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The Truth About Obama and Race Baiters April 18, 2009


I am seriously beginning to believe all the “historic moment” hype about Obama’s presidency. And it is not because Obama is our first president of color either. Seeing as how race baiting played such a considerable role in mediating Obama’s triumph and eliminating any criticism of him no matter how thoughtfully crafted, I would say we are living in a historic moment. The racial innuendos and special attention given to Obamas feelings, with the mainstream media urging everyone to realize a moment in history like no other. No other indeed. The liberals demand that you must be convincing in your acceptance of Obama as our first African American president. Your mannerisms when you speak of him must be without question those of genuine admiration. SMILE you are not racist. Yes we are indeed living a historic moment because I feel like I was just transported back to the 1950’s McCarthy Era.

You know how the far liberal left is always looking for subtle ways to establish their commitment to freedom and democracy, right?


Nowhere are the distinctions between true claims of racism and race baiting more apparent than the celebrity media darlings of the left, and most notably when they get together with various journalist Obamabutt personalities.

I used to like Janeane Garofolo. One of my favorite romantic comedies is The Truth About Cats and Dogs. In that movie she played the smart, snarky host of a radio talk show about pets. She unwisely switches places with Uma Thurman when the man of her dreams wants to meet her in the flesh and the poor fellow falls in love with Uma’s looks and Janeane’s personality. During the entire movie I am cheering Janeane’s character on and even bought the soundtrack afterward. Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel” is one of my favorite songs to this day. Now I find myself wondering how can Jeanne go from this:

To this:

My largest concern about race baiting lies in its possible effects. Janeane you are not helping minorities. You are not helping the fight against racism. Your girl who cried racism act only trivializes a topic that is a very serious and legitimate concern in our country. This wave of race baiting is a deliberate effort by the liberals to create a manipulative propaganda campaign for Barack Obama from 2008-2012. It seems likely that the Obama manic media outlets are all too willing to set the stage for these phony public outcries, resulting in the restraint of liberty and free speech by employing intimidation, ridicule and censorship.

My favorite conservative blog American Thinker posed a question for Ms. Garofolo:

American Thinker
April 18, 2009
A question for Garofalo
by Doug Powers

“There’s a very simple question that, should someone in the media should ask Janeane Garofalo the next time she’s a guest on their program. I’d gladly donate to their favorite charity if they do.

Here’s that question:

“Ms. Garofalo, if somebody on the political right disagrees with America’s first black president and calls him a socialist, you claim that critic is a ‘racist redneck.’ If somebody is on the political left and disagrees with the first African-American Chairman of the RNC and calls him ‘self-loathing,’ you say that critic is a ‘progressive.’ Do you believe that a white person deciding which blacks deserve protection and which don’t is not a form of racism?”

Meanwhile Lloyd Marcus, President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of

Ms Garafalo, HOW DARE YOU! Calling hard working, decent American taxpayers ‘racist tea bagging rednecks’ simply because they protest outrageous government spending is evil.

Your irresponsible divisive accusation fuels the flames of racial hatred and could inspire violence against whites.

Your arrogance in saying that I suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome” because I am a black man who loves his country and my fellow Americans is beyond measure.

I can not begin to express how offensive it is for me to hear narcissistic superior liberals lecturing me on why I should view myself as a victim and hate white America. You are sick, evil or both.

As a black man, I ask that you please confine your liberal insulting rhetoric on my behalf to your elitist cocktail parties where you pat yourselves on the back for the number of blacks on your guest list.

The American people are good. Obama was elected president, NOT King. We have a right and duty to protest against policies we believe to be wrong for America. Why? Because freedom isn’t free!

Your despicable lies only embolden us patriots to stand tall, united, and strong for America.

Lloyd Marcus, Songwriter & Vocalist of the “American Tea Party Anthem”.

With that I will again post video of Lloyd’s “American Tea Party Anthem”

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20 Responses to “The Truth About Obama and Race Baiters”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Excellent post. I followed you over here from The Confluence and I’m glad you started your own blog. So, here’s the question? How can more African Americans be brought to the realization that the Democratic party isn’t interested in lifting them up, but rather keeping them down? I think a lot of white people on the right and in the middle see it, but don’t think we have the credibility to say anything. I mean, look at Rush Limbaugh, he sees it and drives the point home constantly, but he’s portrayed as racist. Is the black conservative movement big and strong enough to make a difference?

    • afrocity Says:

      When many African Americans see that King’s vision was really for them to be self reliant. Government programs only create dependence. I have noticed the “Barack is gonna help us” cries getting louder. I am sure that no one woke up the day after the inauguration and felt the change. The stimulus is not stimulative enough for many and some are becoming disgruntled with him. The point is no one should look to one man or political partyy as a savior.

      Regarding who has the ‘credibility” to call the DEMS out concerning African Americans it does not matter whether or not you are black or white. More Blacks should speak out but when we are in such small numbers, black conservatives such as Michael Steele get branded as race traitors and affirmative action for the GOP.

  2. twobigboobs Says:

    Great blog! It was very interesting to read about your experience in the 2008 election on your About section.

