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Run Jane Run: Smart Girl Politics Offers Course for Women on Political Candidacy April 21, 2009

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Women let’s get involved. One of my biggest raves is SMART GIRL POLITICS:A Conservative Women’s Movement (SGP).
According to SGP’s website:

SGP is a grassroots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women. We are dedicated to the advancement of conservative women in all levels of public service. Men are more than welcome to join.

SGP has a phenomenal website where you can blog, post events, chat with friends. I highly recommend it. Currently SGP has an initiative to prepare women who aspire to run for political office.

Smart Girl Politics is committed to taking the next steps to get more conservative women involved in politics. What are those steps? Here is the next one:

Are you interested in running for office on a local, state, or national level?

Smart Girl Politics is getting ready to launch SGP101 which will focus on training women on how to run for office. We have some great women on this site and it is important to encourage as many women to run for office as we are encouraging them to become political activists.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Women in Politics Survey. This survey will give the leadership at SGP an idea of how many women have run, are running, or would like to run for office in the near future. It will allow us to focus our leadership training and development based on these results.

I know so many women that would be great politicians both liberal and conservative. Please take a look a Smart Girl Politics (see my conservative blog roll).

Here is one of my new SGP friends at a tea party on April 15th. Take a look at her sign. She looks smart to me.

Obama: One Big Ass Mistake America !!!!

Obama: One Big Ass Mistake America !!!!

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17 Responses to “Run Jane Run: Smart Girl Politics Offers Course for Women on Political Candidacy”

  1. boldandbald Says:

    Very interesting. I always tend to be a little leery of groups that cater this sort of thing to one particular special interest, though. I just hope that their focus is on competing for votes based on character, values and issues rather than gender.

    • afrocity Says:

      BND!!! What’s wrong with training women to run for office? How do you feel about groups like the Boy Scouts?

      You last comment was the furthest thing from my mind when I saw SGP’s announcement. It is about empowerment and we need more women in politics.

      • boldandbald Says:

        I agree that we need more women in politics. My point, simply, is that when women run for office it should be as a ‘political candidate’ and not as a ‘female political candidate’. I think too often people, both candidates and voters, look to see what people are before looking to see who they are. When organizations start gearing this sort of class for a particular group of people it concerns me that they are looking for candidates that are women before looking for candidates that are good. I don’t know anything about SGP, I hope they are not like this. That just tends to be my take on things like this, though.

  2. Janis Says:

    Um, we have breasts, dude. We can’t run as if we had schlongs. It’s not like it’s a blind audition.

    • afrocity Says:


      BNB is a feminist in progress/

      Women can stick to the script.

      • boldandbald Says:

        As for sticking to the script, my wife will sometimes pick up a conversation we were having three days ago like we were still in the middle of it, and then get annoyed that I don’t know what she is talking about.

    • boldandbald Says:

      My point is that when people run it should as a ‘candidate’. Not as a ‘female candidate’, ‘male candidate’,’black candidate’, ‘white candidate’, ‘homosexual candidate’ etc. We need fewer labels, not more. It may not be a “blind audition”, but until candidates refuse to be labeled this way we will never have a blind electorate.

      • afrocity Says:

        Young women, the girls of today need role models. Look at Miss California. Spoke her mind and got booted. Look at Sarah Palin spoke her mind was was called stupid. We dont’ want that for the women of tomorrow.

      • boldandbald Says:

        I agree. Did something I said imply different? If so it was unintentional.

      • afrocity Says:

        No, I just know that you are a dad and wanted to emphasize that a strong and confident images of women helps.
        It helped me with breaking the cycle of poverty in my life. The 2nd wave feminists made see that a woman’s place is in the workforce. Not really at home making Pringles casserole. But now I have respect for women who chose to be homemakers as much as I do women who work in a profession. Still girls need healthy images of women.

      • boldandbald Says:

        Yes they do. And they have one in you.

      • afrocity Says:

        Aww, Mr. Clean…No blog is ever fresh or free of germs without him.

      • manbearpig68 Says:

        You have to start someplace to get more women and minorities involved in the GOP. Why are there so few black republicans.
        Can men attend the training class? It is discrimination if we can’t.

        Bold and Bald does seem to have a beef with women in power.
        Why? Sarah Palin would have been a better president than Obama.

      • boldandbald Says:

        I absolutely do not have a problem with women in power. My problem is with all this labeling. We need to stop looking at what a person is (woman, man, black, white, Christian, Jew, Atheist and on and on) and start looking at who a person is. I am much more concerned about a persons character and values than I am about which department they shop in at J.C. Penney.

      • boldandbald:

        I’m a state coordinator for Smart Girl Politics. Our organization is dedicated to providing an avenue to conservative women looking to become more involved in political life, but in terms of supporting politicians, we get behind the best candidates, not just the ones with girl bits. SGP threw our full support behind Jim Tedisco in the NY-20 race and we didn’t force him to turn in his man card first.

        Some of our other initiatives are, as Afrocity described, aimed at empowering conservative women to become more politically engaged, but we certainly wouldn’t advocate voting for a woman if she wasn’t the best person for the job. That would be at odds with the conservative values held by most of our membership.

      • boldandbald Says:

        That is very good to hear. Please don’t take my doubts as an attack on your organization. As I stated above, I am not familiar with SGP and so my discussion was more generic then specific to SGP. It sounds like you take the right approach and I commend you for it.

  3. kimberly Says:

    I love this site…. Good to see you over there and i am enjoying your blog today ;D

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