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Liberal Feminist Thumb Twiddling: Tammy Bruce On Bill O’Reilly April 8, 2009

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Former NOW president Tammy Bruce is quickly becoming one of my heroines as she is IMO the leader of the calling out ‘feminist hypocrisy’ movement.
Tonight Ms. Bruce went one on one with Bill O’Reilly to discuss rapper Eminem’s portrayal of Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) in his new video “We Made You“.

As you can see in the video Eminem is in what appears to be the Oval Office with a Sarah Palin lookalike and explains how he will take her to dinner and “nail her”. I am not surprised at Eminem’s portrayal of Governor Palin and neither is Tammy. Her appearance on the O’Reilly Factor is paramount not to addresses the behavior of Eminem but rather the a lack of action.

We have come to expect this from Eminem.

Tammy instead discussed the appalling thumb twiddling and sound of crickets from so called feminist groups. Sarah Palin, a conservative, is perceived as a threat by the left so why should feminists who are mostly liberals bother to defend her?

As usual Tammy was spot on. I applaud Tammy Bruce for her candor and willingness to buck the feminist status quo. According to her website ( she is a self described “…an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush authentic feminist.”

Tammy also made the point that it is not only Sarah Palin and other conservative women that the liberal feminists will silently stand by and watch get ripped to shreds by the MSM. They will also stand firmly against anyone who is a threat to the perceived “liberal darling” as O’Reilly put it. Barry and Michelle definitely qualify as liberal darlings. And when we say anyone who is a threat to the liberal darlings we mean ANYONE. Even if that ANYONE is a liberal (ahem Hillary cough, cough).

This feminist hypocrisy has got to end. It does nothing but divide and conquer. This goes for you too African Americans!!!! I see you trying to sneak out of the door there.


10 Responses to “Liberal Feminist Thumb Twiddling: Tammy Bruce On Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Rose Says:

    I agree 100%!

  2. Chuck Says:

    Great piece !! It takes a principled-centered person to stand up for what they believe and to be consistant in their beliefs and the Libs don’t have that. Once again, double standards and shallow thinking prevail !! They can only exist with self-promotion, name-calling and negativity. They don’t encourage critical thinking, just following the crowd in their group hypnotic state. Tammy Bruce has a history with these people, Libs and Dems. And she calls it like it is. When will the truth prevail with these lemmings??

  3. Says:

    Hi, Afro!
    I like your blog, great ideas with the appearance!
    I’ll be checking in regularly.

  4. boldandbald Says:

    But according to most ‘feminists’, if you are a conservative woman you don’t deserve to be defended against attacks because you aren’t a feminist. Only feminists, by their definition, deserve to be defended. It is typical extremist think. I won’t pin that just on the left, the right does it, too. Sarah Palin should have been celebrated by the feminist organizations for her successes, even if they don’t agree with her politically. I don’t say that they should support her political campaign just because she is a woman, but the certainly should be standing up for her right to run a campaign without being maligned by the mainstream media. They use the fact that she was a beauty pageant contestant as fuel against her; well, isn’t feminism all about women being able to do whatever they want, without barriers. Apparently that only applies to women who want to do what the feminists want them to do. This whole thing shows them for what they are, which is far left idealogues, not defenders of women’s rights.

  5. ReineDeTout Says:

    AfroCity – testing my username and avatar – I left a comment earlier, don’t see it here.
    I’ll be checking your blog regularly!

  6. boldandbald Says:

    Hello Reine, this is Ford_Prefect from lgf. I am also testing a new avatar.

  7. afrocity Says:

    Remember Tammy Bruce also called out the liberal feminists on their lack of outrage at the treatment of Monica Lewinsky and Jennifer Flowers during the Bill Clinton scandals.

    Some of the main issues of liberal feminism include reproductive and abortions rights, sexual harassment, equal rights, equal compensation, education, affordable childcare and affordable health care. These things are important to me as a conservative as well. I am a Republican but I am also pro-choice and many Republican women are. I think the issue of abortion in particular, divides us and dilutes our potential for true reform.

    The Obama campaign used the race card and misogyny to defeat Hillary Clinton in the Democrat presidential primaries. The Obamabots were responsible for the Sarah Palin is a *unt tee shirts. The liberal feminists said nothing about this. Okay so Sarah Palin is a Republican. During the primaries Obamabot wore tee shirts that said ‘Bros Before Hos'”. The Ho being Hillary Clinton- a liberal, former first lady. So where was the outrage?

    I also want to add that the African American community also engages in such hypocrisy. Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas were never defended by the AA community when racist comments were made against them. They were called Uncle Toms.

  8. Steele Says:

    Everything about this is appalling on so many levels. Typically, I’ve thought O’Reilly was developing Old Man Syndrome when he complained about rap music. In this case though, he’s right. Tammy Bruce is right. If the NOW and the feminist movement in general was concerned about women at all, they’d never let this treatment of Sarah Palin (or the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton in the campaign) slide.

    Nice blog by the way. I added you to the links on mine. Maybe my three or four readers will come your way. Also, I’m NukeAtomrod on LGF.

  9. tommygum Says:

    Tammy Bruce rules!

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