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Hypocrisy Files: If It Were Not For “Whining Liberals”, Blacks Would Still Be Slaves April 11, 2009

This idiot thought it was Sarah Palin that said the US had 57 States. She was wrong. It was Barack Obama

This idiot thought it was Sarah Palin that said the US had 57 States. She was wrong. It was Barack Obama

You’ve got to love the many liberals that claim they are for equal rights and diversity yet when presented with opinions that differ from their own, they became verbally abusive and sometimes even racist.

I once had a self described liberal Obamabot say to me :

“I didn’t know that they allowed Blacks to be conservatives”

Now why do get the feeling that when those on the far left understand that I am a Republican, they dispatch the Bloodhounds to hunt me down in order to bring back to the DNC plantation where I belong?

Iron mask, collar, leg shackles and spurs used to restrict African Americans who leave the DNC plantation. No I am just teasing you. This is a rare woodcut print of shackles used to restrain slaves. ca. 1807 by Samuel Wood.  Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Iron mask, collar, leg shackles and spurs used to restrict African Americans who leave the DNC plantation. No I am just teasing you. This is a rare woodcut print of shackles used to restrain slaves. ca. 1807 by Samuel Wood. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Now wait a minute. I thought that conservatives were supposed to be the racists and the liberals were the good guys who believe that African Americans can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.


It seems that whenever poor little ol’ me Black Afrocity attempts to express myself as a conservative, I get put back in my place and told that I had better get back to the plantation of victimhood that the Democrats created for my people. How dare I explore political ideologies outside of liberalism. It is also like not wanting me to learn how to read. Once it is learned that I can read, I am ridiculed for it and reminded how good the “master” is to me.

For example, take the following statement that a woman on another blog made to me upon learning that I was a conservative. I told her that I thought liberals were whiny. This angered her and she retorted with this:

Would this be a really bad time to bring up the fact that, were it not for liberals “whining,” you’d still be sitting in the back of the bus?


So now the liberal argument is that only liberals contributed in the fight for civil rights.

Another poster said I was ignorant and uneducated and that I could not read. Now if I was a liberal and he said that to me then he would be a racist because he is assuming that I am uneducated and ignorant…Why I do not know. However because I am a conservative that makes the statement not racist and therefore it is okay. Remember you cannot ever criticize Obama because that will make you a a racist.

What we are discussing here is a popular tactic of Democrats and the left. Demonize all Republicans and conservatives as racist so African Americans and other minorities including women and gays will stay loyal to the Democrats because we “owe” them.

For the record Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and so was Martin Luther King. Obama failed to mention that fact during his campaign and subsequent “Lincolnesque” inaugural dinner.

Did you know that:

In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

It was actually the Democrats who supported slavery. During the Reconstruction Era, Republicans supported African Americans and nearly all Blacks were Republicans until the 1930’s. Even President Eisenhower received large majorities of African American votes in his 1952 and 1956 elections.

John F. Kennedy’s record on civil rights is often exaggerated.

As the senator from Massachusettes, JFK passed on the chance to vote on the 1957 Civil Rights Act which was supported by Lyndon B.Johnson. It was passed with the help of Republicans.

Later JFK passed a watered- down version of the bill in 1964 because he was worried that the Black vote might return to the Republicans.

Democrats have wrongfully attributed the success of the civil rights movement to themselves without giving any credit to Republicans.

If Democrats take the credit for my not having to sit at the back of a bus, why don’t they not take the blame for the many unsuccessful programs they implemented which caused the victimization and dependence of African Americans on the US government to take care of their problems rather than relying upon themselves?

After all what would be better for African Americans?



Or This or Something Better


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11 Responses to “Hypocrisy Files: If It Were Not For “Whining Liberals”, Blacks Would Still Be Slaves”

  1. swanspirit Says:

    This is a great post Afrocity …. I love the acute perception which you articulate so well..
    I dont stand up so strongly to ignorance. as you … sometimes the sheer amount of it just stuns me …..

