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MODERATE OR DIE: Arlen Specter a Profile in Cowardice April 19, 2009

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Insert RINO (Arlen Spector) HERE

Attention Conservatives! The Liberals Have Slipped a Note Under Our Door

A note that tells us we are in peril and dying a slow death.

According to the progressive watchdogs writing at the political blog Buzz Flash, a self described “Progressive Beacon of Hope we have to ponder “The GOP’s worrisome degeneration: Yes, worrisome”:


Nothing better exemplifies the self-tightening noose around the GOP’s neck than that of Sen. Arlen Specter’s reelection bid. It promises to be a real humdinger of the party’s genetic drift.

Earlier this week in a campaign profile, the NY Times opened with merely one glimpse into Specter’s many troubles: It was Monday, and the Republican senator was “visit[ing] the police department in Darby, Pa. … to hand out $221,000 in federal stimulus money,” while being feted for his check-delivering “courageous vote” by the town’s congressman, Democrat Robert Brady.

Ouch. Unavoidable in this case, but still something no contemporary Republican pol can comfortably afford to have his base see or hear. Because the base, however much it may be unraveling and shrinking and bouncing off walls, remains not only fundamentally opposed to any reasonable collaboration, but self-destructively so.

That’s why, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, 30-year Senate-veteran Specter now trails his primary opponent, former congressman and ideological hardliner Pat Toomey, by a whopping 14 points. As further evidence of Specter’s slipping grasp on his livelihood, “the chairmen of both the Pennsylvania and national Republican parties have said they were open to backing a challenger” — Hello, Pat — in what the Times charitably understated as “an unusual slight to a five-term incumbent.”

Sounds like good news to me. I would gladly like to see the stimulus voting Obama butt kissing Specter go packing with his RINO tail behind him.
This is GOOD NEWS right? I guess that depends on who you ask. In my opinion Specter’s yes vote on the stimulus bill was enough for me to write him off and I don’t live in Pennsylvania. The article continues to conjure sympathy for Specter:

His opponent’s political crimes, say Toomey, include “vot[ing] for increased government spending and a liberal agenda on social, labor, immigration and national security policies” — meaning only that Specter is insufficiently anti-recovery, anti-social, anti-labor, anti-nativist and anti-totalitarian.

No, No those clinging to such positions are not a crime…UNLESS YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN. Still we are led to believe that the news of Specter’s impending political demise should send conservatives skittering like insects.

Most of all, the GOP either cannot or refuses to see that the tossing overboard of moderates such as Specter represents the straightest line from Point A of big trouble to Point B of certain doom. Virtually all the electoral stars — from the specifics of emerging demographics to general transformations in national political attitudes — are aligned against an unpragmatic conservatism, let alone any further shift to the right.

If the party fails to moderate, then by omission it’s taking just one more step toward a political graveyard of fractured conservatism. Why do I care, rather than rejoice? Why should you care? Because a morbidly ineffective opposition does no favors for liberalism’s vibrancy or the vitality of a social democracy. Absent a healthy competitor to keep its game sharp, modern progressivism could die a quick, sloppy and arrogant death: just recall what happened to the modern GOP.

It’s that simple, and that worrisome.

Thanks for shining that “progressive beacon of light” to guide our wayward conservative way but you know what…SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Take your advice, take your RINO Arlen Specter and curl up like oragami and die. Unlike Sen. Specter, true Republicans did not vote for the stimulus and will never rub against your leg purring for reassurance. Sure you tolerate Arlen Specter. Do you want to know why?


Again thanks for the note (crumbles up throws in trash, dumps kitty litter abundant with feces on top).

Autographed Letter Signed,


35 Responses to “MODERATE OR DIE: Arlen Specter a Profile in Cowardice”

  1. Stateofdisbelief Says:


    I’ve got to disagree with you on Arlen. As a PUMA who looks first to issues, I believe independent thinkers should be rewarded. We continue to accost those who act in partisan manners — yet kick bi-partisan thinkers to the curb at the first inkling of failure to tow the party line. As a lifelong Dem (now disenfranchised) I embraced McCain, even before the primaries, as a viable and acceptable possibility if Hillary was not the nominee. Tim Holden is getting similar treatment from the Dems here in PA because he’s pro-life and pro-gun. I say he’s to be admired. He listens to his constituents *regardless* of party affiliation. Tim and Arlen do not pander to the special interests of of their party — they listen to those they represent. That is what we should be looking for.

