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Obamacrat Liberals and Phony Claims of Tea Party Racism April 17, 2009


Uh-oh !Someone should tell this African American tea party participant that the liberals can’t see him.

Not the race card again. Didn’t we have enough of that during the Democratic primaries? For the love of Tin Tin you got Obama in office. When will it ever end????

If the Obama presidency was supposed to put an end to liberals claiming that America is a racist country then so far it has been a spectacular failure.

While perusing the internet I found this lovely question:

Ok, I’m not a racist or anything, but, Atlanta is 90% black people, I’ve been there alot, so how come I don’t see no black people at the tea parties there?.. I’m looking at the news and there’s zero.. I’ve been to Atlanta, and there’s alot of black folks there, but in the news you can’t see them. Try not to say I’m a racist because I’m truly not, I’m just wondering… The tea parties aren’t just for democrats, it’s for everyone.. So, where did all the white people come from? The suburbs?

If you think that sounds stupid then take a look at several answers to the poster’s question:

1. As already stated, the Teabagging thing is very much a GOP/right wing thing, and intended as such.It would get much support from the black community under most circumstances. Given the current president… yeah, not going to happen.

2. The tea bagging parties were ESPECIALLY for Republicans… with Republican ideals. Failed ones. Don’t blame black people for having some sense to stay home.

3. So, your saying that.. that there aren’t black republicans? Wish I was black so I can get some free stuff.

Is it just me or do you any of you notice that since Obama came onto the scene there has been more racial and class division than in other time in recent decades? The Obamacrats call Republicans racist but my ears must deceive me because I have heard more racist remarks from the Democrats than I have ever…EVER heard from Republicans. The tea parties are about calling out big government. Unfortunately I was looking at the tea party footage for the wrong reasons according to the Obamabots, I should have been looking for the black people that weren’t there, and Fox News correspondents that set this tea party stuff on on their own (yeah right).

Here is a photo that an Obamabot described as “a racist tea bagger”

Yep, he looks like a racist to me.

Yep, he looks like a racist to me.

So what exactly is racist about this protester?

Let’s be clear about what racism really is:

This is Racism

This is Racism

Do you understand Obamacrats? Please stop it with your phony claims of racism and race baiting. It is getting so old.

And if you need more proof that people of color were at the tea party – because we do pay our taxes you know Michael Savage (rolls eyes), the take a look at this video of Dallas activist Katrina Pierson at guess what THE DALLAS TEA PARTY. OOOW I SEE PEOPLE OF COLOR. SOMEONE TELL THE OBAMACRATS TO KIDNAP HER.

Seriously though, this is a great speech and as a former child on welfare I applaud Katrina. She is a patriot.

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39 Responses to “Obamacrat Liberals and Phony Claims of Tea Party Racism”

  1. Lisa Says:


    That man in your first picture that served our country for 22 years was in Denver, Colorado and not D.C. My friends and I met him when we went to the tea party there.

  2. garychapelhill Says:


    according to jeanine garafolo she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. How does she get away with that without being called a racist?

  3. DYB Says:

    That Garofallo interview with KO was disgusting. But you can get away with what she said because she’s trashing people who don’t support Barky.

    The only issue I would take with afrocity’s article is that liberals are accusing people of racism. Democrats and liberals are not synonymous terms. There are not many liberal Democrats; Obama certainly isn’t – at least not on social issues. Perhaps we should make the distinction between social and fiscal liberals/conservatives, though. I think we need 4 parties.

    • afrocity Says:

      Point taken DYB. I am center right in my beliefs but my pro-choice stance makes me socially liberal. The thing that frustrates me is that many liberals believe that all conservatives are bible thumping racist zealots. Many of us are pro-choice. Not all of us are like Ann Coulter or Rush, though they don’t bother me that much. Rush can be a big mouth but many of the things he is saying about Obama and his administration is correct.

      • DYB Says:

        I agree completely. I have a friend who is very conservative and is an atheist. The only issue on which she parts company with conservatives is her full support for gay rights, including gay marriage. But on all other issues she’s as conservative as they come. She thinks Bush is the greatest President of all time and the Iraq War the greatest of all wars. She worships Ann and Rush.

        This is where the two-party system as we all know it makes no sense to me. Everyone’s beliefs are actually fairly complex and placing oneself under an umbrella of one party just seems so incredibly limiting. I love Paul Krugman, for example, and he’s been one of the very few real liberals bashing Obama’s economic ideas. But whisper the word “Republican” in his ear and he has a seizure. Suddenly he forgets that he hates Obama’s ideas and starts bashing Republican ideas, and praising Democrats as a group. I can’t understand that kind of tunnel thinking, not anymore anyway.

