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If You Are Reading This, You May Be A Right Wing Extremist: A Soldier’s Story April 20, 2009

Erin Bonsteel "The Usual Suspects" From American Thinker

…And a racist and a redneck.

Perhaps I should preface this post by adding a background clip. It seems our Department of Homeland Security is afraid that our troops will come home as rabid RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS:

Since I have become a conservative never have I noticed that the left has so much dislike for servicemen until now. Was it there all the time and I did not notice? Or did I somehow inactively participate in bashing without giving it a second thought?

My family has quite a few military men. My brother served in the army as well as my two uncles. I was proud when my brother went off in uniform. He is 15 years older than I and at the time I was only six years old when he left for training at Fort Sill. Looking at the dark green uniform and the flag pins made me believe that he was keeping me safe. For my mother the Army meant that America was keeping him safe too. Away from the gang ridden streets of Chicago. He had already got into trouble with the law and joined the Disciples, one of the most notorious street gangs in Chicago. During the summer of 1976, it was the bicentennial Chicago had the usual summer celebrations in Grant Park. My brother and a friend stopped the car for him to get a drink. When my brother exited the store his friend was dead in the driver’s seat with a bullet in his head. That would be the last summer my brother would spend in Chicago. Gone would be the days of him taking me to the corner for a snow cone, riding on the “L” to catch a downtown movie, playing the guitar on the apartment stoop because it was too hot to stay inside. My big brother would never live under the same roof with me again. He joined the army the next month and was in Germany within two years.


There were times when I resented the military for taking him away from us. I was also afraid. Afraid of the stories I would hear about “shell shocked” veterans from the Vietnam War. Images from movies like Coming Home and The Deer Hunter
. I would hear stories too. Stories that they would tell in the kitchen when they thought I was sleeping. One in which a soldier came home without legs. Another had a cheating wife and a soldier gone “crazy”. Would my brother come home like that? Mother also told me that no one wanted the war. The soldiers were blamed for the killing and never received a proper welcome. I always thought that was unfair.

Still, I knew that he was doing something constructive with his life and not out on the streets. Not dead in the streets. School was not for him. A lack of intelligence was hardly an obstacle for him, he just didn’t have the patience for the classroom.

“College is the only way for you Afrocity”, mom would say. “Some people are just better at school than others. The service is no place for a woman, especially not a black one.”

Yeah, I know she was being sexist and racist but truthfully I would never make it through military training. I am a girly girl and my joining the military would be akin to the misadventures of Private Benjamin chocolate style.

In 1979, my brother and I would visit for the first time since he left. My mother packed a huge suitcase and off to O’hare airport on my first plane ride ever bound for Frankfort, Germany. When I saw him at the airport, he was unfamiliar to me. Stronger, smarter but that boy in Chicago popping fire hydrants and playing dice was gone. He was now fluent in German had interesting friends, knew everything about artillery, a sergeant, a better man than the boy that left. He drove me across the autobahn to Italy and Holland. I saw windmills and castles, ate fancy food I had never seen. My first James Bond movie Moonraker was in Amsterdam (I am a huge Bond fan to this day thanks to my brother). Towards the end of the trip I realized that his experience was helping me. I forgave the army.

The military has definitely had a positive effect on the life of my brother. Today he still lives in Europe and has two wonderful children. He came to Chicago last month to visit me. We went to dinner. He did not at any point show signs of being a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST. In fact he voted for your treasured Barack Obama. Absentee ballot no less. He voted for him despite having serious reservations about Barry’s leadership abilities. My brother grew up during the Black Pride Movement so understand that it was awkward for me to tell him that I voted for John McCain. Thankfully, he was not angry with me. He was silent for awhile and said “But Afrocity right now Obama is all Black people have”. Golly Gee Janet isn’t that exactly what you Democrats want to hear an African American say. (Smile throw on an Obama tee-shirt and have a KODAK MOMENT).

Does my brother sound like a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST TO YOU???



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14 Responses to “If You Are Reading This, You May Be A Right Wing Extremist: A Soldier’s Story”

  1. Rodrigo Díaz Says:

    Amazing how many “absentee ballots” actually get recorded/counted when the name those “absentee ballots”, is the one the ballot counters, want to see.

    Your side of this discussion is correct, but I do thank your brother for defending our voting privileges, regardless who or whom for.

    In Janet’s line of thinking, as long as your brother is in Germany, he poses no threat. It is when he comes HOME that he will be eyed suspiciously, as a right wing extremist.

  2. Rodrigo Díaz Says:

    I read, worse yet in the eyes of the DHS, I typed. Definite confirmation of a “right wing extremist”.

