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Good Riddance Benedict Arlen: Curing the RINO Virus April 29, 2009

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From American Thinker

EXPECTORATED. From American Thinker

I think I owe it to myself, a former DINO, to give some reflection to the Sen. Arlen Specter(D-PA) matter.
I can’t defend what he did today. Mid-term no less, a traitor is a traitor. Arlen Specter’s departure from the GOP represents just one more duplicitous RINO that we don’t need. Move along, nothing to see here. We don’t need grief counseling to help us absorb the shock of our loss. Our dearly departed Benedict Arlen already has elephants dancing on his grave.

This entire situation makes me wonder if I too, am  a traitor?  Seriously, how could I be the slightest bit upset with Specter when I turned my back on the Democrats nearly 2 years ago? Was I a traitor to the Democratic Party when I did not vote for Obama? Yes , I suppose in many ways I was. But according to the Democrats, I was also a traitor when I voted for Hillary Clinton rather than Barack Obama in my state democratic primary. I have no regrets about anything or anyone I have voted for in 2008.

Taken together, Sen. Specter and I similarly appear as two guiltless traitors to our political parties with one glaring exception. Specter claims that his rejection of the GOP is partly because the party is no longer grounded in the moderate principles it once was. In other words, it is the GOP that has changed not him. The GOP has ventured too far right, Specters argues. Yet it is my understanding that most Republicans widely believe the party has moved more left since Specter joined during the Reagan era. Maybe its Specter that has changed. Perhaps it is he who focuses on all things political through the lens of a liberal.

By contrast, at least I was woman enough to admit that it was not really the Democrats that changed. It was I. Granted, most Democrats are now in fact Obamacrats who invite confusion into the DNC which will ultimately undermine the party, nevertheless they are still Democrats. I was always a DINO. Before I switched parties, there were a number of instances where I was called a Republican by my liberal friends. I was never ever a dangerously liberal Democrat or a moonbat.

I began my first foray into the GOP while volunteering for a school paper. I had to cover a fundraiser for a Republican women’s group. Laura Bush, then First lady of Texas was the keynote speaker. Looking around the room, the only people of color were the caterers and myself. This party is so racist, I thought. Why couldn’t this be Hillary Clinton I was listening to? I sat in the back of the room. This way no one would ask me to fetch them a pat of butter. Imagine my surprise when people actually reached out to me, not for butter or a margarita refresh. They wanted to introduce themselves to me and were actually quite nice.

Mrs. Bush made a superb impression on me during her speech in which she addressed the charitable contributions of the Republicans as juxtaposed with those of the Democrats. “They call us heartless,” she said. “…but we deliver diapers to young mothers, food…”  This surprised me as I as was programmed to believe the in liberal hype of GOP miserliness and snobbery. Sounds like mom did not give me the full story.

As the day progressed, I met more and more Republicans that I immediately hit it off with. Forgotten in the chatter, chicken fried steak and ice tea was my hatred for the Grand Old Party. I used to shudder at the thought of being in the same study group as a Republican. Now here I am speaking with the enemy.

I was about to leave when unexpectedly, a woman touched my arm and said “Laura Bush would like to speak with you.”
To which I replied “Oh? Why?”
“She wants to give you a interview,” she said.
I was nervous and rather flustered (subtext:scared shitless) as the woman left and returned five minutes later with Laura Bush. As they were walking towards me, both in brilliant red suits, I noticed that Laura Bush was smiling at me. Where is that expected icy, haughty purse -lipped conservative veneer? Instead, I was bestowed the privilege of an interview with a caring and compassionate woman who is a hard worker. That moment will always reamain one of the highlights of my life.


The following day, I was contacted by a representative from the Texas RNC. They wanted me to consider joining the party. I said, “NO” Nada, Nine, No way. I laughed out loud. I told them that as a black woman there was nothing that they could do or say that would EVER validate my belonging to the Republican Party. My response reflected years of GOP mistrust and stereotypes that had been branded into my brain since Watergate. African Americans are democrats for a reason  and I knew it.  Not that I could tell you what those reasons were (cough) but who cares? Why should I illuminate my political options now when my race already has made the choice for me?

