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Featured Moonbat of the Week: Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis (Code Pink) April 27, 2009

Great Poster, Too bad it is backed by MOONBATS

Great Poster, Too bad it is backed by MOONBATS


The demarcation line between your average harmless democrat and a liberal left wing moonbat is not difficult to make. Moonbats can be cross class in nature. A Moonbat may be the vegan checkout person at Whole Foods who throws your feta cheese stuffed beef fillets in the bag with all of his might. Or, it could be the wife of a wealthy corporate CEO. Moonbats can be very prominent people in terms of pedigree, wealth, business and talent.

To be certain, there are some surefire signs of a moonbat from a list I found. It has been very helpful to me.

A primitive member of the Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis species

A primitive member of the Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis species

• You may be a moonbat if you believe Michael Moore is a great patriot.

• You may be a moonbat if a Christmas tree offends you.

• You may be a left wing moonbat if you believe KFC is committing the holocaust of chickens.

• You may be an ALPHA moonbat if the protest was more than 1,000 miles away from where you reside.

• You may be a moonbat if you believe the NY Times is a centrist newspaper without an agenda.

• You may be a moonbat if you take Jon Stewart seriously.
• You may be a moonbat if you think taxes are too low.
• You may be a moonbat if you believe Nancy Pelosi Howard Dean, Barack Obama, and Bill Richardson are real Democrats.
• You may be a moonbat if your name is George Soros.
• You may be a moonbat if you wear Fidel Castro, Chavez, or Che Guevara t-shirts.
• You may be a moonbat if you believe Al Gore invented the internet.

If you suspect that someone you know a may be moonbat, do be very cautious during your interactions with them. Moonbats have been known to ruin a good art gallery opening, boat outing, or school play (Afrocity has experienced this personally). The motives and subsequent actions of a moonbat have ethical implications. It is not apparent on the surface but they are linked to the establishment of the left wing, condemning on one hand the power of the dominant groups, organized religion, and the military and on the other hand aiding and abetting the inferior statuses and abilities of minority groups. A common moonbat tactic when confronted by difference is to loudly protest against and demonize the target.

Every Monday we will reveal a member of the moonbat species. There are plenty so we will never run out. We may even discover a few of our own as they mutate rapidly, especially among the young, disgruntled, people who don’t have shit to do with themselves.

This Monday’s moonbat is Code Pink or Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis:

Code Pink or more formally Code Pink: Women for Peace is described by Wiki as:

…an anti-war group based on a radical eco-feminist, and marxist-feminist ideology. They describe themselves as a “grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities

Feeble collector of the Code Pink Moonbat

Feeble collector of the Code Pink Moonbat

So fine Code Pink. You are against war and you want peace. It seems like a pretty harmless goal except my problem with Code Pink stems from their depiction of our soldiers as murderers. To that end, the liberal propaganda these moonbats rely most heavily upon involves signs that bear offensive messages such as “Kill our troops”. As the sister of a service man, I am overwhelmed by the insensitivity of Code Pink towards our troops overseas and their families.

Yes, no doubt about it. You really are advancing women's rights.

Yes, no doubt about it. You really are advancing women's rights.

Therefore I submit Code Pink as our “moonbat of the week”. What the hell do they hope to gain by demeaning our troops?

There are no words for this

There are no words for this

The Code Pink Moonbat has become a subject of film studies.

The Code Pink Moonbat has become a subject of film studies.

Common source of nourishment for Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis

Common source of nourishment for Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis

A rare queen specimen of Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis resisting captivity.
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17 Responses to “Featured Moonbat of the Week: Liberalis Medeaus Twitcalis (Code Pink)”

  1. Deathknyte Says:

    What is it with leftists and trying to get arrested? Do they think it adds to their reputations or something?

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    I can’t figure why anybody would want to be in Code Pink because it must just be a life of constant disappointment. Liberal Loons need to be shipped out..

  3. avideditor Says:

    Great work. Keep it up.

  4. LJSNAustin Says:

    I would love to hear the story about how a moonbat ruined a school play!

    • afrocity Says:

      The school play incident I have witnessed several times. The one that comes to my mind is the one I went to in NYC 2006. It was donr by a local group of kids for 9/11 anniversary. 9/11 denier moonbat stands up yelling “Now the children of NYC are liars. 9/11 was a govt conspiracy, blah, blah… Security was absent so he was wrestled out by some courageous people.

      The other time was at a school talent show in Texas. A student chose to sing a song that was popular but had religious undertones by Amy Grant. Atheist moonbats booed and hissed.

      • Deathknyte Says:

        They do that crap because they have no fear of a good beat-down for acting up in public. They are much like young kids with parents who ignore their bad behavior in public.

  5. Clifton B Says:

    You made a regular Moonbat Monday reader out of me! Those school play stories are typical Moonbat behavior. They feel they are morally and intellectually superior and therefore can spew their BS whenever and where ever they feel it is called for.

    Too bad we cannot return to the old days, when such boorish behavior was collectively frowned upon and answered with a swift kick to the offender’s behind!

  6. Nancy Says:

    I can’t stand Code Pink. I try to ignore them because they just piss me off. I hadn’t seen that horrible banner of theirs supporting the murder of our troops. Now I’m really pissed. What is wrong with these fools?

  7. RonB Says:

    Please, please, tell me that the picture of the supporting murder of our troops was a photoshop exclusive. My God. What have we become where fighting men and women are being denigrated in such a manner as to ask for their deaths. Code Pink takes a color that women have used to support fighting breast cancer and may have caused it some harm. Maybe the Breast Cancer associations can sue their a$$ for infringement if they filed a trademark registration at any point. The “no peace no pu$$y” nimrods can just keep it then.

    We need some good ‘ol fashioned American Justice for these idiots. Where is Bull Connor with his water hoses. Wash these knuckleheads down.

  8. Frankly, I had no idea how insane they actually were.

    Thanks for the eye opener!

  9. TheRealKim Says:

    WTF?!?!? Murder our troops and they call themselves a “peace” movement???? Don’t they have the god-given sense to realize that a peace movement calling for murder is a total contradiction in terms?!?!?!? And a women’s movement with t-shirts that say “no peace, no . . .” Jesus Freaking H. Christ. That is demeaning to all women.

    I have always considered myself to be somewhat a liberal, but shit like this just makes me want to go out and smack somebody.

    My son is in Iraq and he is doing a job, that’s all, moonbats, a damn job. Should he be over there, probably not, but he is and your asses should be thankful he is!

  10. Diane Says:

    Afrocity, your blog should be included in American Thinker,, etc. You tell it like it is. Thank you!

  11. blacknright Says:

    I love this piece! Murder American troops! How absolutely despicable is that! People like that make my blood boil! Why don’t these people just kill themselves if life is so bloody difficult in America!? (Wow, I just went English there didn’t I? LOL. Blame on my hot poli sci classmate who is newly arrived from England. LOL) I digress, people who are so willing to murder others should start with themselves and save us the trouble of having to deal with these nuts!

  12. blacknright Says:

    P.S. when I said I love this piece, I met I love how you put them in their place! Not their insane rantings

  13. blacknright Says:

    Okay last post-made a typo. Should read… I meant I love…. Now done.

  14. boldandbald Says:

    “No peace. No **ss*.”?

    No thanks.

  15. paranoidpyro Says:

    Ok, that whole “No peace, no pussy” promise made by that CP uggo has made me want to make sure we are always at war.

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