  4. TorchWood Says:

    Afrocity, you are so added to my “must read at least 3x’s daily list”. I was wondering when it was coming. It’s sad because when you strip away all their arguements, the race card is all the Obamatrons and many african americans have to play.

    And you’re right, it’s getting tired. I give it about another year before the “Blacklash” hits. Meaning that 1) people are going to get tired of the constant “racism” whine 2) white guilt will wear off and 3) a dwindling number of jobs will result in social darwinism (survival of the fittest).

    Mark my words.

    • Janis Says:

      the sad thing is that the race cards ISN’T all the African Americans have to play. It’s not lying to say they’ve gotten a raw deal from the country and continue to have an uphill climb relative to most other people.

      But to hitch their wagon to this nobody?! He’s like that mirror in the Harry Potter book that shows you whatever you want to see most — but it can only do that because a mirror is EMPTY of any content of its own.

      I don’t dare say this around a liberal white person or else they’ll fall all over themselves submitting their inherent superiority over silly Bunker racist me, but it’s heartbreaking to see black Americans who have worked and fought and achieved so much in the past century flush all that capital down the toilet to support a crooked empty suit who only remembered he was black when it became politically useful to him. 😦

      • afrocity Says:

        Janis, I believe the larger problem is African Americans allowing themselves to be a part of the identity politics and one issue voters of the DNC.

        I have heard many Blacks including my dad looking for Obama to save them. I am firmly in the government staying our lives camp.

        Maybe we did get a raw deal but unlike Michelle Obama I do not feel that this is a “mean country” and I think we all have equal opportunity to succeed.

      • Janis Says:

        African Americans (and all women of all colors) allowing themselves to be totally taken for granted …

        I’ve always had more sympathy for the Log Cabin people than most liberals I know … I know that the R’s are historically no friend to gay and lesbian politics, but I’ve often asked myself, “So what’s a gay man or lesbian supposed to do if they honestly do believe in low taxes and small government?”

        And there’s also the part of me as a pro-choice woman who is sick of being hoisted on THAT single issue, and who wants to register as R just to slap the other side from taking us for granted. Sometimes I think it’s the most radical thing a woman of any color can do.

        Sorry; I’m still thinking about all this. This is new territory for me.

  5. Janis Says:

    Garofalo had better watch herself; we wops have only ever been white or black at the whims of other people’s politics. She’s not as white as she thinks she is, ahd her upper-crust white-collar liberal friends won’t hesitate to let her know it when she fails to toe the line.

    • afrocity Says:

      What Garofalo interview? I missed that. If it was on KO I did not see it because I do not watch MSNBC. I used to like so many actors before the election. Now it is difficult to separate their politics from their work. Jaimie Foxx was so good in “Ray” but now such an Obamabutt.

      • Janis Says:

        🙂 That’s one of the reasons why I like actors and singers to just perform, then STFU and go home. I don’t WANT to breach that fourth wall.

      • afrocity Says:

        Bill O’reilly says it’s my 10 bucks.

        I am not boycotting Sean Penn by the way. Bill-O has the right to if he wants and I don’t understand why the MSM made such a big deal about it.

      • DYB Says:

        This Garofalo interview was on KO several weeks ago. The Daily Howler had a write-up about it with extensive quotes; that’s how I learned of it. (Definitely not by watching it!) Garofalo said that any black Republican (I think she specifically named Michael Steele) and any woman Republican has mental problems, including Stockholm Syndrome.

      • kimberly Says:

        omgoodness… you didnt see the tape? Gerofalo has lost her ever loving marbles….

  6. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    I must admit, I don’t understand the backlash against “big government.” I can’t imagine anyone left or center left railing against that. For me that’s the problem with tea parties. There was no common cause.

    I want there to be government oversight on corporations — otherwise you end up with things like the stripped down FDA that Bush left us with which leads to salmonella-tainted foods all across the spectrum. “Big Government” does play an important role and our taxes are well spent when they go to ensure that corporations are not on “the honor system.” However, handing over billions and billions of dollars to a banking and finance system that squandered our money in the first place *is* wrong. So many people thought this was what the tea parties were about; however, you would be strained to find a majority consensus. Just my humble opinion.