  3. boldandbald Says:

    I would be willing to bet that by the time 2012 rolls around your brother just might vote a little differently, both because of Obama and because of you.

    As for this question:
    “Was it there all the time and I did not notice?”
    Yes, ever since Vietnam at least, the left has been vilifying the military in general and soldiers in particular. It is despicable.

    “Or did I somehow inactively participate in bashing without giving it a second thought?”
    I doubt it. You seem to me to be someone with a strong set of moral values, and that does not lend to bashing people who are putting their lives on the line to protect your life and your liberties. People who do those sorts of things have a moral compass that only points to the left.

    “I am a girly girl and my joining the military would be akin to the misadventures of Private Benjamin chocolate style.”
    LOL. Love that comment.

  4. ginnypub Says:

    I can’t get enough of your blog. I agree with you on virtually everything!

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    It all makes sense!! Under new liberal regime, insult the military that does the toughest job of all, physically protecting us… It goes right along with dismissing large groups of people protesting the liberal regime’s actions. Captured terrorists can now possibly come to the U.S. with the closing of Gitmo. The leader of a socialist country with ties to known terrorist leaders and communist leaders calls our President an ignoramus and considers our country an evil empire, and our President embraces him with open arms…
    An apology doesn’t really do any good when the words are already out there…

  6. TheRealKim Says:

    As you know, Afrocity, my son is in Iraq right now. Is he a Right-Wing Extremist, no. We have discussed this several times and from what I have gathered from our discussions, when you enter a war that began on false pretenses (WMD’s), you are stop-lossed in order to be sent there and are held indefinitely, and all this occurred under a Republican administration, right-wing extremism isn’t something you are really “into”. For the most part, the bigger issue for many of my son’s friends and my son, is why the hell the private contractors are making 10 times the amount an American soldier is making?

    Your brother sounds a little like my son and most of the guys I have met through my son. They want to do their jobs and be left alone. SOmetimes, they don’t like their jobs and sometimes they do, just like the rest of us.

    I say pay our soldiers what they deserve to be paid for putting their lives on the line. Give them the respect they deserve, protect their rights while they are away from their homes and families and support them in any way you can. They deserve it and they have earned it.

  7. manbearpig68 Says:

    Your son is a patriot! Your son along with all the others definitely need to be paid more and deserve more benefits for putting their lives on the line. They definitely don’t need anybody calling them potential right wing extremists….

  8. TheRealKim Says:

    Thank you, manbear, I could really go on a damn rant. But I won’t. All I can say to anyone who would call my son anything other than a patriot is “Go F&*k yourself”, maybe they should try walking a mile in that damn desert before they start labeling anyone.

    • afrocity Says:

      Kim please thank your son on my behalf for serving our country. If someone wants to protest a war they must realize that they should do so w/o blaming our soldiers. During the 60’s my mother never participated in anti-war demonstrations though she was against the war. She refrained because her brother was serving.

      You should never doubt that your son is a great American. I pray for our soldiers every night. I am am superstitious and every time I look at a clock and it says 9:11, I pray that God continues to keep our country safe and our soldiers.

      And as far as your rant, not only should someone who attempts to discredit our men in service walk a mile in that dessert but taking a page from the latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace they should also walk a mile and drink a can of motor oil.

      • TheRealKim Says:

        I will tell him Afrocity and thank you for posting this. I keep asking myself what the hell is going on these days? We train our military and then turn it against them. We can’t just dislike someone or think they are unqualified, because that makes us racist pigs. Make no mistake, it was bad during Bush, but at least if I said I didn’t like him or his policies, I wasn’t labeled someone who just hated all things Texas, or all village idiots.

  9. I saw one of your blogs on smartgirlpolitics, and decided to stalk you over here. 😀 Just kidding. I really like your writing style, you tell the truth and make me smile all at the same time.

  10. yochanan ben avrohom Says:

    love your cartoons and blog.

  11. Dapperdave Says:

    Good for your brother, when I was growing up in Mass. a lot of people told me that the Marines were “a sick group of people and by all means I should never join them”. We’ll I was never much for listening to others so I joined, needless to say (as I soon found out) everyone who said to me “don’t join the Marines” had a deep seeded hatred for the military and to those who were a part of it. That’s just one of the many parts of liberalism that make me sick.

  12. kansas Says:

    Did you see the DHS put some animal rights terrorist on the watch list. Did something in 03 and then apparent skipped to the Dominican Republic. According to some blogger, you got to be crazy to the think that was a scheme by DHS to cover their asses.

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