There are no monsters or buried treasure in the closets of my conservatives pals. Several are small business owners afraid of what Obama will do to the capital gains tax. They rely on those profits for their livelihoods. Yet the liberal monstrous grapevine of gossip will tell you that they are rich because they make more than $200K a year.


My friend “Jane” is 68. Her husband died of prostate cancer in 2006. Just shy of his first year after retirement. They owned an accounting business and some campus housing property. The profits are all she has to live on. If the inheritance tax is raised it will kill her. Jane supported John Edwards in the Iowa caucus. After voting for Democrats for years she found herself identifying more with John McCain and Sarah Palin. “I am not rich” she would tell me. “Just because someone owns multiple properties and makes over $100K it does not make them rich.”

Jane voted for McCain/Palin she felt that the Democrats were no longer a party that she recognized. No more sentimental notions drawn from the Clintons or LBJ. They were foreign to her now. After all as a small business owner, multiple property owner, someone who had an inheritance to pass on she was now the enemy. Her children and grandchildren starred at her disapprovingly chanting “hopenchange”. Obama is ‘kewl”. Have they forgotten that their dad was the master of self-invention? That he built the company from scratch? That it was their bread and butter for 3 generations? That he believed in self-reliance?

Despite the financial implications, as life time liberals they still felt the need to defend Obama and vote for him. They bought into the bubble gum colored land of Oz sold to them by Barry and the MSM. The one with kumbaya singing multi-cultural folk wearing organic leggings made of hemp. Testimonies included breathless accounts of rescuing the socially deprived. Munchkins with screaming green hair playing the flute. The sheeple marched, black children skipped down the yellow brick road in collective liberal drunkenness.

Jane’s predicament has now progressed to “should I sell or keep my property in order to survive? In order for my grand kids to have something left of our business. A legacy.”

Oz the day after

Oz the day after

Too bad nobody told her children that once the party is over, rain begins to accumulate. Whether you voted for Obama or not, the hangover is everyone’s to own.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Run Bo Bo run!!!!

Run Bo Bo run!!!!


12 Responses to “Brethren, and Lanvin and Swine Flu Oh My”

  1. boldandbald Says:

    I hate to say it, but your friend needs to look out for herself. From the sound of it, even if she left something for her kids to eventually pass on to her grandchildren, chances are her ungrateful kids would blow it anyway.

    It often seems that the children of people who are self made lack respect for, and appreciation of, what their parents accomplished. My wife’s Uncle has built a fairly successful business from the ground up. his two older children, who were there from the beginning and saw the business grow, are both hard workers and understand what it takes to make it. One is now partners with the father, while the other has started their own business. The two younger kids, however, have only known the good times and have zero work ethic.

    The great thing about this country is that there is always a new crop of people willing to do what it takes to be successful. Unfortunately our current government seems bent on punishing their success and killing any incentive to strive to better themselves. Nevertheless, I believe in the American spirit, and I believe we will come back from this even stronger. Now that is something to hope for.

    • Janis Says:

      There’s a number of rich people who do not leave anything to their kids for just that reason. As someone who can expect very little to be left to her, it makes sense to me. I read an article about it one time where various people who have made fortunes starting companies do that sort of thing. They pay for health care for their kids and good educations (which I’d do, too) but everything else goes to charity, period.

      It doesn’t strike me as cruel — paying my own way is what I do, after all, without even thinking.

      Anything else, and you end up raising Paris freaking Hilton.

  2. Janis Says:

    A lot of the liberals I knew and counted as friends have more family wealth than ANYONE I’ve known who is a Republican. And George Soros has more money than God and claims to be a Democrat, so it’s pretty obvious that the old party definitions no longer hold.

    I’ve never found a more poisonous, smug, detached attitude among ANYONE than among the very well-off, white-collar liberal friends I know. They have money, fine — but they desperately try to pretend they don’t, and then at some point it becomes obvious to me that we are not from the same planet. My whole family is working-class lunchbuckets.

    And you know what’s really funny? I have ONE friend who really took the whole “make the world a better place” mentality seriously. She put herself seriously into debt to go to law school to become an environmental lawyer. You’d think she was a granola-muncher, right? Typical liberal. She grew up on public assistance as well, with two actors for parents, in the wilds of Alaska. She shot stuff, her family still shoots stuff, and she know what it means to work her ass off for her meals. And SHE’S the one who really decided to actually DO something. She wears a white collar now, but it’s blue as denim underneath. And she’s just as ambivalent about party lines as I am.