    Spector is my Senator, and he is the only republican I ever voted for before McCain. We should be applauding the fact that he follows the will of his constituents, not his party. Even when I disagree with him, I respect him. JMHO.

    BTW, I’m sending you something via email. I found an old book that might be interesting to you (or maybe not).

    • afrocity Says:

      Email answered and I think if that is the case they should become independents. I do not agree with anyone that voted yes for the stimulus, especially the 3 Republicans Collins, Snowe, and Specter. Granted they are from states that are becoming increasingly blue Democratic and yes it is pragmatic in terms of re-election to vote with your constituency. I just think that the vote on the stimulus package was not the time to be moderate. I applaud the 36 or so GOP senators that did not support it. Obama owns it now, good or bad.

  2. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    BTW, if Toomey gets the nomination the seat will go Dem in PA. Toomey is too far right to make it in PA. It’s why Santorum was sent packing.

  3. manbearpig68 Says:

    I believe independent thinkers should be rewarded as well but any independent thinker that voted yes for the stimulus bill needs to be taken out.. and they certainly don’t need to grouped with any Republicans that are trying to promote conservatism. You’re a Great American Afrocity and a True Patriot. Keep up the great posts!!

  4. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    manbear…do you believe an elected representative should represent his / her constituents wishes or his / her party platform?

    In other words, if the constituents of Pennsylvania were in favor of the stimulus, should Specter vote against it because it is the “conservative” thing to do?

    I ask this without an endorsement or endictment of the terms of the stimulus. The question goes to representation.

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    Spector should represent his / her constituents wishes and get the hell out of the Republican party if he doesn’t have conservative views on issues like the stimulus!!

  6. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    manbear…that doesn’t make sense to me.

    Do we want representatives that represent their constituents or do we want them to follow a party platform? We will remain on this hamster wheel if we cannot look at issues and promote the interest of the voters. I don’t even know what you view as “conservative” related to the stimulus bill other than that is what the party promoted. What specific part(s) of the bill do you object to? I”d love to have an issue-centered discussion.

    BTW — I honestly do not know whether I support the bill or not. I don’t believe much of it will come to fruition, but I also don’t object to money being spent for infrastructure projects, and subsidies for public programs that are underfunded (VA, Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Senior citizens, etc.)

    party-centered mindsets are what got us into these problems. We need to escape the party mindset and stop letting them tell us what is right and wrong.

  7. manbearpig68 Says:

    The government shouldn’t be bailing any companies out and spending money on useless “investments for our future” Save the useless spending for when we have an excess in our pocket..
    VA, Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Senior citizens, etc. are issues that we need to take care of but not the way we are handling now.. The giant hamster wheel is Dump a bunch of money into the unorganized program after everybody in charge takes their money off the top and then watch the program barely get by…

    I’m not going to argue about party system but people and representatives have to form the party views together and if you get a rogue that is way off track from the rest of majority then the rogue (Spector) needs to be on their way out the door..

  8. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    What is a “useless investment for our future?”

  9. manbearpig68 Says:

    Anything that the liberals claim to be stimulative and is an investment but is not a remedy to the crisis at hand. You would not understand because you are a liberal and that is what you guys do best is spend the money of others. Why not give the money to the people instead of funding porky pig. That is what Specter voted for. There is nothing republican about that. Why did you vote for him in the first place. Why buy margarine when you could have had the real fat butter offered by a democrat?

    Are any of these things stimulative to our failing economy NOW?

    $44 million for repairs at the Agriculture Department headquarters in Washington.

    $200 million to rehabilitate the National Mall.

    $360 million for new child care centers at military bases.

    $1.8 billion to repair National Park Service facilities.

    $276 million to update technology at the State Department.