    • Kirly Says:

      why would you expect a majority consensus from a grass roots movement? did you not see the signs? they were all handmade and they were all different! why do you NEED to see a majority consensus? these people were not lead there by some person or group. They went there of their own volition because they believe they are taxed enough already.

      you can’t imagine ANYONE railing against big government? are you kidding me? read the constitution for crying out loud! 90% of what the Federal Govt does, it has no right to do!

      If you think the govt should fund idiotic studies about some snail darter and that the money is well spent and that you’re not Taxed Enough Already, then send ’em a full 75% of your income. Hell, send it all in!

      Also, yes, giving billions and billions to banking and financial institutions was wrong under Bush. And giving exponentially more under Obama is even more wrong. for the record, I opposed ALL of it!

      Corporations are NOT inherently evil. Most of us have jobs in corporations and thanks to corporations and capitalism.

      • kimberly Says:

        “I dont understand the backlash against “big government”….

        I would have to agree with Kirly and direct you to the Constitution.

        These Tea Parties was one of the most humble exspiriences that i have ever had…

  7. Countrygirl Says:

    First of all kudos for your blog, I’ve just discovered and I like it. You know the racist card aka you vote a right party is played also here in Italy…I mean if you are against a wild immigration and vote a center/right party you are a racist…In some italian blogs during US election other bloggers and myself stood fo McCain and guess what other italians bloggers said that we were racist…..

    I thin liberal-lefty people are all the same around the world I you don’t think like them you are racist/ignorant/bigoted (take your pick)

  8. Conservative in Liberal Hands Says:

    Thank you for speaking about the real issues with the DNC. Does it seem as if their agendas are geared to keep minorities as disenfranchised and disaffected castoffs of the DNC’s Great American society?

  9. manbearpig68 Says:

    Liberals suck ass and all have their head in the sand for sure!! Tea parties prove it.. It’s one of the most American actions seen in a long time. People want there voice to be heard and representation in DC that will be responsible financially.. The government is taking loads and loads of our money and screwing us all the way down the line.. The Liberals and all their media portrayed it differently because they like being controlled, taken care of, not to have to think, etc, etc, A giant government nipple to suck on!!!

    As far a racism, this presidency has proven how far back we are as a culture except we can reverse a few things.. The people that thought that they have always been fighting for civil rights are the ones that are promoting racism now. All I ever really heard from people that didn’t like Obama was that they didn’t like his ideas, background etc.. I didn’t hear any conservative people say “I don’t like him cause he’s black” but a liberal supporter of Obama would jump on them right away and yell racist…

    Liberals call a black person a sell out for having conservative views is the ultimate racist remark.. They are basically saying that the black person can’t think for themselves.

  10. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    yikes! I guess I suck ass — I am a liberal. Labels are what sucks. They don’t allow people to have rational discussions about the issues. I’m guessing if we could shed our labels we might find that we agree on more that we thought.

  11. IslandLibertarian Says:

    So, what can I say about racism at Tea Parties?
    I was in the minority at the HONOLULU Tea Party.
    See, I’m a Haole, a Caucasian, white…….
    There were Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Philippine Islanders, African Americans, Hispanic……..but I guess we were all racists………
    Power to the Correct People!
    (Gorofolo is so incorrect.)

  12. manbearpig68 Says:

    I will agree to labels and there probably are a lot of issues that we would agree on.. Just like I don’t want be grouped with somebody like Timothy McVeigh.. So I’ll say the people who back the Representatives and Presidents that take all our money and are selling our future, Suck Ass!!

  13. J Says:

    The whole reason for these tea parties is that people are tired of big government interfering in their lives where they have no business being. Conservative people believe that government is there to run the business of the country, handle border and trade disputes, self defense, infrastructure development issues, public safety, and things like that. That’s what taxes are for!
    Not to bail out private enterprise in the form of banks, auto manufacturers and insurance companies.
    Nor are conservatives content to pay even more taxes in the form of welfare payments or income redistribution to individuals who are happy NOT to work and whose goal is to work the system so they never do. Nor those whose priorities are out of kilter that they’d prefer to buy luxury goods first over their own shelter or sustenance.

  14. J Says:

    Bye the way this crosses all boundaries concerning race. It’s people who have a work ethic and pride in their accomplishments and strive to succeed over those that are happy to take and take and then moan about hard done by they are.