After my scathing rejection of the RNC’s offer, who would have thought that I would be a Republican today?

I am a DINO who came out of the closet. It is a tough decision for anyone to make. I recalled that during that moment with Laura Bush so many years ago, I learned that I will never again assume that I know everything about every political group. I now embrace the Republican label and feel most at home here. I can only wish the same for Arlen Specter.

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8 Responses to “Good Riddance Benedict Arlen: Curing the RINO Virus”

  1. boldandbald Says:

    I don’t think that you are right to say that you, like Specter, are a traitor to your party. You were not elected by your party to represent them at any level of government. Even as a member of a party you are under no obligation to vote for members of that party if you don’t feel they represent what you believe they should. I am sure there are blind Democrats that will say you abandoned them, nut those are the sort of people who would vote for a rock if it ran under the Democrat label (take Al Gore for example).

    Personally I think it is wrong that an elected official is even allowed to do this in the middle of a term. He was elected as a Republican, he should serve as a Republican. That doesn’t mean that his voting record would be likely to change, but, still. If he wants to run in his next campaign as a Dem, then so be it, but he should have to finish out this term as he started it.

  2. edgeoforever Says:

    I don’t think voters OWE allegiance to any party. Parties must convince them to want to belong. if they fail, the citizen owes it to oneself to find better representation.
    Considering that the Dems promised Specter they won’t field an actual democrat to oppose him, the proof parties are a sham is in the pudding.
    Therefore, to me, the entire notion of betrayal is misplaced here.
    Of Specter I can never think any less than I already was thinking.
    I noticed the scubbing from the internetof his snickering at Anita Hill video – and all other iffy moments. My memory is still intact though

  3. Wow… you got to meet Mrs. Bush? As much as I disliked President Bush (though my opinion of him has softened quite a bit) I always always had great respect for the quiet integrity, graciousness, and strength of Laura Bush. They were quite obviously a couple deeply in love. She, the steady librarian, rock of serenity and reason and he, the rascally party boy with a hot temper soothed by her reason and love. I wonder why that love story wasn’t trotted out over the pages of the NYT every other day? Oh, I forget. He wasn’t “THE ONE”

    • afrocity Says:

      EJ. My opinion of Bush has also softened. He did keep us from another attack on US soil. He also did more for Africa than any other president, the left will never give him credit for it.

      I should have got my picture with her. In fact there was a picture taken of us talking but I have no idea of the photographer.

      • RalphB Says:

        At least he got some credit from Bono for helping Africa. That drove some Dems bats when he did, so it had a not altogether useless effect. 🙂

  4. mlhath Says:

    I don’t think you and Specter are alike in any way. Other than he presumably breathes air. You left the Dem party because of the actions of the party itself in which you could no longer, in good conscience, espouse. That is a correct and honorable thing to do.

    Specter left the GOP not for principles, even though he claims that he did. He left because he could not get elected again. It was a ploy to retain power, pure and simple. Heaven forbid a politician ever let principles get in the way of a grab for power.

  5. Janis Says:

    Loyalty from elected officials is golden. Loyalty from VOTERS is useless. In order to get what you want, you dare not show them loyalty at all — all that means is that they don’t have to give you squat in order to be guaranteed of your vote. Women have gotten is stuck up and broken off lately over that, and until we learn to defect en masse, we always will.

    Voter loyalty is crap, counterproductive. You must ALWAYS threaten defection or make them tremble at the idea of you going into that booth if you want to get one damned thing you care about out of them, no matter WHAT you call yourself.

    Political parties should FEAR voters, not take them for granted.

    Of course, elections should also count votes, but what do I know?

  6. Janis Says:

    You know what else ticks me off about this? I know EXACTLY what most liberals would say to you about your meeting with those nice Republicans. “They were just manipulating and using you to make themselves feel non-racist.”

    Which is BAD when Republicans do it.

    When rich white liberals do it, though — it’s okay.

    You must bite the hand of friendship extended to you from any conservative, because it’s just cynical manipulation. But how dare you not lap up liberal cynical manipulation!

    It just doesn’t matter; it’s all the same thing. One party or another gest in charge, and wars go on, people starve, women are self-appointed garbage, and the world turns on.

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