    $500 million for the Transportation Security Administration to install bomb detectors at airports.

    $600 million for General Services Administration to replace older vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles.

    $2.5 billion to upgrade low-income housing.

    $400 million for NASA scientists to conduct climate change research.

    $426 million to construct facilities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    $800 million to clean up Superfund sites.

    $6.7 billion to renovate and improve energy efficiency at federal buildings.

    $400 million to replace the Social Security Administration’s 30-year-old National Computer Center.

  10. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    Quite frankly, I could answer your question in an adult fashion but I will not engage with someone who uses ad hominems as the foundation for their arguments. I tried to have a meaningful discussion but you quickly reverted to insults and stereotypes. ( i.e., your comment “You would not understand because you are a liberal and that is what you guys do best is spend the money” )

    This is why there will always be division that keeps the masses distracted while the rich and powerful loot us.

    Afrocity is a well-reasoned and well-rounded individual. Unfortunately, not everyone who comments here is of her caliber. There is kool-aid dispensed on both sides of the aisle. I suggest you set that little paper cup down now and then.

  11. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    Well, I’ll leave you with this (speaking in language that fits you):

    “neener neener neener.”

    Sorry Afrocity…can’t seem to find a discussion based on critical thinking here today.

    Check your mail!

  12. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    Oh..and I only approve of the above spending if it’s coming out of YOUR wallet.

    There…that oughta make you feel all proud and superior. Don’t give yourself a contusion beating your own chest.

  13. manbearpig68 Says:

    So I’m an idiot in your eyes. BOTTOM LINE, as the post pointed out.. Anybody that believes the government spending by Democrats is needed, doesn’t need to hang with the Conservative Republicans of today!!

  14. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    RE: How do these things stimulate?

    Unemployment creates a downward spiral as incomes are lowered or non-existent because the tax base is eroded. When the tax base is eroded, necessary funding must be cut; as necessary funding is cut we also suffer from higher local and state taxes to meet the needs of our communities: fire, police, snow removal, road repair, etc., etc..

    All of the following projects (if they are actually enacted, which I’m not so sure they will) should create jobs for not only the actual construction, but all of the collateral manufacturing.


    $44 million for repairs at the Agriculture Department headquarters in Washington.

    $200 million to rehabilitate the National Mall.

    $360 million for new child care centers at military bases.

    $1.8 billion to repair National Park Service facilities.

    $276 million to update technology at the State Department.

    $500 million for the Transportation Security Administration to install bomb detectors at airports.

    $600 million for General Services Administration to replace older vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles.

    $2.5 billion to upgrade low-income housing.

    $426 million to construct facilities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    $800 million to clean up Superfund sites.

    $6.7 billion to renovate and improve energy efficiency at federal buildings.

    $400 million to replace the Social Security Administration’s 30-year-old National Computer Center.

    Without jobs…there is no money to buy the goods and services being produced.

    And I answered your question without a personal attack.

  15. manbearpig68 Says:

    That’s all very short term benefit as far as jobs are concerned and it’s spending money that we don’t have.. If times are tough you make due with what you have and you make cuts, you don’t go out and buy something new. If they made real tax cuts and cut spending the economy will come back around… Republicans are coming together on this issue and people like Spector who are not in line with that need to get the hell out..

  16. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    What is your evidence for short term? By increasing jobs, you increase available income to purchase goods and services which in turn creates more jobs, which creates more income for buying goods and services, etc etc etc. that’s basic supply and demand.

    As for Spector….he’s very popular among repubs, dems and indies here in PA. A loss of Spector will ensure a Dem win.

    I appreciate Spector and will vote for him. Again.

    • sue Says:

      I’m going to pop into this exchange for a second.

      stateofdisbelief, let’s say X amount of dollars are earmarked for building a bridge that leads to nowhere. Let’s say two hundred men work on this project and spend their pay checks on goods and services, which does indeed ripple out into their communities. However, when someone tosses a pebble into a pool of water, the ripples eventually end. The fact that these 200 men are paying for goods and services for a couple of years, hardly seems like the beginings of the creation of MORE jobs. Eventually the bridge is built and those jobs will be gone. And 200 men are on unemployment, and they no longer demand a supply which they can no longer afford. Then what, does Washington fling another wad of tax payer cash to extend a bad response? A flash in the pan at best, and not the help this country needed so badly.