    You know the ones who sit back and do nothing, who act like just walking around being their marvelous liberal selves magically percolates into the universe? The ones who act like their swirl lightbulbs save the planet? The ones who talk a good game about saving the world but never seem to get off their asses and do anything? Funny enough, it’s the good little liberals who were raised with money. And who always seem to blink and start a bit when they find out that I didn’t. They look at me like, “OMFG, one snuck in when we weren’t looking.” Yeah, one of those Archie Bunkers, huh?

    At least conservatives who were raised with money don’t lie to themselves or anyone else about having it. I don’t resent people with money, but I do resent the ones who try to bullshit about having it.

    I had a classmate one time in college who had been raised with a huge amount of money. She was so normal about it — I remember her one time just sitting back at lunch and saying, “You know, it’s really an amazing thing to be rich. There’s so many things I don’t have to worry about.” No acting like her organic garden was some sort of apology for the money she threw around but never talked about. I liked her.

    • afrocity Says:

      Janis you said: At least conservatives who were raised with money don’t lie to themselves or anyone else about having it. I don’t resent people with money, but I do resent the ones who try to bullshit about having it.

      I had a classmate one time in college who had been raised with a huge amount of money. She was so normal about it — I remember her one time just sitting back at lunch and saying, “You know, it’s really an amazing thing to be rich. There’s so many things I don’t have to worry about.” No acting like her organic garden was some sort of apology for the money she threw around but never talked about. I liked her.

      Those statements sum up my attitude exactly. The conservatives I know don’t pretend to be anything except what they are. Take for instance the Miss California debacle. She answered the question truthfully. She didn’t lie or sugarcoat her position on gay marriage. The same goes for Sarah Palin. Then you get someone like Gore who goes on about global warming yet does not turns his lights out on the big liberal turn out your lights for one hour night. Obama owned a gas guzzler until he ran for POTUS, then he trades it in for a hybrid. Michelle always shoped at Ikram in Chicago, now she claims to be Miss J. Crew.

      It is fake and I cannot stand that.

      • Janis Says:

        Oh, that kid got so jumped on. I feel bad for her — her answer was MILD compared to some I’ve heard. She didn’t say that same-sex marriage shouldn’t exist, all she said was she wasn’t raised to think in those terms.

        And she was viciously savaged (with a lot of misogyny behind it), and now her only reaction was to turn herself into Anita Bryant. Had her answer been met with more calm or just a shaken head, it wouldn’t have spiralled out of control like it has.

        And just like with sarah Palin, I’m firmly convinced that had she been unattractive, her opinion wouldn’t have been met with half the savagery that it was met with.

  3. swanspirit Says:

    I believe in the American Spirit … when a people are free they explore and find new exciting paths and solutions to seemingly insumountable problems… Ther are actually many more solutions out there .. i am hoping they are not stifled by the hypocrites
    …like someone I used to know ,someone who supposedly was the outre edge of avante garde environmental and artistic awareness etc etc … her son was getting married .. and her most emphatic and important question to him about his new bride was … does she ski??
    I am guessing she could have been a scumbag … but if she SKIS she is OK ??
    What an eyeopener hearing that conversation was….

  4. OT, but afrocity, have you seen this video? Condi Rice is definitely “strong black woman” as she tells this kid to “do your homework.

  5. UberInfidel67 Says:

    Damn she got some big ass feets : ) Those shoes are ugly as hell. I have seen better looking, prettier bobos at KMart…honestly, I have.

  6. Valorie Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that there were tennis shoes that expensive. I agree, UnberInfidel, I have seen cuter shoes at discount stores too.

  7. UberInfidel67 Says:

    It’s really not right to call those shoes trainers either. You can’t do anything athletic in those shoes because they are flat and offer no support. They should call them what they are: overpriced ugly KMart bobos.

  8. MO seems WAY out of touch with reality. One would think she was trying to stick it to the homeless by showing up in those unnecessarily pricey shoes.

  9. kimberly Says:

    if i was going to a charity event and i was the first lady i would have worn a nice pair of Nikes or something….. have some respect Michelle O!!

    I was brought up with some money and my parents where very strick about it. Unfortually I was teased about it from my friends growing up so i kept it very quite.

    We used to go to charity events all the time and if i wore a pair of tennis shoes worth that much money my father wouldnt even let me out of the house like that.

    btw… those shoes are ugly ms. michelle

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