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Reporting While Obamacated:Which One’s Deadlier? Your Gun or Rick Sanchez’s Car?: April 10, 2009

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This post is dedicated to Uber 😉

Well what do ya know? More liberal hypocrisy from CNN’s Rick Sanchez as he slams Bill O’reilly and the conservative gang at FOX NEWS for the recent outbreaks of violence on “Main Street America” . Sanchez blames Fox News for conjuring thoughts of fear and violence within the weak minds of its viewers.

Sanchez claims that the Pittsburgh shooter of three policemen “no doubt” listened to Fox News and “Right Wing” Radio.

Sanchez then has a discussion with a 2nd Amendment supporter . I don’t have to tell you how it turns out but you be the judge.

Watching this is actually quite hilarious.

Sanchez berates O’Reilly, Beck, and Hannity for overly dramatic reporting  and being hard right loons yet this interview, particularly his tone makes him look like a Fox wannabe.

Besides what makes Rick Sanchez think he can fairly judge those who support 2nd Amendment rights?

Isn’t this the same Rick Sanchez that murdered a man with his car while driving under the influence in 1991?


February 12, 1991, Tuesday


Blood tests reveal that WSVN-Channel 7 television news anchor Rick Sanchez’s blood level exceeded Florida intoxication levels when his car struck and critically injured Jeffrey Smuzinick in mid-December 1990; Sanchez insists test’s results are mistaken; Smuzinick remains in coma



February 16, 1991, Saturday



Miami (Fla) WSVN-Channel 7 news anchor Rick Sanchez will maintain regular on-air work schedule, despite recent charge of driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident; station says it ‘stands behind him’; Sanchez declines comment

Associated Press

17 February 1991

St. Petersburg Times

A Miami television anchorman has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in a December accident in which police say he left the scene after hitting a man and returned later.

Rick Sanchez, anchor for WSVN, was charged Friday with one count of DUI, a first-degree misdemeanor in the Dec. 10 accident outside Joe Robbie Stadium, prosecutor Kathleen Hoague said.

If convicted, Sanchez faces a maximum of six months in prison and a $500 fine.
A blood test showed Sanchez had a blood-alcohol level that night of .15 percent. A person with a .10 level is considered legally drunk in Florida.

The man Sanchez hit was critically injured and remains in a coma at North Shore Hospital.

Ms. Hoague said Friday that she thinks Sanchez was driving drunk at the time of the accident, but prosecutors decided not to charge him with causing bodily injury while driving drunk, a third-degree felony.


On December 10, 1990, Sanchez struck a pedestrian, Jeffrey Smuzinick, with his car while driving drunk on a residential street near Dolphin Stadium.[2] Smuzinick was paralyzed and eventually died from his injuries in 1995.[2][3] Sanchez, who had just left an NFL football game with his father (and left the scene of the accident)[4], was not charged with causing the accident, but was charged with and pleaded no contest to DUI.

Sorry about my redundant quoting but after reading what Rick Sanchez did to poor Jeffrey Smuzinick who died from his injuries after Rick Sanchez struck him with his car while driving DRUNK makes me want to scream H Y P O C R I S Y. And he got off!!!!

How dare Sanchez point fingers at O’Reilly. Hannity. Beck or any 2nd Amendment supporter after he killed someone with his car while driving drunk?

That is all. I have nothing more to say but what a hypocritical DICK.

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7 Responses to “Reporting While Obamacated:Which One’s Deadlier? Your Gun or Rick Sanchez’s Car?:”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    The left is great at honoring and listening to scumbags that don’t man up and take responsibility for their actions like Sanchez. Look at Godfather of the Left Ted Kennedy. Prime example.

    At least Beck admits to his past, takes responsibility, and is not afraid to talk about what he has done.

    The real conspiracy theory: the MEDIA MILITIA of the left has orchestrated the fifty plus dead in the last month to help deny sane people of their 2nd amendment rights, take down FOX and make it safer for their great leader Obama.

  2. Great perspective you have there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be here on a regular basis after reading your work. 😀

  3. doppelganglander Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how being a liberal gives you psychic powers? How else could Rick Sanchez know what the shooter watched or listened to?

    The DA should have filed new charges against Sanchez after the victim died. At the very least, I hope the victim’s family filed a civil suit. If you learn any more about the case, I’d be interested in a follow-up.

  4. boldandbald Says:

    Wow, a dishonest, hypicritical, biased left wing reporter on CNN? I am shocked! Shocked, I say!

    Kidding aside, the left’s attack on the Fox News guys is more than a little over the top. Putting O’Reilly in that group is particularly dishonest. I have never heard him say anything remotely insightful. Hannity obviously is very much against the administration and the Democrat dominated legislature, but, again, I would not say he has insighted violence against anyone. I will say, though, I used to like Glenn Beck, but he has gone a little off the deep end lately. Some of what he has said could be construed as inflammatory, though it would seem as though Sanchez is hardly the person who should be calling him on it.

  5. Garry Griffen Says:

    Sanched did not “murder” anyone. By the way, why don’t you mention the guy that was hit was high on cocaine and booze and got out of a moving van in the middle of the road. Sanchez was never charged with anything other than DUI. Get the story straight.

    • manbearpig68 Says:

      So while I’m driving with a .15 BAC, it’s OK to hit someone as long they are high? I’ll only be charged with DUI at that point… And I almost forgot, I can leave the scene for a bit and come back later as long as the person I hit is high? That makes perfect sense to me!! Maybe we should throw in that it’s OK to drive drunk and hit somebody that’s high as long as I listen to CNN or MSNBC!! That makes more sense to me and I’m sure Ricky would agree!!

  6. UberInfidel67 Says:

    Much love to ya Ma Girl!! Keep it up : )

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