  15. DYB Says:

    SoD> I think there’s a poster here we should just ignore. I think the anger over the bailouts is grassroots. But the tea-parties were astroturfed. These tea-parties was the Republican party taking something their beloved Bush started (bailouts), and turning it against Obama/Democrats and Liberals – once again proving that they play this game better than Dimocrats (who can’t hear the rumblings at the gates.)

    • Kirly Says:

      well, that’s an interesting opinion but you have no evidence that it has any relation to reality.

      the people at the tea parties are people like ME who opposed the bailouts under BOTH admins.

      • DYB Says:

        You might have opposed bailouts under both administrations, and no doubt there are others like you. But I don’t remember tea-parties opposing Bush’s bailouts. The outrage is new. THAT’S reality.

      • Kirly Says:

        DYB said “You might have opposed bailouts under both administrations, and no doubt there are others like you. But I don’t remember tea-parties opposing Bush’s bailouts. The outrage is new. THAT’S reality.”

        The outrage is due to the CONTINUOUS repetitious bailouts. The one back in september was dubbed a one time thing. Turned out not to be true. so, after TRILLIONS rather than BILLIONS, the outrage builds.

        With your reasoning, if I don’t get absolutely OUTRAGED the very first time something annoys me, then i have some nefarious purpose. Why don’t you just spell out what you think that nefarious purpose is?

      • DYB Says:

        Frankly, yes, you should have been outraged when billions of dollars were handed out by Bush.

      • Kirly Says:

        “Frankly, yes, you should have been outraged when billions of dollars were handed out by Bush.”

        I WAS. plain enough for you?

        were YOU outraged? if so, what did you do? did you create a handmade sign and go out and picket? well, did you?

        furthermore, are you unaware that Americans are patient and generous. When told it’s a one shot deal, they believed it.

        so, spell it out why YOU think i wasn’t really outraged during the Bush admin.

      • kimberly Says:

        You are right Kirly….

        A LOT of people where VERY upset about the Bush bailouts…. then OB came along and continued on the same path. Many people (both parties) dont want any of this spending. If Bush was still in office and started spending more money like OB is doing you better believe that there would still be people out there protesting.

        The tea parties are a true Grassroots formation. Here in San Diego we have a really great group of people that organize the rallys. they are also renting time on the San Diego airwaves.

        Now maybe the tea parties are astroturf in your area but definatly not here.

  16. J Says:

    I think you should be ignored simply because you parrot what you’re told and don’t even look at evidence to the contrary.

    This was not Republican AstroTurf. This was not a well organized well financed protest. There were no mass produced signs, unlike Soros/Democrat supported

    The media did not promote or mention tea party events, in fact there was little to no coverage on this in the main stream media and what there was during the tea party events was entirely biased.

    This was a movement that people sought out over the internet on their own., because in the end IT”S THEIR MONEY BEING TAKEN FROM THEM AND SPENT UNWISELY.

    • helpusall Says:

      My Tea Party was organized by a unemployed construction worker here in Florida. I get upset when the MSM try to make it as if it was a Republican event, we had Dems, Indep and Reps there, also people of all color. WE THE PEOPLE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. The Tea Parties were not about taxes but about trillions in spending. This President has spent more in less than 100 days than was spent from George Washington thru George Bush combined, that includes all the wars fought. This is INSANE!!!!!!!!

      Also, the Tea Parties were calm and fun not like Lib rallies with vulgar words and rowdy. I WAS SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AT MINE, as I am sure all there were.

  17. manbearpig68 Says:

    Who cares about whether it’s Grassroots or as Pelosi says “astroturfed”. This is people pissed off at bailouts, government spending and on. Yes, Bush started it and I’m sure most people like Kirly would say they were against that as well, but what Bush did as far as a bailout is concerned is a drop in the bucket compared to what Obama is doing and what is on the Agenda.

  18. manbearpig68 Says:

    Real Grass Roots campaigns start with people like Obama has working for him:

    University of California
    Goldman Sachs
    Microsoft Corp
    Harvard University
    Google Inc
    Citigroup Inc
    JP Morgan Chase & Co
    Stanford University
    Sidley Austin LLP
    Time Warner
    National Amusements Inc
    UBS AG
    IBM Corp
    Skadden, Arps et al
    Columbia University
    Morgan Stanley
    General Electric
    Latham & Watkins

  19. RalphB Says:

    Wow, Katrina Pierson is just wonderful. She’s a shining example of someone who can think and act for herself.

    Thanks for posting the video afrocity and for having a great blog.

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