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Top Chef: Chris Matthews Plans NBC Black History Month Menu February 4, 2010

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This is hilarious.  I wonder if they take WIC cards at the cafeteria line. What??? No chitterlings? They must have forgot that we were black people.

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Moonbat Mailbag: Afrocity Incites Hate Among the Apolitical

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This is really good. I love the mail I get from people who claim not to be involved with politics. They are neither Democrat or Republican yet as the conversation goes on splashes of pro-Obama/anti-conservative sentiment become obviously ever so apparent.   Since the Scott Brown (R-MA) win in Massachusetts, even the apolitical  moonbats have been a tad bit ape shit.

Let me set the mood here.

Afrocity places her iPhone 3gs  on ” Freebird”   by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Name withheld:

Dear Afrocity,

I first want to say I love how you have strong views and convictions. I honestly believe “if you don’t stand for something you fall for anything”. Im not attacking your views because Im sure you have heard it all ” Obama leadership is good for all african americans kids growing up to see” along with many other famous quotes from other convincing democrats. I totally understand if you don’t like Obama’s policies and the moves he is making, Im not a democrat nor am I a republican.

But what I ask myself is why let conservatives say lies about the president on your page? Why have friends on your facebook that belong to obvious white supremest groups which I don’t feel the need to be detailed because I’m sure you are aware. Why support a man such as Rush limbaugh when he says things like we need separated buses for black and white students? I try to answer these questions in my head…… Is it because of self hate? no, You are very confident of who you are.

From my point of view…Its not self hate. Maybe your one of those people that like to get hated on and be against whats popular? hmmm, that could be it. But I do know that if history was to start over again and, they wouldn’t look at you any different for being on there side. They would judge you for your skin and not because of your intellect just like MANYY not all judge Obama. You dont have to agree with me, you don’t have to respond, I just wanted you to know that your own people love you regardless. Your a beautiful black women but I want you to be careful because your words inspire people to do hateful things. Hateful ways usually turn into hateful actions. You believe what you believe and that is fine but for someone that is not a republican or democrat I’m just asking you to be careful about what thoughts,ideas, you put in there heads because they can get carried away. There is a reason behind everything by the way….

Okay, so I hang with White Supremacists and I monger hate against…Barack Obama. Which the author of the letter is totally not for Obama’s policies yet he cares to get me to see Obama’s point because….the logic is just so clear.

There are those who are Kool Aid drinkers for Obama but for some reason they are in denial. So they see a person like me and I bother them because here is Afrocity drinking moonshine and listening to Bill O’Reilly, having Tupperware parties with her friends in white hoods.

I am totally oblivious that my conservative friends are all racists. I did not know that Palin PAC or Smartgirl Politics was akin to the KKK. Guess I missed my friends with the burning cross avatar, and screen names like “Nigger Killer”.  That went over my head.  My Aunt Jemima do rag must be too tight- cutting off the brain circulation.

Now that it is has been established that I am really the most awful misguided black person in all of North America, I am glad to know that “my people” still love me. (Sniff) That is special because I doubted it there for a second while I was spreading hatred and being judged by my skin color by my own people.

Oh, well what can a medium skinned non negro speaking dialect black conservative do?

Thank Rush Limbaugh that I have readers sending me emails like that, keeping me honest.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Illinois Democrats Fail To Get Out The “Stiff Vote” February 3, 2010

I voted!!!!

Yesterday, I braved the 25 degree temperatures, ice and  snow to vote in the Illinois primary.  The big races were for Barack Obama’s old senate seat, now held by Roland Burris and the governor’s race.

I was pretty clear in my intention to vote for Mark Kirk for the GOP nominee for U.S. Senator.  For governor, I chose Jim Ryan.   Both are considered RINOs and I was thoroughly chastised by my friends on the right for not choosing “true conservatives” like senate candidate Patrick Hughes (R-IL).

RINO fraternizing aside, my reasoning was that I wanted a strong candidate to beat the Democrats come November. When it comes to the U.S. Senate race, Mark Kirk may be a RINO but he has a better chance than Hughes at beating the Obama basketball hoops buddy,  Alexi Giannoulias (D-IL).

For the most part, the actual voting  was pretty uneventful unless you would like to count my not being asked to show proof of identification or the look on the face of the polling officials as they scrambled to unearth a Republican ballot for me.

I went in the booth and made my choices.  Immediately I felt a sense of guilt when I realized that I had not researched some of the other races more closely, if at all.  For instance, Cook County Water Commissioner…WTF?  When I did not know anything about a race, I voted for the woman on the ballot or the name I liked best.  That is sad and I promise never to do that again. I will never be an uniformed voter.  Admittedly, I got caught up in only the big races and forgot about the small ones. Those jobs, judges, commissioners are all important to someone.  I should have taken it more seriously.  Like many on the right, I want Illinois to be another Massachusetts.

This morning I was pleased to see that Mark Kirk had indeed won the GOP nomination. Sean Hannity was not so much but we can reform a RINO more easily than a jackass.  Kirk voted for TARP, so yes, there is a little work to do (drags Kirk to a dark room with a dead fish in hand).

My guy Jim Ryan, lost the governor’s primary race but I am ok with that.  The big news seems to be the battle for the DEM nomination as Gov. Quinn is in a dead heat tie with possibly two other candidates.

From this article in the Chicago Tribune:

Quinn says primary over; votes still being counted this morning

by Monique Garcia

Gov. Pat Quinn this morning called on Democrats to get behind his campaign for governor, but stopped short of calling on rival state Comptroller Dan Hynes to give up while votes are still being counted in their tight primary contest.

Hynes told supporters after midnight that there were still votes to be counted; this morning Cook Countyofficials were to resume tabulating ballots from 24 precincts they didn’t get to after midnight.

“I know where the precincts are and just since midnight of last night our lead has lengthened,” Quinn said to reporters after thanking voters in Chicago this morning. “It was a close election, there’s no doubt about it.”

“But after it’s over, people come together. I haven’t won every election of my life, sometimes I’m on the short end and life goes on. It’s important for people I think to understand the Democratic party has very robust contest in the primary, but the tradition in our party is that the candidates come together after the primary and work together for the candidates in the fall.”

Asked if he was calling on Hynes to concede, Quinn said “I’m not going to tell anybody what to do.

“I just think the results are in, the primary is over, the people heard both candidates and got a chance to vote,” Quinn said. “After that’s over, it’s time to count the votes and move on.”

“The numbers speak for themselves”

My ballot

Sure the numbers will speak for themselves until you keep recounting until you win. Sounds like the Illinois Democrats failed to get out the stiff vote.  I will keep you posted on how this turns out.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Understanding Obama’s Budget Freeze for Dummies February 2, 2010

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Here is a great video by Newt Gingrich on understanding Obama’s budget freeze and what it really means for YOU. Obama is quite good at double speak but this video shows that a budget freeze really does not mean that the money will stop being spent.

I have a busy day. Today is election day in Illinois and Afrocity has to vote!!!



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