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Open Thread April 22, 2009

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I have cross posted my earlier Sarah Palin post at THE CONFLUENCE: You can catch me over there.

Afrocity Warhol Style

Afrocity Warhol Style



8 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. avideditor Says:

    Is there a reason you are avoid the new lounge?

  2. afrocity Says:

    I was there all day today.

  3. paranoidpyro Says:

    I think you just made my head explode.

  4. afrocity Says:

    Is it that bad?? I liked the wallpaper effect.

  5. twobigboobs Says:

    Awesome! All you need now is to pose with a can of Campbell’s soup to complete the Warhol tribute!

    -Chef @ 2BB

  6. boldandbald Says:

    Morning AC. I thought you might find this interesting:
    “More speech-stiflers at UNC-Chapel Hill

    After driving Tom Tancredo off campus, student mobsters again attempted to shut down a pro-immigration enforcement advocate, Rep. Virgil Goode. He was to speak on the suppression of free speech in the immigration debate, and also try to finish Tancredo’s talk on illegal immigration and the DREAM Act that was stifled by window-smashing, tantrum-throwing student thugs.

    Goode prevailed, but not before six disruptors were arrested and the audience was subjected to profanity.”

    Once again it seems that the ‘tolerant’ left just can’t stand to have anyone express an opinion that differs from theirs. I have no problem if they wanted to protest outside and express their opinion. I also would have no problem with them participating in a mature fashion in the question and answer part of the event. But to try and shout down the speaker or hold up profane signs in an attempt to stop the speaker all together is just wrong. These people don’t seem to understand that the First Amendment (Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, …or the right of the people peaceably to assemble) applies to everyone, not just them. Oh they will quote it ’till they are blue in the face to protect themselves, but if someone else tries to speak or assemble (i.e.: the Tea Parties) they are fascist, racist oppressors. Gotta love those tolerant leftists.

    • afrocity Says:

      BNB Exactly. As I was reading your post the left’s outrage over the tea parties came to mind. It is a double standard. Rather than embrace the idea that the “stick up their asses” right wing could actually form a grassroots assembly of pissed off Americans that are all so common with the far left, they labeled them as radical racists shills from Fox news. Hypocrisy indeed.

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