      The stimulus bill is 97% pork project earmarks, and only 3% actual rebuilding of infrastructure.

      In our private lives we don’t ‘spend’ more money to get out of debt. We know intuitively how absurd that is. The same is true for government. In a time when we needed GENUINE efforts to cut back on wasteful spending, Specter protected himself among his peers and voted against his party line. People who voted for him because he is a Republican are his truest constituents, and he failed them miserably!

      • Stateofdisbelief Says:

        Now there’s the seeds of a valid discussion — pork versus infrastructure investment. I do question the source of your percentage statistics; however, I will not disagree that there is “pork.” Here’s the rub however. Where was all this outrage when the “pork” was from the republican side of the aisle the last 8 years? We all lose our power and credibility as constituents when we approach things in this hyper-partisan manner.

        As for spending to get out of debt, there is a difference between organizational and individual strategies for profit and loss inteventions. Many organizations make capital investments to improve future economic status, which places them temporarily into debt, also young people take on college debt as an investment in their future.

        I guess I see the ripple as more dynamic since the demand for goods and services will create the need for more employment, thus giving the unemployed worker a place to go once his task at the “bridge” is over.

        Lastly, I firmly disagree with your unfortunate assessment regarding Spector:

        “People who voted for him because he is a Republican are his truest constituents”

        If people continue behaving in this partisan way we will never see our interests addressed in any meaningful way at the voter level.

  17. stateofdisbelief,

    whether you agree with it or not, arlen specter wears the insignia of “Republican” and it’s up to us Republicans to ensure that the traitor is sent packing. If you want to slap your “Democrat” label onto him and run him against our candidate, go for it. But he’s ours for now, and he’ll be shown our wrath.

  18. J Says:

    What a great poster. And so totally accurate!

  19. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    you are obviously not from PA. Toomey cannot win. But go ahead. Be a party shill. I left the Democratic party because I refuse to be ruled by party control.

  20. paranoidpyro Says:

    Well state, I AM from PA, and I don’t want Specter representing me. I’ll support Toomey against Specter in the primary. And do you know why? Because I don’t feel Specter represents me. If Toomey wins the primary and loses the regular election, well then that sucks for me, doesn’t it?

    And just out of curiousity, were you for or against the Dems kicking Joe Lieberman out of the party in 2006?

    • Stateofdisbelief Says:

      Joe wasn’t “kicked” out of the party. He lost the primary and ran as an independent. Good for him. He won. I had no dog in that fight as the primary was held in his state. I cannot evaluate the job he did for his constituents in that state and that was a closed primary as it will be in PA.

      While I support Spector, I will not vote in the primary and the republicans can choose their candidate. If it’s Toomey, you will lose the needed support of Democrats and Indies. If that’s your choice, you’ll have to live with the outcome. I can live with Spector or a Democrat. I’ll be fine. Unfortunately, if we lose Spector, we lose a lot of clout in Congress and PA will suffer.

  21. manbearpig68 Says:

    Once you do the repairs to something or improve it, Job is done…
    Real tax cuts and Real cuts to spending, increases income for buying goods and services, etc, etc, etc.. That is the conservative view!! The Republicans are circling around this and need to stick to it.

    • sue Says:

      The CORRECT answer!! As today’s winner, you and your family will be sent on an all tax payer paid tour of Cuba, where you will enjoy a wonderful, though steamy, 5 night stay in the world famous ‘Havana Arms Up’. While enjoying Cuba’s sights and sounds you will ride the only bus in the country through the poor neighborhoods not seen by the members of the Black Caucus on their recent visit. Your stay will be highlighted by a visit with Fidel Castro, where he will regale you with his exploits as bully and chief commie in charge of this destitute island country!

    • Stateofdisbelief Says:

      As I posted above, once the job is done the collateral demands caused by the increased employment and income will have created new jobs for the “bridge builder” to go to.