    Janeane Garofalo has clearly exposed herself as an intellectual lightweight, like most far-left goons like her. Her superiority complex, clearly on display during the Olbermann interview, is frankly hilarious.

    Please check out my post on the topic at

  3. DYB Says:

    Frankly, Melissa, the Republican party isn’t interested in lifting anyone up either – except their own self-interests. Both of our major political parties are failures.

    Someone like Garofalo really is a person who looks at her cocktail party guest list and wonders if it’s diverse enough. Her statements on Countdown the last few times she’s been on have been beyond the pale. She’s a lunatic.

    • afrocity Says:

      DYB you are absolutely correct on both counts. The Republican party is not interested lifting anyone up because we believe in doing for ourselves as individuals. America is a great country and we have the freedom to make as little or as much of our lives as we would like to.

      And yes, Garofolo is a lunatic.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Frankly DYB, I don’t recall saying that the Republican party was going to lift anyone up. 🙂

  5. sue Says:

    WOW!! Awesome post afrocity! I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I’m almost 58 years old, and I have never been accused of being a racist by so many vitriolic pale people! Its like being in some sort of bizarre backwards universe. If anyone has a right to say WHO is racist, it should be the person or persons experiencing the bigotry.

    I was so impressed with how beautifully Lloyd Marcus put the smack down on Garofolo for appointing herself to the position of spokesperson for a whole segment of our society of which she is not a member. Thank you Mr. Marcus!!

    And Thank YOU afrocity for this great post!

  6. melmaguire Says:

    That woman (Jeneane Garofolo) is so full of herself she should hang a cup out her ass to catch the excess.

    Pardon the language, but I’d really like some PROOF that I’m a racist before some self-loathing liberal white elitist media whore starts rapping my proverbial knuckles for such a crime. I’m a lesbian in America, don’t preach to me about hate, sugar. You wanna say that crap to assuage your own guilt, then don’t lump me in, honey.

    Thanks for posting this, Afrocity. I think I might link that video in the next couple of days. I can’t believe the nerve of some of the people in this country…

  7. AM2 Says:

    Hi Afrocity

    I love your blog! and it’s so refreshing to meet another let’s say “Person of Color” (I am Asian) that can see it clearly and not be fooled by the democratic race card game. I feel like I am in the closet of not supporting Obama because all my friends are all extremely liberal! once I just said something about Obama is raising tax and it’s not right they got so mad! but anyway, I am looking forward for your new posting! and it’s great to know that I am not the only one who is not white and feel that i don’t have to like or support obama’s policy and ideas to be “normal”. keep up the great work!

  8. BlueCanuck Says:

    I remember when I was attracted to this woman. Unfortunately as time went on and she opened her mouth more and more, the attraction wore off. It has gone so far that I am actually repulsed by her. I will still watch movies/shows she’s in, just because she’s a good actress. I just won’t listen to her opinion. Her opinion has been far left since the 90’s at the latest.

  9. WMCB Says:

    These last two years have really opened my eyes. I have seen more hate and bitterness and condescension coming from the left than I have ever seen coming from the right.

    I think now that it was always there – I just chose not to see it.

  10. LJSNAustin Says:

    I’m trying to do some clean-up ’cause Janeanne MOONBAT made me throw up a bit.

  11. bellamags Says:

    Kieth Overbite is a complete f*&%g a**hole.

    I am never watching 24 again. I love that show, but now that Ms. Garafalo has been cast, I am boycotting. I am so angry right now, I have heartburn.

    Us big Limbic Brain people are the ones who fight for freedom and ensure your right to free speech so you can spread lies, racism, hate and fear, you bitch.

  12. boldandbald Says:

    Great post Afrocity. Garofalo might sound pretty smart, if I didn’t have a brain of my own. I find it interesting how the liberals tend to attribute all of their faults onto the right. She talks about how all of those people at the tea parties were just ready to cross over into real violence, yet from what I have heard all of the parties, which took place all over the country, resulted in very little trouble. Can the left say the same thing about their protests? Seems to me that every time they get together to protest something, large numbers of them end up in jail. Hypocrites, that is what they are.

  13. paranoidpyro Says:

    Man, does anybody remember the good old days (about 8 months ago) when dissent was considered the highest form of patriotism by people like her and Keith? You know, the days when equating Bush to Hitler was an artistic expression (whereas say, calling Obama a Fascist will prove that you need to be mocked on CNN live for all of its 200 viewers to see).

  14. Woman Voter Says:

    Hi Afrocity,

    Just dropped in to say Hello and read your post.
    Rachael has some serious issues and funny she never called out Keith Olbermann for his misogyny during the primaries.

  15. Robor Says:

    Hi, Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Thank you

  16. Nancy Says:

    I just sent an email to News Corp/askfox and told them I am never watching 24 again unless it turns out that Garfolo’s character is a traitor and Jack is going to shoot her.

    Sick I know, but I am sick of her crap.

    Afrocity, I am soooo happy you have started this blog!

  17. TheRealKim Says:

    Dissent is not allowed anymore, this is becoming f^&king unbelievable. I’m not allowed to just not like someone because of their views or maybe because of a personality conflict, now if I don’t like someone, it JUST MUST be because of race, creed, color or religion. BULLSHIT!!!

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