  2. HT Says:

    Afrocity, I generally lurk at blogs and rarely post, but just had to come out of the dark here – probably for the only time, although I’ve bookmarked you and will return often. I’m one of Gary’s number one fans, so found you initially at TC. When you sorta left, I was sad, but delighted when you started posting at Widdershins. So good to see your intelligent contributions on the conservative side. I’m one of those dreaded liberals, the old school socially liberal, fiscally conservative types, but truly appreciate all sides as long as they are intelligent and considered.
    I’m from a long line of mixed political credos, but mainly liberal. Those comments to you are so superficial and offensive, that I cannot in good conscience attribute them to a “liberal” as I couldn’t indicate some of the worst excesses of liberal hatred to a conservice. These types of comments, and the people who utter them are more indicative of the ultra left “progressives”, and the ultra right “neocons”. Neither group really gives a thought to what they spout, nor do they do much investigation of an historical nature. They are syncophants, repeating mindlessly a drill that has been drummed into them by their chosen idol(s). Do not let them bother you, because, ultimately, in the scheme of things, they are like lemmings. They will follow their heros off the cliff into irrelevancy, much like Joe McCarthy’s followers did (Joe was a Republican). Blame all around, however, it is or should be focused on the zealots, the people who need to have a cause so badly that they ignore the needs of the people, the laws and common sense in order to acheive their own ends.

  3. shtuey Says:

    Love your blog! Keep going!

    Into my blogroll you go.

  4. HT Says:

    One last little observation before I go into lurker mode. One of the major problems I’ve noted in visiting various places (blogs, news media etc) is the “Us against them” theme. I.E. The Conservatives said/did this, the Liberals said/did this, the Neos of both striped said/did this ad nauseum. It reminds me of a narrative I used to play for my kids from Free to be you and me – Dudley Pippin! It wasn’t me!
    Whoever is behind this global screw up – it’s to their benefit to divide people, and what better way than to pit them against each other. First rule, label them. Second rule, get them to identify themselves and everyone they know (or with whom they have contact) with one or the other label. Third, attribute everything that is wrong to one or the other label, then get the groups activated against each other. It doesn’t matter historically, or on the lowest level whether people actually fall into that label, it only matters that you’ve got them fighting one another. As long as people are blinded by these internecine fights, they won’t stop, take a long, common sense look, find their commonalities and get together to work on them.
    It is in the best interests of the power structure to keep people at each others’ throats so they can’t look behind the curtain and see the man pulling the levers. I don’t know what the solution is, however, I believe it is time to stop labeling people as a group, and start drilling down to the individual level – If Bill O’Reilly spurts some nonsense, that doesn’t mean that all conservatives believe it and If Keith Olberman spouts tripe, that doesn’t mean that all liberals believe it, so why do we insist in buying into that trope? Rant ended. Hope you don’t mind me lurking.

  5. afrocity Says:

    No HT, do not go into lurker mode!!!! I love that puppy avatar way too much

    I love your comments from TC.

    I will write more but in a bit as I am cooking an Easter meal,
    Good observation about O’Reilly and Olberman. That includes the whole Rush Limbaugh is the face of the GOP debacle. The idea was to marginalize the GOP due to liberals dislike of Rush. I listen to Rush from time to time but I certainly don’t agree with everything he says.

    When I speak to my liberal friends many of them are actually quite conservative when it comes to financial matters. They are one issue voters which is also something I do not advocate.

  6. LesbianNeoCon Says:

    ***“I didn’t know that they allowed Blacks to be conservatives”***

    If that ain’t a racist statement, then I don’t know what is. I find liberals to be some of the biggest intolerant hypocrites. Ironically, they see themselves as the shining beacons of enlightenment. Idiots, one and all.

  7. boldandbald Says:

    An excellent post Afrocity. I love that you pointed out the leadership of the Republican party on the civil rights issue. Far too many people are completely ignorant of those facts. For example, James Bevel, who first called for the March on Washington and the Selma to Montgomery march to promote civil rights, was a Republican, while the pro-segregationist multi-term governor of Alabama, George Wallace, was a democrat. I think the Republican party really needs to start educating people better on these facts. Keep up the good work.

  8. the commenter Says:

    Yes! Yes! and double yes!!! I’m definitely bookmarking your blog

  9. AnnaHopn Says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  10. Flu-Bird Says:

    All this nonsense of reparations for slavery its just another way for those crooked miserble trial lawyers to make a quick buck and for jessie jackason to get up on his soap box and berate us for not caring enough IM FED UP WITH THEM ALL

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