      How do you cut taxes for the unemployed?

    • Stateofdisbelief Says:

      Oh…and by the way, my tax rates went UP under YOUR president. (since you only understand partisan dialog). And I’m not in the top 2% of earners.

      The “conservative” way? c’mon.

      • sue Says:

        Unfortunately for ALL of us, as things are now the process has been split by the two party system. It is a terrible situtation for a number of reasons.

        :Like it or not, the fundamentals of the Republican party platforms are generally reflective of conservatism.

        As far as where were we while Bush was dumping on the country? Well, we were right there under the heap just like you.
        I have answered this question a hundred times and it still amazes me that folks can’t seem to come to the answer on their own.

        YES, we were angry as Bush began to chip away at the Constitution, and then as he snickered about throwing his capitalist principles out the window in order to “save the country”. Angry? Hell yes I was angry!! Then came Obama, who only compounded the mess we were in by astronomical amounts AND began to institute legislation which directly threatens to convert our Republic to a Socialist State.

        So the anger was boiling for quite awhile in the hearts of millions of Americans, not sure how to express that anger effectively.

        Obama started chomping at the bit before he even hit the White House, indicating that he wanted a “Bill on his desk” when he got there and then pressuring congress to “Get it done, this is serious” after the inauguration, it did not bode well for the already pissed off. We watched helplessly as Washington signed the biggest earmarked pork barrel bill in the history of pigs into law, and the tipping point hit, I call it ‘critical mass’, when anger turned to rage. And the fuel of this burning rage has just continued to be stoked by the Obama Administration.

        So I hope this answers the question about “where we were?”

        One last point…when the 200 jobs end on the bridge to nowhere, any “jobs” created because of the money those guys were spending, would by reason also dry up, right? This is not stimulus. Its poor economics. Its making temporary jobs with ‘magic’ money that has yet to be collected from tax payers, who have yet to be born. And with all magic tricks, you eventually hear “POOF”.

  22. boldandbald Says:

    State, you asked if a legislator should vote the way his constituents want or the way his party wants. In my opinion the answer is neither. They should vote the way they feel is correct based on their values and the information available to them. We elect our representatives to make the right choices and lead us in the right direction, not to blindly follow the polls or to play party politics. That is the real problem in Washington right now. there are far too many people that are worried either about getting re-elected or about pleasing their party leaders. They need to be more concerned about doing what they believe to be the right thing for our country.

    As for the stimulus bill, as I see it the argument comes down to who should be stimulating the economy, the government or private business. History has shown that increased government spending does not help the economy either in the long run or the short run. What Washington needs to do is create an environment where private businesses can be successful, and then they will hire more people who will be able to buy more goods etc. By increasing taxes on the more successful people in this country they are punishing success instead of rewarding it, and that will only lead to less investment and fewer people being employed.

  23. TorchWood Says:

    State I’m actually gonna move my registration from DE to PA to get rid of Arlen Specter. Health issues aside, I have not been able to stand him since ANITA HILL. Remember that? In the time since then, it seems that he has done his utmost to earn my comtempt from voting for the war to not questioning Bush’s underlings as the chair of the Judiciary committee.

    Frankly, PA gets exactly what it deserves if it keeps this dinosaur in office.

    • Stateofdisbelief Says:

      Where was your outrage over the Anita Hill incident in 1991? This strategy of dredging up old stuff your party didn’t care one bit about before just to fluff up your argument is so transparent. Quite frankly, you can eat your young if you wish. Getting rid of Specter only means we’ll have two Dem Senators in PA. We need the EFCA vote anyway. Thanks.

  24. outsidephilly Says:

    When the senator was “visit[ing] the police department in Darby, Pa. … to hand out $221,000 in federal stimulus money”, I thought, HUH?

    And when Mr. Specter voted on the stimulus bill, many residents from Delaware County, where Darby is located, phoned his office only to get a busy signal. Mr. Specter refused to ‘listen’ to his Pennsylvania residents!

    He’ll not be getting many votes from this part of PA!

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